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yeah i think routh did a great job.

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    Like everyone i know says this story was separating bruce wayne from batman to me which was not the case. it was the detective surviving, trying to remember what happened and how to fix the problem known as Darkseid. i find that FInal Crisis wise, and from a business stand point morrison damn near scared off any new comic readers with his complex story line. but in turn set up for a great chain of events for batman. 
    For me though i found it really came together with Batman and Robin #16 where bruce is back. how Thomas Wayne and the whole return of bruce wayne series really pulled together.

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Torrent, is a total geek.

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See the problem for me is with grant morrison it seems like his work goes off on a tangent sometimes. it makes it hard to track or whether he is being serious or not. but one thing i have noticed about his writing is it works like a detective story where he gives you bits of clues on how things will be explained. and to sum up his work on the return of bruce wayne this was the last piece of Final Crisis that we can now lay that story to rest.

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You're character vs Magneto

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This would be me. Enhancement gloves and boots the entire suit itself is designed to take in and store solar energy, the suit is almost half an inch this the outer most layer conisist of a flexable nylon, the second layer consists of a lithium fiber alloy mixed with nano solar generators that effectively absorb lights rays which the lithium fibers secure the energy for storage, and with a light latex covering in the inner most layer for protection from the energy unit and temperatures.
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I also think that Gladiator can win. though he is not a main character like Black Adam, he essentially has all the powers of superman without out the worry of red suns and kryptonite. technically speaking. if Gladiator wanted too he could just grab black adam by the throat and melt his eyes. the man has fought an beaten the x-men,juggernaut,the hulk and quite a few named characters his loyalty is to the Shi-ar empire and would use any tactic he has in order to stand up for truth, justice and the Shi-ar way of life.

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Definately something i would like to get into and reading.

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One thing that i learned to accept in comics is that you can not put reality or proper physics into it. but im sure that the suit of the flash reduces the amount of friction he causes so he does not get that tired as you would think. but since his body is made for moving at that accelerated pace, he could endure longer than say just a person moving that fast.