This is just a general list of favorites that i like in the comic universe. it can vary from characters, or places, objects. This is not in a particular order.

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Posted by Liberty

Bizarre list.

Posted by Trodorne
@Liberty: lol indeed it is. my mind is everywhere and no where.
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Quite and eclectic list you've made here.  Bravo.
Posted by Trodorne
@PowerHerc: Eccentric is how i roll baby lol
Posted by PowerHerc
Okay, that's cool.  Did you notice I wrote 'eclectic' not 'eccentric?'
It's all good, though. ;)
Posted by Trodorne
@PowerHerc: no worries i spelt it wrong to. i just have auto-correction on to fix my mistakes. which i make ALOT of them.
Posted by PowerHerc
Lol.  So do I.  No worries, indeed.
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Posted by cracker_jack

good mix of characters

Posted by lykopis

LOVE THIS LIST --- Especially the Canada part!

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Characters from everywhere. Haha