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BAAAAAAAAAAM! DC Universe Vs Masters of the Universe in the top 75.

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Ill keep my eyes out and read it. but in my honest idea. I think Dark Horse and Avatar pull off the horror genre a bit better.

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Though it was a short run series, I think you might enjoy Starborn

At least based on the series that you are reading and enjoying now. I could recommend the stuff im reading but you might not like them. so id rather recommend based on your current interests.

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If you were making a superhero team of seven people what roles would you include (e.g. magic expert, master tactician etc.), why and which superheroes would you choose to fill those roles? For mine I would have:

  • Magic Expert (in case the team face a magical enemy)-Doctor Strange
  • Powerhouse (if the team faces an enemy that is difficult to hurt or the team need to smash through something)-Superman
  • Technology expert (in case they face a technology based enemy or need to hack a computer)-Iron man
  • Master Tactician (to think of strategies for the team when in the thick of battle)-Batman
  • Natural leader (to lead and guide the team)-Captain America
  • Speedster (to scout the enemy base, to go for help if needed or to reach something like a stolen item or an item important to the enemy or someone kidnapped)-Flash
  • Psychic (in case the face an enemy with psychic powers)-Jean Grey

6 member team eh?

  1. Magic - Umbreon
  2. Powerhouse - Tyranitar / Steelix / or Marowak
  3. Master Tactician - Pachirisu
  4. Natural Leader - Typhlosion
  5. Speedster - Swellow
  6. Psychic - Slowbro
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@isaac_clarke: In terms of his costume the chest plate makes sense, the pants are more about coordinating with his colour scheme. but its alot better than before, how is it everyone else on Eternia discovered pants before him. If anything this new costume makes it more accessible for fans to cosplay as him without the fear of your loincloth falling off.

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Its Pawn Stars of Comics. I did not like Kevin smith when he acted like a douche at the Fan Expo. I lost all respect for him though I wish him good health.

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@bruxae: I would love to see a single player of WoW, but much like how guild wars operates. make the major cities and towns part of a server. and you are offline and can be free to hire on NPC, or you can open up your computer to act as your own personal server with friends. im all for the social aspect of WoW but id much rather see it free to play to make it more casual for the players who don't have 10+ hours in a day to invest into a game.

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Fanboys are the reason Batman is so popular....

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Its funny because people like to weigh in their opinions when they don't take the time to do research.

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What I liked with the mention at the bottom of this article was the Cyclops vs Batman where you had 2 verdicts. Comicvine verdict, and the voters verdict. and thats how it should be. a bi partisan look at the characters and how they stack up, while still giving the fans a say in who they think would win.

cause to me, im so sick of batman id rather see bruce wayne beaten into a coma and staying there for the next 2 years and let Dick take over again. but thats me.