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ABOUT ****ING TIME! this was supposed to be out months ago originally. Ive been telling people at the comic store this is the trade to start getting into the series, then start reading the DC crossover trade. that one better be coming out soon as well.

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@wolverine08: Me either. Marvel's pretty much went on the warpath to ensure I wouldn't buy into anything they put out

I'm not interested in their gimmicks in lieu of good storytelling.

Same here. Marvel has pretty much made me want to drop them all together. Thank god for IDW, Red 5, Boom! and Oni press. they have been putting out awesome titles.

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Respect the artists and their efforts. :)

Marvel doing star wars? don't care. 90% chance of not buying any of the comics.


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It kind of reads like He-man and She-ra.

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@jstndmnd said:

I'm reading this. Kind of reminds me of He-Man & She-Ra.

I know right?! the whole seperated at birth and the sister was raised by the enemy. Thor always seemed like a marvel version of He-man anyways.

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@matkrenz said:

@the_impersonator: @yung_ancient_one: I was being sarcastic towards these really lazy "Canadian" covers. I know Wolvie is Canadian, but it's lazy to plaster our flag in the background and call it a day.

yep, which is why as a canadian I am not buying into it. Though I can't stop canadian retailers from getting this. I would hope they are smart and not buy into this elaborate ruse

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Picked up the first issue I think its great. Jeff Parker has not disappointed me yet.

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Why the hell are there 6 X-Men related books, I love them to but that's far beyond milking a franchise...

I know right. its stupid stuff like this that shows marvel has lost money in the past 3 months. They have no respect for the fan base.

Marvel: "Lets keep throwing out number 1's and variant covers. it is obviously what the people want, and it is what makes us money in the short term"

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He-man #11 and DC Universe Vs Masters of the Universe #6 were awesome, then TMNT

Aquaman 29, Invincible ,