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Superman vs He Man was awesome. Didnt know He Man was that powerful, might make me read his comic in traded.

First volume is out already, the second volume that starts the ongoing series is out in march, and april is the event book.

Yes I would say it was a great fight. Dexter Soy did an amazing job building up the fight.

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@lvenger: yeah....the new 52 Superman like I said is a headstrong idiot who rushes headfirst into battles where he knows nothing about his opponent....him believing that it's just a normal sword and thinking that it was going to break on him is pretty understandable....he even mumbles "H-how?" when it happens...if it hadn't been for that he clearly would have won the fight...He-man's durability was helping him out but he probably wouldn't have lasted that much longer had he not gotten lucky with Superman's vulnerability to magic

The thing is there is a limit to supermans power....somewhat. And he was using it in the battle. His Heat Vision can burn up alot of the solar energy Supes stores in his body and using it too long would weaken him over time. I agree that Superman would have one the fight in terms of blows. but you stole the words right from my mouth.

In terms of story this is only issue 2. Im sure this was a ploy by skeletor to either kill he-man or force him to become a fugitive to the law enforcements of the planet. But still a great issue. mind you id have gone a whole other route with Skeletors redesign though....Blarg!

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@isaac_clarke: But that is the thing, he does not know the sword is magical so he sees it as not a threat.

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Even if you don't buy the whole series just get that issue just for some awesome fight art.

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For those who missed this weeks issue of DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe. Id suggest avoiding this spoiler cause it was awesome and this would put the Debate to rest on who would win.

Magic Sword Trumphs Supes.

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I miss Rich Rider so much.

The man had an epic death. Id say he has earned his rest. don't you?

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If I was at the BBQ, id ask Geoff Johns one thing. "Seriously?! Sir Laser-lot?"

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And yet again I can't help but ask.................... Why does Archie still exist? I don't dislike it or anything, I just find it baffling.

And again ill defend it by saying this is so much better than just the regular. its got continuity and actually progresses unlike its counter part. Archie exists in general because its a series that does not age. its something that can easily be passed on to the next generation. and if anything its very easy to read. So why not get kids reading Archie.

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@krspacet said:

Who was that in the beginning, it almost sounded like Christopher Lee

@wessaari said:

Christopher mothaeffing Lee is narrating this! I can't believe I got freaking Count Dooku/ Saruman reading off a Villain's movie, this is so worth it

Im glad Im not the only one who notice this.