Off MY F***ING MIND!: Square Enix

Okay so I got into a debate with someone today at work about my treatment of Square Enix. that I am being unfair in my judgement of the company.

What the hell do you expect for about 10 years the company (while it has made progress in gaming graphics) has been abusing its #1 well known franchise by creating half ass'd story lines and 1 dimensional characters and sacrificing gameplay to tell these half ass'd stories in a beautiful animated sequences.

Even the producer of FF 13 said they ignored the critics (aka: older fan base) to tell their story that they wanted to tell. If you were so F***ing focused on making your story; write a damn book or make a movie. I don't know if anyone in the industry has figured out. GAMES WERE MEANT TO BE PLAYED WITH LIKE A TOY!. not a bloody art movie that we have to hold down a button to play get to the next cut scene.

The company for the past while has lost much of its confidence from its fan base. Mainly from how it treats it fan base. Yoshinori Kitase partially blames north american audience for the lack of success for their games specifically FF 13.

"Gamers outside of Japan, who hadn't played the game yet, might have had some kind of preconceptions which might have led to a bit of overreaction, possibly. Having said that, the criticism of the game being too linear was sort of true, as well."

Blaming the fan base is not a good way to win customers over. From my understanding you want to win customers over by focusing on what customers liked in the past and how to enhance it. And they act as if they are confused on how this game could be a failure.

Hell look at FF 14, the game nearly bankrupted the company because much of what people were initially seeing was HD conversion of FF 11 with a change to the job system or lack there of, It only has redeeming qualities because now the development team after Square Enix's stock took a nose dive that they finally thought about listening to its fan base on how to make the game more appealing to a mass audience.

Do not get me wrong the company has put out many good games that was not its main franchise. But it seems to show very little respect for the franchise and the fans who made it what it is today. Only now after their stock has plummeted and their CEO stepped down that they are hinting at going back to some grass roots, and by doing this they will rename FF versus 13 to FF 15. why? cause we do not want to give people the impression we were taking too long for a single title and announce this new game in which no way shape or form looks like the previous one we said that would be a seperate game from 13 which took us 3 years to put out after 12.

Now I am going to get the obvious complaints about this: Troy why do you hate the company so much? why not just stop buying/ playing the games?

1. I don't hate the company I followed square enix (mind you I miss Square Soft) for longer than most of the youngsters on this site were even born. Final Fantasy was my second game I ever played. There is alot of nostalgia for me so I would like to see the company succeed at its endevours to pushing innovation. But I will not support any efforts to exploit a franchise or fan base to make a quick buck. games were about having fun to get away from reality, it was never about contridictory cheese dialogue or and cutting out gameplay so you could tell your story. Games were meant to challenge us, mentally and physically (manual dexterity), and yes sometimes give us great visuals. some where along the lines people forgot that is what games were all about.

4. (because I can't count) I stopped buying final fantasy games since 9. I bought 11. but played every other final fantasy game through friends and their consoles. Im not dumb enough to spend $90 on a collectors edition of 13. Ever since 9 ive been noticing a trend in rpgs coming from japan and some from north america is that they are starting to cut back on game play and focus more on cut scenes. It was then that I started to question why would I buy these games if they are slowly becoming interactive movies. so in the end im glad I did not spend money on those games otherwise id be beating my head against the wall. people who buy these games have to try to justify their purchase so they don't feel so bad for buying it in the first place.

In the end I wish nothing but hope for the company to get its act together and sometime just look back at where you came from and maybe improving what worked and fixing what didn't. it is possible to get the best of both worlds. unfortunately SE, is that you dug yourselves a hole when you made each FF game its own seperate universe. its easy to weave exposition into the story when you have a single world you are working on. make less work for you to do in terms of telling a story.

Discussion Question: Do you think the company should ignore the critics and do what it wants? or should they stop and think about what the current market is looking for in a game?

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Posted by Decoy Elite

The problem with the FF series is that it is paying attention to their fanbase. Their Japanese JRPG fanbase. There are some massive cultural differences when it comes to what makes a quality game and JRPGs are where it shines through the most.

Posted by RDClip

FF13 killed any good will they had built up for me since FF7. I will never buy another FF game, square just puts out garbage now and expects people to eat it up because if its name (which, based on the reviews for that piece of S**t FF13, people still do) At this point, unless square gets rid of the entire FF dev team and goes in a whole new direction, the games will just get worse and worse until people figure out they're playing $65 for a pile of feces in video game form.

I'm not huge into following game news, but it seems to me Japanese RPGs have losing steam ever since western RPG devs like Bioware and Bethesda started making games for consoles rather than soley on PC like they used to.

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I'm playing FF 13 right now and I kind of figured that I wasn't the only one who noticed it being pretty bad compared to the others. I don't mind the story it's just that the characters are WAY too overdramatic..I mean I feel like I'm watching a badly acted lifetime film when I watch Lightning and all them in cutscenes. If I knew they were like that I would've probably not bought it but my pride and attitude is that when I start something I finish it so I gotta keep trekking a long I guess. The dialogue is just that god awful..The gameplay's ok and I feel like it's easier then the massive multitasking you had to do in some of the older ones but I do feel like FF is going downhill.

I definitely agree with what you said about cutscenes because every since FF 10 I've noticed that you wind up running into more cutscenes over actually playing and exploring..for ex. Cutscene,run 5 feet,cutscene,fight 2 battles,cutscene again,walk into next room,and cutscene yet again..I'm like wtf. Not only in FF but I noticed they did it to Kingdom Hearts also because KH 2 was dominated with cutscenes way more then KH 1 was. I feel like it takes away from the game if you are spending a majority of it watching movies

Posted by danhimself

I think it was either 10 or 11...or maybe 12 that I got a long with my PS3 back in the day and I played it for like half an hour and then took it back and traded it in...such a horrible game

anyway....they may redeem themselves in my eyes with Kingdom Hearts 3 but if they screw that up then I'm out

Posted by Floopay

When I play any game I look for a good story first, and interesting gameplay second.

Graphics and everything else takes a backseat.

What lost me with Square Enix was FFX. I hated the characters, I hated the story, and I hated the gameplay. I haven't been able to play a Final Fantasy since then.

Best Gameplay: Probably Final Fantasy Tactics. Honestly, there was so much to do I could play that game for hours.

Thanks for reading,

Posted by SandMan_

I'm waiting for FFX HD and maybe I'll buy a PS4 just for KH 3.

Posted by Rythryn

Final fantasy has always been a classic go to game for myself also. Hands down tactics in my opinion was one of the best... as well as the only world they reused. Final fantasy XII 's game play kind of went back to the days of nestalgic final fantasy... but agreed it wasn't quite the same. The level of customization to how you play anything past IX is gone.

You run around the world gaining the same abilities ... even though you have a party of 3 the only difference is a single personal ability. Customization is gone in the days of final fantasy i,ii, and tactics.

The graphics are still amazing but you could make a movie by taking all the cut scenes and clipping them together. All i really feel i am doing is walking from one cut scene to the next with a couple fights thrown in.

I would love to see another final fantasy game based in Ivalice.... bring back the job classes... cut down the cut scenes... keep the graphics and make the game fun and challenging again.... not some button mashing easy, gambit using system designed to draw in the "they made this too hard" whining kids who are use to having a cookie cutter game.