The first appearance of juggernaut was as a wax figure.. least according to Daredevil Season One. Here are the first six Daredevil issues retold along with a new story that works as the main plot. The story bassed on issue six is first published in February 1965. In the story Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page are visiting a wax museum own by Zoltan Drago (Mr. Fear). In the Background there is a Wax figure of Juggernaut. However Juggernaut first appearance was not before X-Men 12 released July 1965, 5 months after Daredevil issue 6.

Juggernaut as a wax figure

There also seems to be a wax figure of Pyro (here I can be mistaken, you can’t see his face). Pyro didn’t appear in marvel before X-Men 141 released January 1981, 16 years later than Daredevil issue 6.

Is this Pyro or somebody else?

I’m mistaken about pyro or is it currect that it is him? If it it isn’t Pyro then who is it? Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Posted by cameron83

I think that IS pyro

Posted by tupiaz

@cameron83:Well then it is bad drawn and edited.