OTR: Man of Steel Review (Spoiler Free)

Im posting this as a blog cause the site is not allowing me to review it. so im posting it as a blog. (please note im half awake after the long ride home from seeing this movie and just worked 8 hours of work prior to this, forgive spelling errors)

The Good:

So I want to talk about expectations I came in with for the movie: I expected them to go over his entire history from being launched into space, growing up as a child all the way up to adulthood. We by pass all the tedious stuff and get the parts that are relevant to everything that is superman.

Everyone has made complaints across the internet saying this movie was going to be broody superman. when that was far from the truth, this movie is about one overall premise. Trust. trusting in oneself and others. Kevin Costner is a great adoptive parent. He keeps it real as jonathan kent. I mean in the fact, what do you do if you kid could very easily break the spines of anyone who ever pissed him off.

I have to say I loved the actors in the movie, Zod was spectacular and his character was there not as a gimmick but he had a purpose to be there, just as every other character did in this movie. I have to give props on the casting because these people really brought out the characters. I swear to god if someone complains about Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White, I will drop kick you back into the Matrix.

The Bad:

Okay so there is not much that is really wrong with the movie except this....Zod as the first villain....see my problem is Zod and what ever cronies he has should have been as a later challenge because of the power they would get from the yellow sun..etc etc. If anything why are not starting off smaller. or at least built up to Zod. I mean when this movie is done. who would we have in the next movie? Unless Lex Luthor decides to show up and "Up the game" that Zod tries to pull.

Oh and a little note to Gillette we still don't know how he shaves in this movie..


I loved this movie outside the small plot holes and other things, but over all, DC and Warner Bros, invested alot of money into making a more super hero orientated universe that was serious at them same time allowed for super powers. Well they pulled it off with flying colors.

If you guys are wanting to see Man of steel I definitely recommend 3D cause the boobs at Silver City gave us a free showing in 3D, If any of you were iffy on spending money on the ticket price for this movie I would say go see it. The problems they made in the past with DC Super movies....*Cough*... They fixed it in this epic blockbuster of a film.

Overall I give it a 5 red capes out of 5 Blue full body under armor suits.

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