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How is Black Widow going to help?

I KNOW RIGHT?! why does Black Widow, spider-woman and Captain Marvel bother showing up? its not like they have the strength or power to take down the suit themselves. im going to use my electro nerve attack on this suit of armor THAT HAS NO NERVOUS SYSTEM!, quick Natasha use those Glock 9 bullets on a bullet proof armor.

@jayc1324 said:

@thelurker: She's not they just had to get as many females as possible to emphasize the feminism.

So basically just play dumb and hope for the best. I swear when it comes to marvel making decisions like this its like watching a one legged asthmatic kid trying to run 15 yards trying to catch a football. its just sad.

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I think Eobard will corrupt Snow and maybe lead her down the path to being killer frost

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I still say its Jane Foster

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I swear to god(s), he is getting as many regenerations as Dr.Who

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@perfect_10: it also makes me wonder of the capabilities of Skeletor since he has to keep up with He-man in terms of reflexes.

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@perfect_10: Actually I don't doubt that. due to He-man's large build he could take more punishment. but since Adora was trained to be a killing machine by the Horde, she would have better reflexes and combat manoeuvres.

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okay. so the overall idea from people is that they like the costume with everyones biggest complaint being the boots and the spikes. which makes sense so DC all you have to do is two things and look at it logically.
1. Lose the spikes, its too much over kill for her, she does not need them especially if she has super strength, sword and lasso. so dial it back a notch.

2. Shorten the boots a tad. I mean what is the point of Thiegh high boots if they are not even armored. at least with Sif they were armored boots. if they are not then just trim them down to regular boot size they will still look fine with the pants on.

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Reboots or Relaunches. it doesn't matter because its all the same.

As a lover of reading and geek society in general. I find it sad this is what companies think they have to resort to. No wonder the market is dwindling. Ive seen hundreds of writers and artists in many different branches of the the industry.

Reading these books should not have to be a chore Marvel and DC. the industry was never about collecting and lets OCD value hunters drool and obsess over POTENTIAL VALUE of a #1 issue. it was about entertainment first and foremost, especially for the kids. cause that is who we should be inspiring to read, creating stories that are just fantastic, fun and adventurous, as well as scare the living bejabbers out of us.

SO in the end marvel/disney, dress it up the cow all you want, cause in the end its still a cow and you only do this to collect money from compulsive collectors who need to have their number 1's. me im going to read it for free and buy the comics I truly love. which most of it is not Marvel or DC.

Negative rant done, but hope you all at least enjoy what you read.

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Let's all look at this logically.

The biggest gun in the fight is Superman hands down. So we have to think in his position. If I was told that this is no holds bar match. I'd go for the big green monster first as would he-man.

He-man does not seem like a threat as he is no where near the size to the others.

Once hulk has been eventually dealt with. If he is not knocked out in the first min that hulk fight could go on for quite a while.

Eventually it will almost always come down to He-man vs superman. And superman is not always a tactician. He can prep if he knows what he is getting into. But against he-man where his sword is magic. I could see it ending much similar to DC universe vs Masters of the universe

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I love this series. That and He-man