Ongoing Pull List


Until further notice i am officially dropping all marvel titles until my list of demands are met. for those of you who wish for change in marvel and how they do business with us the fans i would suggest you do the same.

Current ongoing list of comics that I will try to pick up immediately as it comes out. The order does not represent how much i prefer the series. its just when i remembered to put it down on the list. hope you enjoy. always welcome recommendations to try something new.

List items

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I'm sorry to say I never even knew that Archie series was out :(  I'm gonna have o look for it.  You also have quite a few other books I should be checking out.

Posted by B'Town

I like when I see Buffy has made someones pull list.   Nice list.

Posted by SC

Considered X-Factor?  
I feel weird recommending DC books considering... but Secret Six is good too. Oh and Lady Mechanika is you are at all a fan of steam punk. Plus so far an issue is released very six months lol, so its pretty affordable. 

Posted by MatKrenz

With X-Factor there's a .1 issue coming out this september and in august you can jump Secret Avengers with issue #16 with Warren Ellis writing and each issue is going to be a one shot.
Posted by SpiderSlayer

That is a impresive pull list I will be posting mine soon. However have you ever read the Walking Dead? It is a great comic.
Posted by Trodorne
@SC: @MatKrenz: @SpiderSlayer: thanks for the recommend added them to the list and putting credit where its due. thanks again.
Posted by thechessclub

Good mix of big two and indy, dude! Loving the list=]

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Great list. It's a mix of everything. Love it

Posted by Trodorne

@thechessclub said:

Good mix of big two and indy, dude! Loving the list=]

Thanks so much. glad you enjoy it.

@CombatSpoon86 said:

Great list. It's a mix of everything. Love it

Thanks again. Always great to hear positive comments from fellow comic readers.

Posted by borges

Definitely look into Saga if you have a predilection for space-operas/good writing.

Posted by Lvenger

@Trodorne: Nice list with interesting choices. But why are you dropping Marvel? Is it because of Marvel Now?

Posted by ccraft

I've only been getting DC comics, whats up with Marvel? I was planning on getting Wolverine and Savage Wolverine for Marvel Now.