Staff of Sarah Hudson Private Academy

Welcome to the heart of nowhere Canada. by nowhere I mean Geary, New Brunswick.

Still don't know where that is? probably for the better.

Im Pip, I am here to talk to all of you silly people who wish to apply or have been asked to join this school. Now the first thing you are asking yourself. Why me?! In light of recent events, People with powers (Homo-superiors,mutants,metas...etc) have begun to appear. while people with these natural powers only make up a very small percentage (about 0.001%) of the entire world population; So upon decision of "Oh great leader" and pay cheque holder, that James Hudson founded the Sarah Hudson Private Academy. Here is a special message from him.

" Hello to you, Im headmaster of the Sarah Hudson Academy for a better tomorrow. We have selected you or you have selected us because of one of three things. You either have inherent powers brought on by your genetics, or you exhibit super natural powers by that of what some would call Magic, or you are an intellectual savante who has no proper motivation to achieve higher for themselves. We offer that and more. Our staff are here to help you. We want to teach you to be better not just for yourself but to be future leaders of tomorrow that will lead by example in the turbulent world we live in. We hope that your visit through our halls will be a positive and productive one."

Well ain't that grand. next thing we need to go over is our staff. we have a decorated staff to cater to your every needs.

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If anyone has any suggestions for additional staff members, I am open for any positions.