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Disagree with the list. only to the point the man who wrote the list did not seem to read any of the comics at all. he is basing it on pre-conceptions or what he knows about a character or series from what he had seen in articles or videos. Any character has the ability to have a movie. but to film industry it has to be beyond the film to be able to make money of merchandise and make the name a household ideal.

There are so man dependencies to make a great movie, its writing, casting, budget. its a deep investment and a studio has to consider all these factors before dropping alot of money into it. if anything I think straight up animated movies would be better. the direct to DVD/BluRay is a great approach and DC makes great animated films. you can do more with animated than real life actors anyways.

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@G-Man: @Jonny_Anonymous: SUCH A GREAT SERIES! /drools

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The thing that frustrates me the most. Is the lack of respect in this situation. Out of everything, I contact them; make the date plans, buy her drink, talk for 2 hours about anything, and walk her home, and get nothing but a hand shake and good night.... frankly the whole thing reaks of being set up for a fall or friend zone. You know if you are not interested. DON'T BEAT AROUND THE F***ING BUSH! just be honest. I deserve that.

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@satyrgod: While that is a great idea to just call them. Time is not a huge amount of quantity I have due to working two jobs.

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Well heres what happens. Mutants start showing up. Goverments are going to segregate them only to the point that they would offer them goverment jobs in the military or they would test them to find out what causes their powers and try to copy them so that way they can enchance their military. cause lets face it. Government see's an individual who has powers that they do not, they either want to control that person or find a way to steal their powers. which brings us to people like Amanda Waller. Its human nature in the government and that is what they think of people. Expendable resources to meet a means to an end.

I personally would be jealous but welcome mutants or metas as part of the population. cause in the end they are just humans with powers.

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I know When it comes to independent comics I follow writers, it only makes sense to do that. When it comes to the big two. its pretty safe to say nothing really changes in it so you can just follow a character. as much as people say things change in comics.....they don't. Like for myself I love the art of Franco Francevilla so I jumped on to Black Beetle comic from Dark Horse. and the series is awesome cause I love his art and his writing matches his art.

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@Vincent92: @The Stegman: You do realize that despite being called Amazing Spider-man that the films are more loosely based on the Ultimate Comics.

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This is well thought out opinion on the fan boy syndrome. While I would like nothing more than success of the series. I would also like nothing more than Michael Bay stripped of any movie creative process. If anything for the franchise I would encourage more READERS than movie go'ers to take up the books than seeing a movie that would be a waste of millions of dollars in the hopes to make billions in profit. books allow for more expansion of the imagination than movies could ever do.

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We already did a date and had a second one planned but she has not gone out of her way to text me at all when she has free time, which she has more than I do.