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Reboots or Relaunches. it doesn't matter because its all the same.

As a lover of reading and geek society in general. I find it sad this is what companies think they have to resort to. No wonder the market is dwindling. Ive seen hundreds of writers and artists in many different branches of the the industry.

Reading these books should not have to be a chore Marvel and DC. the industry was never about collecting and lets OCD value hunters drool and obsess over POTENTIAL VALUE of a #1 issue. it was about entertainment first and foremost, especially for the kids. cause that is who we should be inspiring to read, creating stories that are just fantastic, fun and adventurous, as well as scare the living bejabbers out of us.

SO in the end marvel/disney, dress it up the cow all you want, cause in the end its still a cow and you only do this to collect money from compulsive collectors who need to have their number 1's. me im going to read it for free and buy the comics I truly love. which most of it is not Marvel or DC.

Negative rant done, but hope you all at least enjoy what you read.

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Let's all look at this logically.

The biggest gun in the fight is Superman hands down. So we have to think in his position. If I was told that this is no holds bar match. I'd go for the big green monster first as would he-man.

He-man does not seem like a threat as he is no where near the size to the others.

Once hulk has been eventually dealt with. If he is not knocked out in the first min that hulk fight could go on for quite a while.

Eventually it will almost always come down to He-man vs superman. And superman is not always a tactician. He can prep if he knows what he is getting into. But against he-man where his sword is magic. I could see it ending much similar to DC universe vs Masters of the universe

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I love this series. That and He-man

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@xwraith said:

I'm still not sold on this.

Neither am I. Dark Horse in my mind did a great job. and marvel can never take that away from me.

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Pop Mhan does Wonder Woman covers and Spider-man covers on Instagram @Popmhan

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HE-MAN! I can't wait for Eternity War to start already. I am dying for this to start. one of the most consistently awesome series like Aquaman.

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Love the MOTU art as always. but overall again awesome art from everyone.

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Im happy that she is finally back. its about time in my opinion. She has needed a reboot for about 30 years now. and I can not wait till Eternity War starts up. Im hoping at the end of it, She-ra will get her own series. Id buy into it.

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I'm excited to see how Grayson will react when he finds out he's back.


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I've been reading the series since the beginning. its had its ups and downs. Mainly with art. but the current She-ra origin they have been telling has been freaking awesome. Im going to pre order my copies.

But Im wondering if anyone is going to use this maxi series to jump on and read it? or if you are a current fan of the series; Are you going to be picking this up or just stopping once the ongoing series is finished?