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I wish i had the powers Santa Clause and bring toys to every good kid in the world instantly especially those in third world countries.

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id like to mention Final Crisis.

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Vince Guaraldi Trio - Linus and Lucy. 
 anyone who dares oppose this eats babies. kidding. enjoy the song.
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team 1 no contest. especially if Iron man is in the Hulkbuster armor.

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Brightest day green arrow looks so much better than any of them. probably the only decent one out there to date.
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may that self rightious comic monger burn in the fire blazes of mephistos realm. but knowing him he will trade his relationship with his wife in order to make people forget one more day and OMIT

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I think these parents who take all this effort to do all this also take less time away from spending that with their kids. which is a damn shame. rather than get involved with their kids lives and understand any pre existing problems with them, they try to pass off the blame to someone else.
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my problem with this is why could they not plan to do this issue during or right after siege series.instead of how many months after the event.

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I agree with babs. and not cause she thinks she right. by the way babs your wrong. only cause you told us to say your wrong. 
 After reading this issue. i really dislike what they did to wonder woman. what is with the choker and jacket? really? I think Straczynski is trying way to hard to ret con characters and make them like Geoff johns work. I think Geoff Johns the chief creative officer at DC let this one go only due to the fact he probably did not read much of wonder woman. Like i told my friends the outfit looks like it should be for Donna Troy. 
  Michael has been in the habit for the past while giving a love hate relationship. and now he is leaning me into more of hate with this current rendition of wonder woman. but i agree with the rating of 2.5

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@SnottyCane said:

if he as in superman lives in the Fortress Of Solitude    not us soil then hes not living in america!

This is very true. and superman is the name people gave him which he ran with. Clark Kent is just his disguise which he uses. so Clark Kent would be the one who would need to have a work visa. but superman to save people on a daily bases within the united states should get a work visa. around the north pole is canadian territory. but if superman can speak french then the canadian government does not care either way. 
  So if anything Superman is no different than any immigrant who comes into canada and uses it as a home but works in the united states. much like our doctors. 
  but what superman should do with the canadian government is get his arms registered, like come on look at the size of those guns.....