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" Excellent. Morrison's Batman run - combined with Final Crisis and Return of Bruce Wayne - really is one of the more incredible modern feats of comic book storytelling that I can recall.  One thing: I don't know if I'd say that red and black is a red herring in the story; Jezebel Jet is black with red hair, the red and black roses kill, and Oberon Sexton is adorned in black with red sunglasses, which is what had me predicting he was Joker from the moment he was introduced, having read R.I.P. and all. "
You beat me to it. Someone on another site pointed this out to me before RIP ended and said that the joker was telling Batman that she was a part of the black glove
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"No problem. Yeah I'm sure that's the deal. Don't forget he probably still has the Cosmic Control Rod in his possession too (I think?). Good call. So there probably is a chance he'll be back on the Secret Avengers. "
I am not sure about the control rod, I thought Dark Hawk had that? Might be wrong gonna have to go back and re-read War/Reign of Kings. "
I think that Darkhawk and Talon gave it back to Annihilus
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@ckal: Looks like they're gonna kick blastaar's ass
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 Pedro Bear
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Most people have either read or heard about the ending of the final issue of The Thanos Imperative and are wondering about the future of marvel's cosmic titles. Nova, Starlord, and Thanos were "killed" by the collapse of the cancerverse. They also happened to have the entire power of the nova force and a cosmic cube with them so I know that they aren't dead. I'm just wondering how long they will stay in comic limbo. So far DNA have only announced a one-shot wrap up and a Rocket Raccoon & Groot miniseries. Even if DNA don't stay on as the writing team I will be pissed if marvel decides to just brush aside their two best titles aside and cancel their cosmic titles.
I just want to know what everyone else thinks about the future of marvel cosmic and what will happen next.

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Finally! This is going to be awesome

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" I don't think that X-factor sells well enough for it to go bi-weekly so it's probably just getting ready for some larger arc. Either way January just became more awesome "
Do you know that it doesn't sell well, or is that just speculation on your part?  I ask because I'm curious to see what kind of popularity the title has.  Looking at Comixology, it looks like 900 people have it on their pull list.  As a comparison, the main Avengers title has 1500 pulls. " It's number 63. I'm not saying that it doesn't sell well, it's just that only big titles like spiderman can sell consistently multiple times every month. It's disappointing because X-factor's the only non-cosmic marvel title I buy but it doesn't sell as good as big name books written by hacks "
maybe they need to try and integrate X-Factor into the marvel universe a bit more.  I would prefer that the title stay in its "own universe(not literally of course)," as it currently is, but they could have the team involved in some bigger events.  It seems like for mot events, X-Factor's involvement is only tie-in stuff, but not part of the main storylines.    "
Peter David hates writing tie-ins because editorial takes away control of the story so he purposely distances the team from the rest of the marvel universe
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Listen to Dark Walker, wait for Bruce to come back. I started reading Batman again one month before RIP and I hated it, to understand anything thats going on you need to buy Morrison's entire run on the title. Here are the writers for the Bat titles when Bruce comes back.
Batman-Tony Daniel
Batman and Robin-Peter Tomasi
Batman Inc-Grant Morrison
Dark Knight-David Finch
Detective Comics-Scott Snyder