To understand is divine

"Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another."

- Emma Goldman

Geeks, nerds, jocks, goths, foodies, animalists, fashionistas, hipsters..etc. Each one of them are their own group in which we use to box in someone into an idea of how they act and present themselves. We as (I will say) People act as though we understand each other but in fact act in bias based on preconceptions of another person. Why is that?

I asked this question to myself recently. I asked why do we always try to look for someone who does the exact same as us. Why do we always try to fall into groups of people who act a certain way as we do? Well it seems we feel comfortable with people who share the same passions as we do. We become so focused on trying to cling to one another based superficially on someone who is the same as us.

Despite the internet and all the messages out there that we should try to embrace other people for their differences, Forcing people to embrace others is not going to get someone to like them. But in the end we just need to understand. despite all those different groups ive listed above. There is one commonality between them.... They have a passion for what they do. We all have a passion for something in different forms or another.

Passion for a hobby or fashion or just about anything positive or creative should be looked at not with eyes that say "Oh yeah they are cool in their own way, im just not into it."; But look at others with a set of eyes like "Wow that is awesome, That is super cool you are into that."

“Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn't suck.”

- Joss Whedon

Prime example. have you ever felt left out of a group? Have you ever felt like you do not fit in? Maybe if at some point someone would take the time to understand where you are from that you would be worth someone elses time or attention? I know I have, MANY TIMES. If we as human beings took the time to really listen and to understand where someone is coming from. We can move forward with a deeper understand and connection to ourselves and the world.

At the risk of being burned at the stake for such radical ideas. Maybe we should go back to what John Lennon said back in the Beatles. "All you need is love". With love comes understanding. it is a fundamental emotion that breathes into compassion and understanding. We understand our dogs and cats, because we love them. We start sensing their needs because we open ourselves up to them, even though they are not built the same as us. So who says that a flat out Anime cosplay geek and a Vegetarian world traveller can not ever see eye to eye?

So I close on this. If we truly want to move forward with the BEST possible future we must do this. create an understanding of yourself, learn to love yourself for who you are and what you have achieved in life. and soon you will begin to understand everyone else is the exactly the same as you are no matter how different we try to be. As the shunned comic geek I am, I forgive and love people no matter what. even if they annoy or piss me off. cause in the end I understand that they are only human.

"You may say im a dreamer, But im not the only one; I hope someday you will join us, then the world can live as one."

-John Lennon

Good Journey,

Troy Martin

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I'll just have to strongly disagree with this well-intentionned statement and leave it at that.

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I'll just have to strongly disagree with this well-intentionned statement and leave it at that.

this, I think