My Pokemon

This is a list of the pokemon that I would have in either my battle team or just as pets.(don't judge me....) there would be more to come when more of them are added to the site.

List items

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Posted by SmoothJammin

Gah! You're party is similar to mine. Typhlosion was my leader, Tyranitar 2nd in command, followed by Heracross, Aggron, Sceptile and Espeon.
My current Battle frontier team(lvl 50)- Shiny Dragonite, Kingdra, Aerodactyl, Scizor, Lapras(or Steelix), and a Hitmontop.

Posted by Trodorne
It makes sense Typhlosion is fast and powerful and if you can set up his moves right he can take down half of the different type of pokemon out there.
Posted by SmoothJammin

Do you train with EVs?

Posted by lykopis

LOL! Love it!

Posted by Raiiyn

I feel old. I have no idea who any those are except for Steelix ... o.O