Converting the wicked (not really)

  So for the past 2 weeks in which I have not been on comic vine much, I spent most of my time converting 3 people who are not into comics or had no interest into picking up a few issues and reading them. I did not give them a full trade paper back I only gave them individual issues to see if they would like the series or get hooked. and it also helped just after we all went to see Captain America in theatre.
  normally I go into my geek rant about the characters, but this time i gave them bits of information about the comic universe based on what they liked in the movie. now a couple weeks later we talk about comics and how they are better than the movies.....sometimes...
  So what I would like to know is there any stories that you can share with me about anyone who was not a comic book reader and convert them into a reader, if not individual issues or maybe trades or hardcovers.

Posted by MatKrenz

Well I usually lent  trade to my friend so he can read and it was usually stuff that easyy to follow, like Runaways and Batwoman: Elegy. He also accompanies me to my LCS everyy so often and gets a couple of single issues and as for him reading current comics he will start reading Action Comics and Swamp Thing in september.

Posted by harleyquinn12

Base it on which movies they like. if they like X-Men, get Astonishing X-men.(You only really need to to read the first trade, but it's a good run) If they like Batman, get them Scott Snyder's recent run in Detective Comics(which is only 11 issues) If you want something shorter, try just taking them to your LCS and get them to pick out an issue that intrests them. It could be anything, sometimes the best way to get into a book is just to jump in. Hope that helps. :)