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Thanks for the kind words. Glad it can be useful/enjoyed two years later. I'm suddenly surprised it has been two years since I made this.

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Great blog! If I had to choose I would pick with Man Without Fear or Yellow.

I like Yellow as story however as an origin story it doesn't work simply because it carries too much baggage.

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All that packaging for 3 cans of shaving cream?

Yeah it seems a bit excessive.

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It would have been better if Cat had lived with Gordon and Barbara maybe that would have made Barbara something to do other than cheating on Gordon. If the two of them spent time together it could break them both of being connected to Gordon every time they are used and have their own thing. Maybe this could build the mother skills Barbara has later on. Every time the show want to force Selina and Bruce into the show it doesn't work. The need to do something that is not related to Gordon. The video scene with Edward was of however him answering all the question in the radio program was fit for the character. I would have liked to see more tension between Bullock and Edward rather than Bullock giving him credit the dynamic works better that way.

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I have love -hate relationship with Batman 66 and Batman silver age. I like the story of Dark Serious Batman and Light Colourful Batman. But after hearing interview Denny O'neill which he said you like Light and Colourful Batman when you're kids but when you become older and mature you don't care for that version of Batman. Remember folks, Denny O'neill bring back Batman to serious golden age storytelling. His Batman run is very underrated which feature classic story involve Ra's Al Ghul. All people remember nowadays is Frank Miller TDKR and Batman Year One but forget Denny O'neill run on Batman

I have a lot of respect for O'Neil but as a writer and as an editor. What he says about the Batman mythos I general agrees with. However I think that the '66 show had a negative impact on him that he might have a problem letting go of. O'Neil tried in the comics to break free form the campy Batman make him into a serious and more mature character and even though this happened in the comics it didn't happen in the popular medium until the 89 movie (that is only 25 years ago - which is not that long ago when you think about it). I believe that the show and the public opinion that Batman and superheroes was camp for so long irritated him especially since this was his most active period as a writer. That does he don't have the same level of nostalgia (O'Neil was 27 in 1966) and he probably has more negative memories than positive about the series to see it in a positive light.

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Some have done so from time to time. Like Mysterio went from Spider-man to Daredevil. Because oh well, I'm a B list villain why don'tI just fight a b list superhero.

The second answer is that it for many (especially good villains) is a personal relationship with the hero. I have also kind of thought of it as some kind of agreement among heroes that this area of these person will X deal with then I will deal with this.

What I think is much more interesting is why more villains don't fight villains. The logical answer is of cause because most stories are told in a superhero book but I would like to see more villains fighting villains.

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Got pumped when I saw the Question even more pump when I saw it was Greg Rucka writing the book and oping this could be an ongoing then it kind of faded away when I saw it was Montoya and not Vic Sage. I don't mind Montoya I just don't have that much interest in her as the Question. I might check it out that depends on who well the miniseries is though.

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Hopefully The Client will get reprinted before the movie is out.

Its being reprinted next year


Thanks! I actually did search for it on amazon but didn't find it. Another time just use the link icon and your link working. You can even highligt some of the words from your message (like if you want to copy the text) and then press the icon and paste the link in the URL spot. This will make the link be in the text rather than just dead text in the bottom.

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I'm gonna be hissed at for sure BUT here I go...

One of my favorite series of BP stories was the short lived JACK KIRBY series. Diffeent. Imaginative. And cut short by people at Marvel that had no respect for Jack.

I have heard it was pretty stereotypical and didn't had the sales.

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I like that Sionis was over the top I thought it was quite funny. Sadly we never really get the detective or mystery part of Batman in mainstream media. The show has the potential to pull this off and I hope it will in the future when there has been enough of these crazy characters and Gotham has been more transformed. Gotham has the possibilities to tell these kind of Batman stories that the mainstream audience don't hear about. Most people would probably never call Batman a detective.

It is however interesting to see how Gotham is transforming Because of the lost of hope with the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne (that is at least Gordons explanation - even though he also states it has always been there - in Black Mask case 3 years). Normally this transfomation of Gotham is happening after Batman puts on his suits which has made him wonder many times if Gotham would have been a normal city if it wasn't for him.

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Hopefully The Client will get reprinted before the movie is out.

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Maybe the volume should be added it seems like it al happens with in short amount of time which is not the case.

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I notice a weird lack of grell.

And is that onamontapeia fight by Kevin Smith?

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way too much sorrentino and hester. Majority comes from two runs, I bet Batman will get much more dversity spanning his entire career but i guess its too hard to do research for Green Arrow for some reason.

Much of what I read from Grell doesn't focus on elaborate and extended action and is more focused on the narrative. You're free to share your favorite GA battles that aren't on the list.

Yeah, Grell's run is much less action orientated especially not in a traditional superhero way. I guess you could have his fight against Dinah's rapist and Oliver's internal battle with himself (the dragon). The same goes for Traveling Heroes which is a great story but don't have any epic battles.