Comic reading diary: Week 26

Due to my home moving, I had little time to read this week.

Frankenstein, Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #1-7 (2011-2012)

Lemire did it again. Not as deep as Animal Man, but definitely worth reading. It's interesting to notice how heavy the penciler's style changes in #7, with another inker than himself.

Green Lantern #0 (2012)

Simon Baz and how his life was going (not so brightly indeed) right before becoming a Lantern. A brief socio-political venture into post-2001 American nightmares by Johns. Mahnke's drawings and perspective tell stories by themselves. A little (in my humble opinion) piece of art.

Green Lantern Corps #0 (2012)

Peter J. Tomasi tells (retells?) the origins of Guy Gardner, shows us his family and his troubled relationship with his father. Plus, a funny tribute to the outstanding TV series The Wire (can you catch it?). Fernando Pasarin does not disappoint. The Green Lantern line still seems to be the most successful one since the reboot. By successful I mean, how high the level of all the titles is.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #0 (2012)

Not a story from the past. A new beginning, somewhat. And a prologue to the Rise of the Third Army. I love how all the four GL titles are connected to each other. Good work!

Batman #1-4 (2011-2012) re-read

The Night of the Owls crossover approaching, I decided to read again all the series from the beginning. Snyder can be too wordy sometimes, but is certainly doing a great job. An in-depth look into Gotham and what it really means to Bruce.


BEST ISSUE: Green Lantern #0 (2012)

WORST ISSUE: None! ^_^

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