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Ben Reilly Ben Reilly BEN FRIGGEN REILLY and SPOILER ALERT..........
 Bucky Barnes. Thank you, Fear Itself. -.-

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I'd have watched it. Just for the fact it's a comic book adaptation... Like EnSabahNurX said- it takes about 3 to get a good or bad feel about something like this.

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I'm a HUGE fan of the Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly and think this would be a fantastic explanation. One of my greatest comic book disappointments was the death of Ben and that decomposing junk.

A shame they tried to mix things up with claiming Ben was Pete and Pete was the clone but that is easily enough written off as the Jackal trying to demoralize and mess with their heads like villains do. 

I would love to see Ben Reilly as an actual living canon character again. He's perfect for stories that they want to do with Spider-Man but can't because of his other engagements or drawbacks as someone else pointed out.

Awesome thread. Wouldn't that be a treat if Marvel up and ran with something like this!

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Agreeing with Jotham, she would be perfect for the role.

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Great concept, and being a huge Moon Knight fan I would be allover that.

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This should be good.

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New x-Men Annual 2001 doesn't state anywhere they actually do anything. 
Need company after this gig, blah blah, sure youre buying though. Thats bout jist of it, then Domino states in S&V #1 - you wanted me since Japan... that sort of eludes that  Wolverine hadn't hit that yet.
So I am confused on where the on and off again relationship thing is people talk about unless there is more references in the comics somewhere.

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Personally find it sort of lame. Domino is a pretty strong female individual on her own right, attaching her to Wolverine's furry lil self is irritating - personality wise I fail in seeing the connection beyond they both have that street level slash and bang style and Domino's taste in old dudes. 
I'm a big anti-fan of this match up. 
Domino's just going to end up another notch on Wolverine's swiss cheese of a belt; you'd think some of the Marvel women would have some self respect.

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Too many, fully agree. They could concentrate more on continuity and put quality into the mainlines, give some additional focus on other comics that are being ignored. Over-exposure is a bad thing not a good thing!
Plus it saves on money. =\

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Deadpool on raw superhuman abilities wins out.
As far as experience and possibly skill, they're damned near even. Moon Knight does have some pretty impressive martial arts abilities though. We all know it boils down to the writer.
But I personally think if Deadpool is taking Moon Knight serious and doesn't have a skitz fit, he'd win. Otherwise like in Vengeance of the Moon Knight #8; that'll happen.