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Game theory suggest Batman might be the villain, the Joker the hero and Alan Moore an even bigger genius that one might think. Read this and discuss away. And believe me, you'll like the article. ^^

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Number F'ing 4. Think that my personal record.

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Why does he look like that vampire from twilight? Hope he doesn't shimmer in sunlight.

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@Nova`Prime`: I already pointed out the fact that some heroes are the same. ^^
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@Aronmorales: Can that kinda thing be petitioned?
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Maybe they should work out a system to describe each heroines physical attributes, height and weight.

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@TheCrowbar said:
Show us a few examples of what you mean?
That gonna be pretty hard, considering no one has really made the aforementioned test.
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Disregarding artists individual styles and the younger characters, all women in comics seem to be proportionally the same. Only costume, hair and eyes seem to be individual, while legs, hips, stomachs, bust and arm seem to be the same. In fact, if you put 'em in the same regular clothing and covered up their head, then nobody would be able to tell most of them apart. The men on the other hand have various amounts of muscle mass, height and body fat, which makes them easier to tell apart (though some seem to be physical copies of each other).
Compared to the men in comics, they seem very 2 dimensional. And why is that? Do artist feel that clothing and hair are the only physical definitions of women? Is just easier to define a woman based on clothing? Or are they afraid to define a physical body that might not be beautiful or sexy in 10 years?
I for one would like to see women that are more individual in appearance, instead of the ones now, which have one body with interchangeable heads. 
Whats your opinion?

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@odinforce: Now that they've been noticed, it's probably not hip to take over the world anymore. ^^
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