Mugen characters

Well I'm new here, so I don't know if anyone really reads these blogs or not, so to be honest I'm just thinking out loud here, though feel free to add your opinions on my ideas or suggestions on them if you like.
I'm making a few mugen characters beings as I have time on my hands (mugen being the 2D fighting game engine that was used to make the marvel vs capcom 2 game) and I'm working on sprites of Spider-Man in his Iron Spider suit, since no one else seems to have done one.
It's kinda difficult but its going well so far, I have made an idle pose and jump poses, though I have a long way to go yet. i'm having difficulty deciding what the waldoe legs would look like when they spring out of the costume, whether they would move in a springing motion or more fluid, etc. I'm also pondering how to implement the waldoes in attacks, cuz I want to keep it acrobatic and still like Spider-Man in his fighting style.
Ah well, just one of my many Spider-Man mugen ideas. Potential new mugen Spider-Men:
Bagman, the Spider, Six-Armed Spider-Man, Ultimate Six-Armed Spider-Man, Zombie Spider-Man, Spider-Man with stingers (oooh contraversial), man-spider, alternate FF Spider-Man (the one where he was in the Age of Apocalypse version of the FF with ghost rider, wolverine and the hulk).