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Are you kidding? aquaman would kick mr.freezes ass. Warm or cold water. Aquaman is still king.

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Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1 is just a prelude story. Well see how it goes when we get Number 1. in the mean time Nova seems to be more interesting.

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problem with this WoW list. one: my Blood Elf Warrior is not there to kick thors ass... :D, and Two: Thrall and Arthas are needed for this list.

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Harper Row has been set up for possible chance to be robin. It would be a shame not to utilize her. she is crafty and has alot of willpower. She is street and tech smart. which makes her a good candidate to be a new robin. But at the same time I want stephanie brown back as Batgirl. I love Babs. ALOT... but she was a better character in a wheel chair.

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I must find out what happened to Dejah Thoris. That woman is just as bad as princess peach. But at least Dejah Thoris tries to fight back.

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This is a team match 2 vs 2. now this team was decided because they are brothers or close relations to that. so for the first part.

Cyclops and Havok

Scott and Alex have never really seen EYE to eye. (HA!) but we know their powers negate each others but now work together. as they face....

Skeletor and King Randor.

Randor has had nothing but love for his brother Keldor before he was betrayed, and now turned to Skeletor overlord of evil. the two work together for once in their life to face off the summers boys. Though randor has no powers to call his own he has impressive battle skills and great tactical knowledge.


Abandoned and partially destroyed Manhattan island. (go with I am legend version), Lots of rain as thick dark clouds bring down tons of rain, thunder and lightning.

Win Condition:

Either by kill or complete knock out.

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So for those who read the He-man and the Masters of the Universe 6 issue miniseries. how did you feel about one of the major reveals at the beginning of this series. mainly the idea they put out the fact Skeletor is Prince Adam/He-man's uncle?

Thoughts and feelings about that.

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Do you guys remember when annuals used to be a once a year issue?

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@PrimeDirective: then how do you deal with corrupt governments who would let these terrorists and other men go?

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I still prefer my Sega Dreamcast. great system.