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thanks for the comments. and its good to get other people to recommend this. i think its a great series and would like others who are fans of the genre to take it up.

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I agree with babs. I prefer Joss Whedons Emma Frost. i have always liked her up to the point of Dark Reign. but since second coming she has changed and they are making her into the type of person who won't be with scott for too much longer. which pisses me off cause she is far better than jean grey or any woman much similar to jean grey *hint hint*

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Okay all in all how does everyone vote? Doom or Superman?

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I too think Mark Millar is over rated. its also cause of him we had marvel civil war.... grrr.

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@Bald Eagle said:
" Who put Joe Quesada in charge?  He should stick to drawing and not the mediocre stuff in Amazing Spiderman. "
Thank you. i applaud that statement. i have no idea why he was put in charge. he has done nothing good for spider-man series except for drawing mary jane. I liked spider-man comics back to the way they used to be pre-1985. joe's half ass'd attempt to try to return peter to that has failed. like if you wanted him to be single then have him get a divorce or say that Mary jane was a skrull since the 80's and was held on the skrull world in in suspended animation.. i don't care. like it worked for Hawkeye and Mockingbird. why can it not work for spider-man. Joe Q has been written up on my list of worst story writers for comics.
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@The Mango:  I like your point. since Doom does use magic and over time he would find information that shows Supermans vulnerability to magic, and then expoit it anyway he can. As for Lex Corp, Lex would not think to need help. but due to the technology that Lex has it would be no wonder Doom would try to investigate first hand or Doombot hand and find out what sort of advances the world makes. so Lex Corp, and Wayne Enterprises would be first.
  but back to superman. based on a first initial battle with Dr.Doom, would superman be more weary or would he ignore him and think of him as a low rank villain that poses no threat? so we can be sure that first initial encounter might go to superman by catching Doom by suprise. but if Doom is a cautious which i doubt he is. cause of his arrogance he could have auto matic upper edge as he would already find out about weaknesses.
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I honestly was not a fan of the origins, it just seemed very campy to me. to me all it did was raise more questions on the character based on the information which was given by Marvel comics character bio. For one, i Thought the whole purpose of the Weapon X program was done by Department K of the Canadian Government. the point was to create super soldiers to help defend canada from other super powered beings. and it was the job of these scientists to make that happen. so if this was a secret project in which the canadian government was doing to defend its own borders. t
   The why is wade wilson who seems to be American in origin given information on a top secret canadian project? do the americans want to feel involved? or was it a mistake and not his actual origins? because from everyone who went into the Weapon X program they were canadian in origin. so it only stands to reason anyone coming out of it would be the same.

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really? cause i would have figured most people would go for superman cause of his super speed and heat vision.

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  Now before i get hate mail on this one. this is more of a one on one battle in the DC universe so with Dr.Doom having no allegiance to anyone but himself. its only a matter of time he will have both heroes and villians on his ass. now saying he breached the same rift that has been done in two other series. we will go off on each. so ill just post the name of the first battle and then we will discuss until I post up the next fight.
   Dr.Doom Vs. Superman
    Now im basing this as superman is the earths mightest protector and as such he would be one of the first to encounter Dr.Doom. the setting we will pick inside Metropolis. Well say Doom has Forged documents and said he is the new ruler of some Transivanian like country which he pulls out his same dictatorship as he did before. giving himself diplomatic immunity and making it a rich country as he did with Latveria. So he comes to Metropolis to his countries embassy and starts trying to steal tech specs from Lex Corp by use of Doom bots. and then Superman intervenes. what would you think happens.

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Really? everyone is going to ignore the tell tale signs of mephisto's involvement in the past? the devil himself was clearly behind the whole thing. for what to ruin his relationship with Mary Jane?