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@hyperlight: its a pretty good series. Not mind blowing but good for what characters they have to work with.

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While it is not a full out reboot of the franchise. my main question goes out to anyone fan or not a fan of the genre.

How do you feel about Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilms dismissing ALL continuity of the Star Wars franchise with exception to The original Trilogy, the prequels, clone wars cartoons and the new Rebels cartoon?

Are you happy that all the continuity made by games, novels, and comics is being dismissed just to stream line the series? or are you happy that the series is just sticking to the movies? or for some, are you upset they are still counting the prequels?

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He-man And The Masters Of The Universe #16

Haunted #4

GFT Warlord of Oz #5

Aquaman #34

Megaman #30

Saga #22

Transformers: MTMTE

Knights of the Dinner table #211

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Is it just me? or do all these changes reek of a total universal reboot coming around the corner next year? DC did a crap ton of changes before they rebooted into the new 52.

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Where do I have to start reading for this?!?! Will this be a jumping on point?

1) if you can find issue 13 on the racks anywhere right now. that is a good jumping on point. it starts the Origin of She-ra storyline which will last until issue 19 which is the final issue.

2) you can wait till December when the maxi series starts. that would be another jumping on point.

3) There are 3 books out now. Volume 1 the mini series. Vol 2 was origin stories and digital one shots, and vol 3, the first 6 issues of the ongoing. Vol 4 will more than likely be the DC crossover unless they do that as a separate book, if so than vol 4 will be issues 7-12 "What lies within" story. then vol 5 will be "Blood Of Grayskull" storyline. which is out now as issues.

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This looks so good I remember loving Joelle Jones art in Helheim so this should be interesting. to see in this final issue.


Written by ROB DAVID



On sale NOVEMBER 26 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • FINAL ISSUE

The secrets of the House of Grayskull are revealed! Flash back to Prince Adam’s childhood, when rebellion struck King Randor’s throne. What does this moment in time mean for the future war in Eternia? Find out in this prelude to MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE ETERNITY WAR #1!

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it just makes me worried that this might be the end of the series. I just hope that this is not the end because the series has been awesome in terms of writing, and Pop Mhans art has been awesome.

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@perfect_10: I know right?! I love also the tie in with Skeletors family and King Grayskull. as well as them using Anwat Gar. LOVE THIS SERIES!

@nightfang:That story is already done. Volume 4 DC Universe vs MOTU should be out sometime within the next 2 months.

@inferiorego Spelled December wrong in the article. wanted to point that out. at the top first paragraph.