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If I was at the BBQ, id ask Geoff Johns one thing. "Seriously?! Sir Laser-lot?"

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And yet again I can't help but ask.................... Why does Archie still exist? I don't dislike it or anything, I just find it baffling.

And again ill defend it by saying this is so much better than just the regular. its got continuity and actually progresses unlike its counter part. Archie exists in general because its a series that does not age. its something that can easily be passed on to the next generation. and if anything its very easy to read. So why not get kids reading Archie.

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@krspacet said:

Who was that in the beginning, it almost sounded like Christopher Lee

@wessaari said:

Christopher mothaeffing Lee is narrating this! I can't believe I got freaking Count Dooku/ Saruman reading off a Villain's movie, this is so worth it

Im glad Im not the only one who notice this.

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loved the splash page with Peter digging his way out of the rubble of Ock's mind as a silhouette and can't wait to find out where/when SpOck was sent and who he was fighting

Yep I was confused at first when I saw it. but then I realized what was happening and I was super choked.

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You mean its not an ongoing series? BOOOOOOOO!

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Serious question though. Back in issue 600 when Wonder Woman got the change in costume the biggest shock to me about the whole thing was not the costume but the fans. Why are people getting so frazzled over the fact that Wonder Woman is wearing pants?

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@hexthis said:

I would say DC treats women better than Marvel. Marvel shelved so many huge female characters. They've cashed in on Jean Grey's corpse but they never want to resurrect her, they married Storm off and took away her leadership of the X-men, Psylocke was Claremont's little pet for the longest time, the Scarlet Witch was gone for years, Mystique has been completely marginalized to become a 1-dimensional baddie, and they also released Milo Manara's X-women which was basically softcore porn. Their cartoons don't even really feature women and they didn't even release many action figures of female characters in the movies. They've changed a little but only very recently....

DC, on the other hand, gave us "Birds of Prey" for years and has titles for Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl, and Batwoman. They've put a lot of female out there front and center and have featured them all over the place. Granted, we still need to see a WONDER WOMAN movie or (as I'd prefer) a CATWOMAN movie with Anne Hathaway which they've failed to deliver. But still, I think DC sees their women as more of a commodity and don't need to have titles with "women" or "girls" in it in order to sell for female characters.

I agree. Up until the point fans get all uppity when Wonder Woman starts wearing pants and Power Girl loses her boob window.

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