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Wait? people know who the new Thor-Girl is? Can someone tell me please? In a spoiler block post of course

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It bothers me ALOT that Black Canary in th CW-verse is not a natural blonde. So based on that little nit-pick, no I am still not OK with Laura as Black Canary... Also did Canary ever use a staff in the comics?

But truth be told I didn't like her sister as Canary either. I guess I just don't like the CW-verse incarnation(s) of Canary period....

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I'm too weak minded to chose between these characters lol. I can't do it

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ToA Crapped on this whole event

Throne of Atlantis is only good if you already had extremely low expectations for it. That movie was extremely disjointed. Alot of the dialogue was awkward. It had no flow and was episodic in the beginning. And lacked momentum towards the end. Example: When they had a cameo of J.H., it was by far the most needlessly forced cameo ever. When you are screaming for someone to run, do you call them by their full name? All the construction workker had to do is say his first name and that weapon J.H. picked up would have clued in anyone who was smart

The movie spent to much time gathering the league. Did we honestly have to sit through a date between Supes and WW? Did lois lane honestly have to show up? Seemingly just to prolong the already needless scene. Why did we need the Date scene if we already got the Kiss scene?! What further is being establish? What is being added to the film?! Hal and Batman scene with the goons(Just so you know in the comics it was Batman and Aquaman)? Too long for something that doesn't add to the central plot of the movie.... Aquaman's Story!

Aquaman adjusted to everything EXTREMELY fast. So fast that he went from a relate-able character in the beginning, to a badly realized character by the end. That scene where he needed some fresh air? In all of 10 seconds he was adjusted. Not to mention his fighting capabilities were all over the place. Was he a brawler? Or was he a tactician? he sure knew how to twirl a trident around, and disarm trained soldiers.... Yet get pushed around in a bar.

And this movie didn't do a good job of showing Aquaman as a badass like the comicbook did. Imo, he should have fought that trench monster all by himself. That would have been a PERFECT moment to make a statement. In fact in the comicbooks that is exactly what he did. Instead... he does exactly what everyone has made fun of him for all these years. They changed key parts of the comicbook that showcased Aquaman as a powerhouse and gave it to other league members or omitted it completely. The last fight with Orm? Aquaman in the comics defeated Orm by his damn self. He didn't need or want Batman and Cyborgs help. He didn't need Trickery. There was no fight between Aquaman and the DC Trinity. A key event that opened people's eyes to the power of Aquaman.

Orm's character was mangled and destroyed in this movie. Completely and utterly destroyed. If his name wasn't Orm I'd have no idea what character he is. In this movie he was basically a Clone of Marvel's Loki. In the comics not only was he TRICKED into war, he never killed his own mother and actually had a good-ish relationship with his brother Aurthur. He wasn't a straight up villain. Also, he has his own damn Trident. The trident he used in the movie is Aurthur's. Its not as small as a problem as you think. Since Orm was so effective with Aquaman's weapon, it now seems like the Trident is what makes Aquaman strong rather than the merits of his own abilities. Sickening.

Black Manta...... Wow was he mishandled. Then turned into comic relief.

All of the justice league members save Batman and Superman seemed underpowered. Cyborg especially and it pissed me off to no end. He basically does whatever anyone tells him to do and gets wrecked in every fight. Save for his first scene you never get a hint of his inner struggle between human and machine. And when they just GLOSSED over and altered the reason he replaced his lung?! Mother of god I almost stopped there. " I'm already almost all machine anyway"-Cyborg Throne of Atlantis movie. People who have read the comicbook know just how disrespectful that line is to his character. In the comics he held onto that lung like a lifeboat and only needing to save the justice league convinced him to relinquish it

This movie had it backwards. They go in-depth about all the stuff that doesn't add to the plot or doesn't matter yet gloss over the main story. Why did they feel the need to establish that the justice league wasn't a true team yet.... If the element never shows up again?! Maybe some broken teamwork during some fights would have been excellent depth.The justice league was basically a well-oiled machine in this movie instead of a new team. Unlike in the comics where there are many personality clashes. Why have a scene where Cyborg has a dream about losing his humanity yet this element NEVER shows up again? And is in fact outright made redundant by Cyborg like 2 seconds later getting his lung removed

  • Shazam is just annoying most of the time and offers nothing to the team whatsoever. He's the only one capable of magic I guess, but the way he uses it is all but useless. There is nothing he can do that someone else on the team can't do better. He supposedly has the wisdom of Solomon but I have yet to see it
  • Aquaman should have used the trident at some point in the movie. It''s be like Batman never using his utility belt until the very final scene of a batman movie. That is how important Aquaman's trident is to the character.....
  • Batman was an extremely flat character. Out of the all his lines, I think only a few seemed to add anything to his character. No banter. One snide remark. If he wasn't given orders or doing detective work he wasn't talking at all.
  • Wonder Woman is almost nothing like her comicbook persona. In JL War i gave it a pass because she was new thus not comfortable yet but its no excuse now. She shows NONE of her trademark fire.
  • Only two characters had any sort of depth and that was Aquaman, and Cyborg.
  • I think the fight scenes took a step back from JL War.
  • It's another Batman saves the day film

Aquaman was crapped on in this movie. This movie was a great opportunity to dispel all the flack Aquaman has gotten over the years. Do you feel differently about Aquaman after watching this movie? NO. They take aquaman out of Justice League War to make a whole movie about him.... then marginalize his character and strengths the entire time.

The Comicbook was better

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I quite liked it too ... but yes there probably should have been another ten minutes length to get the pacing right, more effective, etc

The Superman Wonder Woman kiss scene was handled brilliantly but would have been even better, as the reviewer clearly suggested, if it was slowed down slightly (ie hands first, then lips). Still, they really are the best couple in pop culture and hopefully this will lead to their own animated feature.

I disagree with just about everything you just said............................ Like almost eery sentence.

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I wonder when people will realize that Superior Spiderman Arc is a rip-off of Kraven's The Last Hunt

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I find one flaw in your article.

Spiderman IS the greatest challenge. At least to Post-resurrection Kraen. The thrill of the hunt. The possibility of being killed by the very prey you stalk. If he goes and fights these other opponents that thrill is gone. Unless he is fighting someone else who is immortal Kraven's victory is a matter of when instead of "if".

The Spidermen are now the only beings that can give him that thrill.

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When Penguin walked in at the end. That was awesome. His smug as hell face.

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Bad show like Gotham had good ratings and gets a second season

Good show like Constantine had bad ratings and it's future is looking bleak

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Miles needs to live. Everyone else is expendable. Killing a great character such as Miles would be a sin