From days of new?

   Recently, My self and others got into a discussion about new comics books ripping off the old issues from days or years gone by. one being of which was Blackest night. only the fact that they took a main villian and changed how he got into the story. now its been a while but Nekron when he was introduced it was during the reign of Kyle Rayner pre crisis. I was not a fan into 90's comic books because everything they tried to pass off was crap. even worse when they made me spend almost $7 for a holofoil varient cover.
   So it got me thinking. what made those old stories good? so i asked around. most people gave me an answer that they had great artwork. others said that it was the story. I too had to ponder this for a while. but then i said screw it and played some Modern Warfare Reflex. after my 5th straight game loss i had a thought to watch one of my old DVD's that had stan lee interview. this was an interview with kevin smith. 
   So anyways in this interview Stan lee mentioned a lot of the stories and characters he created were out of laziness. which made me think "no your not lazy stan." to try to prove my point as i always try to do i went through my old back issues of X-men, spider-man and green arrow comics. most by this way are pre the year 88. and going over the stories i had to laugh cause Stan was right. I hate to admit defeat but he was right. most of those old comics were laughable for story, the artwork was not ahead of its time. but most of the stories did not make sense most of the time, plot holes up the wazoo. but thats how it was. you had few people working on multiple stories and so of course it would not be the best or deep stories ever. but they worked none the less. 
  Looking at the newer issues of today and ignore the void which was the 90's, There was much more care and depth into most of the comics during the turn of the 21st century. Most of this had to do with new writers being fans of the old comics but they added more to what the original creators never thought of. so i guess what im trying to say is we should respect the new comics because more time and care is put into it by someone who more than likely read the stories when they were younger. right now i got kids comics of Masters of the universe to catch up on from the 80's.
                      Good Journey,

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