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Why not Thor?

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The question asked if you'd miss him. Not if he was better. Of course a person can miss him but would rather have peter back

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hope fully Assassin Black Ops Spidey from that What-If story makes an apperance. Probably the strongest pure spiderman ever(as in nothing additional or gimmicky). Hes simply a spiderman that got proper shield training and is basically Spidey if he took things seriously. If you ever wanna know just how OP spiderman can be on his own. Just look him up

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The only reason Grayson tops this list, is nostalgia. His greatest adventures, character development, and such all came when he was night wing.

Tim is clearly the best robin, followed by Damien. Grayson may have created the role but Tim is the one who defined it. The oldest doesn't always mean the greatest.

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I liked him more with a beard........

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I wish Comic Vine gave more time to vote, I feel bad that Cyborg only has 1% when I feel like he would be one of the better characters to make a movie for. But I don't blame people, after all DC doesn't seem to want to do anything with Cyborg despite him having lots of potential to be a great character.

I completely agree. Even in the Justice League books, he seems like a Token Black guy. And being Black myself I usually don't throw that word around. There was even a page where someone(can't remember who) asked cyborg what does he do all day...

he literally said something like, "nothing much, just chill at the Watch Tower and teleport the JL where we need to go....

so hes a F******** taxi cab?

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John Stewart should have gotten a movie before Hal Jordan imo

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It's really unfortunate that the Marvel Cinematic Universe, de-powers Thor to such a great extent.

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Miles is actually one of the more Overpowered spider-men incarnations in recent history. He is receiving formal training from shield(something peter never did). He can go invisible. He can use venom sting(which is actually kinda overpowered as well). He has beaten quite a few villains, and even 616 spider-man(who would mop the floor with Terry btw)

Terry suits increases his strength by a factor of ten. Miles is 15x faster than a peak human plus spider-sense

Miles has far better reflexes than Terry.

Terry has more experience, but that hasn't really stopped miles before

I personally think miles takes this

I also think Spider-man 2099 vs Batman Beyond would have been better

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Yeah I agree...but look at the parameters of these battles.

No prep, no knowledge, first time meeting in a city at night 50 feet apart.

Batman would have to retreat against spider in that case...

.you are right about that,,,unless batman caught superior by surprise and i dont mean sneaking up on him ,,,i mean by surprise gadget wise he'd have to retreat ,,,superior could possibly underestimate batman and batman does know every known martial art so anythings possible ,,,batman also knows pressure points and judo and all about leverage so he could use an overconfident spidey-ocks strength against him...i know batman is just a normal human but he's peak in most attributes and were talking about batman a guy who had a an extra savage personality purposely pre embedded in his brain in case he had a mental breakdown (during batman R.I.P.) this dude thinks of everything ,,,he should NEVER be underestimated ...if anything he's most likely the most dangerous non super powered adversary in comics ...even pre 52 darksied backed down from batmans threats .

You are clueless. Spider-Sense kinda eliminates any sort of surprise batman has in store. Spiderman knows Martial Arts too: "The Way of The Spider". According to the marvel universe, it surpasses any human level martial arts style. And saying Batman can be savage is redundant considering Spider Ock has NO PROBLEM killing. None. Not underestimating batman, but spiderock/spiderman is ALWAYS underestimated.