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Gamma irradiated Jedi Master.


Plenty of Have I, forewarned you are

Ancient Master Jedi from unknown location, lost in space & time fell through a worm hole, crash landed in Roswell Nevada *cough just a weather balloon cough* experimented on by the military, escaped decades later, but during escape from the base, he stopped to save the life of two young human males. Just as a new prototype gamma bomb exploded, turning him into the powerful rage monster the Incredible Yulk.

The Yulk disguised, as small child in a spiderman mask, walked the streets, of New York, his winter coat hoody & mittens, were covering his little green skin & pointy ears. Occasionally as he walked Yulk would, think back to the terrible accident that gave him his new powers, the accident made him a monster. Instead of just a little green alien from far away & long long ago. Now here he was on an alien planet lost in time, hunted by the American government, who considered him to dangerous to exist, outside the control of the military. All because he chose, to save the life of that boy. Staring up at the Flatiron of New Your Yulky sighed miserably "Unpunished no good deed goes" then fixing the small school bag on his back, into a more comfortable position. He then walked off, down the path, every thing he had left, in all this world weighing heavily, on his little green shoulders.

Mobile HQ of the United States Army special science division

The truck itself was perfectly camouflaged, driven by plane clothed special ops, it passed closely by, the borough of Manhattan. It's mission simple follow a grid pattern, of the city of new york find the Yulk subdue the Yulk & if no other choice is available kill the Yulk. Within the rear trailer, was a row of high tech equipment & military personnel, busyly double checking Gamma Force emissions, correlating data with the other teams scouring the city, for signs of the little green alien.

Four Star General Cameron Danchecker, over saw the current mission parameters, from the bridge of the decommissioned. battleship Thunder Child. Parked off Liberty Island, it's cover that of a floating World War II museum. In reality the old Battleship, Thunder Child was a secret Army base, currently undergoing rapid modifications. All this was part of an ongoing political agenda, of the anti Meta Human movement, within Capital Hill to build super weapons to hunt super heroes.