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Still no X-Men. Disney is jerks...

Joe Quesada said at comic new york last year they want to have the FF and X-Men but can't right now for legal reasons.

Got a link to show that? I have one here that says they can.

I'm sure there is a video of the panel online somewhere maybe? It was at the 2014 NYCC Disney Infinity panel. It was in the Q&A. I was there so I never had to look it up. /shrug.

I also asked John Vignocchi if we could see X-Men and FF characters HERE.

CV: This might be something else you can’t talk about but could we see the possibility of seeing the line expand to characters from the comics not in the animated series or movies? Like where do the Fantastic Four or X-Men fit in?

JV: The answer to that is it really comes down to Marvel’s priorities. We’re willing to support Marvel’s priorities in any way that we can. So if there was ever an opportunity to integrate those types of characters, because that’s what their priority was as a business, we’d love to support Marvel in any way we can.

I remember reading that. Sounds like a round-about way of saying it's Marvel's fault. Could it be that Disney would if Marvel wanted them to? Marvel's fault, maybe?

Ah okay. That makes sense because I remember his phrasing at the time was intentionally vague and he said "there are some reasons for why we can't use some of those characters." I just assumed it was a legal issue, but after seeing that it sounds more like a corporate issue.

leave it to the big mouse to ruin the fun for everyone because they don't want to "promote" people to buying x-men and FF. but don't worry folks we don't need mutants anymore, we got INHUMANS to fill the temporary plot void.

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this poster looks like the first iron man movie poster

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Asrar's art is always awesome to look it.

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meh. not interested.

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HE-MAN: The Eternity War #5

TMNT #45

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I really wish more people would be reading this series. IDW has stepped up its game in terms of the comics they have been putting out.

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I just crapped myself. But I need gameplay.

I agree while that CG video was great and all. I need gameplay before I can even say im going to play it. And I honestly don't trust a company that does not release any gameplay footage at all. mind you I have little trust for EA in general.

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Is it just me? but the black protagonist they have in this movie seems to be sweating and out of breath ALOT in these trailers. he was that way in the first trailer and twice in this one. Either he's asthmatic, or got diabetes and his blood sugar is low so he is freaking out.

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Plot Twist: Thor is being played by Aunt May

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How is Black Widow going to help?

I KNOW RIGHT?! why does Black Widow, spider-woman and Captain Marvel bother showing up? its not like they have the strength or power to take down the suit themselves. im going to use my electro nerve attack on this suit of armor THAT HAS NO NERVOUS SYSTEM!, quick Natasha use those Glock 9 bullets on a bullet proof armor.

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@thelurker: She's not they just had to get as many females as possible to emphasize the feminism.

So basically just play dumb and hope for the best. I swear when it comes to marvel making decisions like this its like watching a one legged asthmatic kid trying to run 15 yards trying to catch a football. its just sad.