DC Genesis - Nightwing #2 (Rated M)

  Autumn days are different from autumn nights in gotham. at least during the day you can get some sun and not have to see just all the bad things that happen in this city. So much life in people, Smiles can be seen. Children playing in the leaves down in the park....
   HELP! STOP THAT MAN HE TOOK MY CARRY ALL!" Shouted a voice from down the street.
   And a mugger on a bike dumb enough to ruin this nice day.
Dick Grayson thought to himself.
   Walking calmly down the sidewalk and listening for the mugger coming up the street telling people to move out of the way and waving a knife in one hand while the purse was strapped around his shoulder and one hand on the bike. Quickly coming up with a plan. Dick moved between the cars and came out acting like he tripped and falls while sticking his arm out to close line the mugger knocking him off the bike. They both got up quickly. Dick starts to act like he is sorry and begins to apologize.
    "Hey man, get away from me or ill cut you something fierce." said the mugger wearing a wool cover shirt over top a thick sweater. He was shaking in his hands.
   "Wow, easy buddy it was an accident. I did not mean to make you drop your purse, I understand we all have our images we need to maintain..." Said grinning trying to force the mugger to get mad and hopefully lose his concentraition. 
     It worked, the mugger leaped forward without thinking to place the knife in Dicks chest but to no avail, Dick shuffled to the side and landed a quick knee to the muggers stomach and pushed him to the ground. The mugger gasped heavily and dropped his knife and began to cry. Dick was stunned by this as most people who attempt robbery or a mugging almost never cry after they lost, at least not to his count. Looking at the man again he was now shaking all over than just at his hand. Strange as it was. He still had friends at the GCPD who could tell him, focusing on the purse that was taken, Dick hears a voice saying that is his. Dick turned around to his surprise.
     "Here is your...purse?" Dick said with confusion as he looked at a man wearing tight leather jeans and thick minx sweater.
     "Thank you but its called a european carry all." said the man while he checked the bag to make sure all his things were still in there."I called the police. a cop car should be here soon" 
       "oh good" Dick said while trying to make an actual happy grin.
       Yeah, sometimes weird things happen day or night in this city. Dick thought as he walked off from the scene. 
        Later that day, Dick ran up to a street cafe where a young woman with brown wavy hair sat looking at her watch. Hoping over the small iron fence that seperated the tables from the sidewalk, Dick managed to land in the empty chair across from her. "Melody, Hi. Late I know. But there was a mugging down the street, no worries they caught him so all is well with the universe. Now before we talk about me and my tardiness, lets talk about you. How was your day?"
        Melody had a look of shock at first then a sigh of relief then into a smile and a shake of her head. "For your information Mister Grayson.."
        "Mister Grayson is it? I thought we were on a first name basis?"
        "Only if you show up on time, and second of all I am your tax accountant." 
        "You forgot to say LOVELY tax accountant"
        "Sigh... You still have some forms you still have to fill out form the years 2004 to 2007 in terms of your expenses."
        "Now Melody." Dick said while reaching his hands across the table to hold hers. "I already sent you those forms in your e-mail why not check and see if they are there."
         She reached into her purse to pull out her iCell to look at her e-mails and found several attacted documents. "well these seem to be in order" she said while trying to look away from him. "I should be getting back to the office now though..."
         "Melody.. Mel, why ruin a perfectly good and surprisingly warm afternoon by leaving and breaking up this date?" He said with a big dopey grin.
         "I do not date clients" saying with a smirk.
         "Who said date? Its just two people sitting here enjoying each others company." 
         "You never give up, do you?" She said with a smile now.
         "Only at cops and robbers, mainly cause i make a bad criminal." he said with a wink.
           Just then he got a buzz from his phone. pulling it out of his pocket a text message read: Hey I heard you wanted to meet and talk - IceBerg. Dick rolled his eyes thinking to himself. Now you want to get together and talk. Looking up at Melody as she had a concerned look on her face. Dick tried to play a simple grin which made her feel uncomfortable a little. "Hey good news Miss.Malone.."
            "Last names now is it? what happened to Melody?" saying as her smile turned into a sneer.
            "Have a benefit which I have to get ready for tonight so ill have to post pone this date..."
           "Clientele meeting.." she said as if to correct him.
            "of course that is what I said." hopping up from the chair and kissed her on the cheek and ran off down the street. while dodging traffic and cyclists.  "I'll call you.." saying as he got further away. 
            In the evening down by Grayson's apartment on Derrow St. Sat on the steps was a man in a thick leather coat with a New York Giants hat on. Stephen "Ice" Bergman was native american with dark hazel eyes. He smiled as he saw Dick show up. "Hey man. What is the call for?" he said while shaking hands and giving grayson a quick hug. "I get a text this morning saying you want to meet up. so...."
           "Yeah, what is this crap I hear that your transferring to Bludhaven." He said with a crooked smile.
           "Well mainly im getting sick of this city, and you know my girl friend Sandra?" 
           "She is pregnant, and I would like to raise a family in a safer city than this mad house, Id choose Metropolis because of that alien flying around, but the housing costs are insane. so why not pick a city which has no super heroes or villains know what im sayin?" showing a large sign of concern in his words.
           "Yeah in this city that would be better but I would hate to see you leave."
            "Leave, man Ill be like what.. an hour drive between both cities? Don't get all emotional on me, making my man hood want to fall off." he said while laughing out loud.
         "besides its better I get out now especially with all the happenings going down at the prescient..." Shaking his head and rolling his eyes.
          This intrigued Dick even more, He asked about what was going on. Stephen let Dick know of all the junkies and new drug users out there who have been getting increasingly violent for the past few days. causing random acts of destruction, even getting so far out of control in there habits that they even caught a few robbing Pharmacies to get their next hit. Its stranger cause even some of the more passive whacked out addicts are out and about causing mayhem in some areas and some resulted in death by cops using stun guns on them. Hearts exploded in there bodies. "man what ever crack they are hitting up on I do not want any of that."
           Stephen and Dick both got some hot dogs from the nearby street vendor and both headed there seperate ways for the night and said there goodbyes to each other. Dick went back into his apartment quickly to go get changed. After listening to his friend that tonight sounds like a good night to go patrolling in some of the business districts and maybe get in contact with an old friend. "Hey babs? Its Dick...."

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Needing a Theme Song.

 No the title does not lie. I am needing a theme song as mainly an entrance to use when im introduced or when I show up at parties (for some reason it is expected), as well as for people to use as my theme when I call them. So I am reaching out to my 489 followers (or more) here on comicvine and to my large list of friends on facebook. its not just limited to social networking, no it also applies to real life as well, as some who live in Winnipeg Manitoba and visit me at Comics America, can throw in there suggestions.

 If Darth Vader can pull it off, why can't I?
 Now it is simple. You all can post your suggestions here, but I recommend only 2 songs at the most for to choose from, and plus will cut down on postings for me to read. All suggestions should be sent to me via wall post, blog post, or private message before October 5th, 2011. From there I will post on the contest forum the top 10 theme songs in which you all will vote On the one song that Will be come Trodornes new theme song. WOOOOOO! Ill even call the winner of the best suggestion that becomes my theme song to congratulate them. 
 Main Rule: Try to keep the song clean as best as you can. (meaning no words like B****es or F***, S***...etc)

What Words Do You Live By?

 I do not have to tell you we all come from different places, families,etc etc.. But where we grow up and the experiences we gain from people, places and things that we interact with. We tend to build sort of a life meaning for our selves or words in which we would describe our following in life. Though I will not get into the details of my life. But lets just say that many things have lead me to believe in a song that I remember to this day which I hold true in my hold heart. Now this song is older than I am. And many of you would not feel the same. 
 Before i post the lyrics of the song. I want to say this on why this song as the words I live by. Im a man who is still basically a kid when it comes to reading comics, books and playing table top role playing games. Im very old fashioned in terms of Imagination and I have many creative ideas on the series I love though I would never post them online as much as i would like to share them all with you. But I digress. I truely believe in hard work in making dreams reality. I live not so much in reality as I do in places I create and situations i like to talk about. Those of you who have read my blogs or reviews know what I try to write I try my best though grammar and spelling errors do get in the way. but anyways here is the song lyrics and I share this with you in hopes I can hear something similar from all of you.
Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka And the Chocolate Factory)

 How can anyone ever not be inspired by a man in the funny purple coat.

Come with me;And you'll be In a world of Pure imagination
Take a look And you'll see Into your imagination

We'll begin; With a spin, Traveling in The world of my creation.
What we'll see Will defy Explanation.

If you want to view paradise; Simply look around and view it, Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?; There's nothing To it

There is no Life I know; To compare with Pure imagination.
Living there You'll be free If you truly wish to be.

If you want to view paradise; Simply look around and view it, Anything you want to, do it.
Want To change the world? There's nothing To it.

There is no Life I know; To compare with Pure imagination
Living there You'll be free; If you truly Wish to be.
Thanks guys, And I hope you all feel the need to express any words, quotes or songs in which really inspire you in the way you live your life.

Do you "bag and board"?

   So while working at the comic store, I was picking up my issues for the day before I was getting ready to go. i took a bag and board for only 2 of my comics that I was actually collecting. Amazing Spider-man and Alpha Flight. Just then a customer said this: "Why only get two bags and boards for your entire stack? Why not for all of them?" he said with a bit of a condisending remark.  I smiled and replied, "Cause I like to enjoy the rest of the comics I have that im abesolutely not collecting."
  In other words what I said to the customer in the previous paragraph is that I do not bag and board all my comics. just only the ones I am going to stick into my collection, and so far I might end up with 4 collections now with flash and nightwing on the way :D. but i don't really care if I toss my comic into the long box without a bag and board, I try to take care of the box as best as i can and hope that the comics will last as long as they can. do i really care if they are not completely flat? no, im not anal like some people are when it comes to the dimensions of comics. (no offense).  Comics are meant to be read, not each individually wrapped containers with some person hoping that one of there issues might be worth something in the future... "oh man I have spawn #1"... yeah, no sorry bud not worth the millions you wished it was. 
  I use the bags and boards to preserve the series I really want to go back to in the future. the other series im reading right now and I enjoy them. does not mean I want to keep them all in my future archive of Spider-man,Flash,Nightwing, and Alpha flight. a man has only got so much space. if the comics get old then ill throw them out or donate them for kids to read and enjoy or until computers take over the kids altogether and have a real life attention span of 2 seconds.
  So I felt like getting that off my chest. But before I go, I want to know, do you bag and board? if so or not tell my why or why not. Id like to hear back from Ya'll.


OTR PSA#1: Digital Comics

Hey guys this is a short public service announcement to those hip and tech savvy comic readers who are reading their comics as a digital download to download responcibly and get your comics from your local comic stores website as to continue to support your local comic store. just to name a few of the comic stores website that you can try to purchase your digital comics and not have to pay directly to comixology. Leave your comments down below or post up links to comic store websites that do sell digital comics. 
 Good Journey,
Comic Stores:

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Trodorne: On Schism.....egh..

its a waste of time and money.
   The end......
 So you guys might not like the off hand opinion with out evidence or justification. Everyone who reads my blogs or seen some of my past reviews knows how I detest the Marvel executives and some of there chief officers in charge of story and character development. while this tends to run into situations where I may be biased it takes me a couple of days to step back and review the evidence that is given. 
  So lets take a look at this. First and foremost is the return of the Hellfire Club, YES! which I think to myself. "The series will get bad ass again now we have new members of the hellfire club" which is run by a kid whose balls have not even dropped yet. its a diabolical mastermind who dislikes getting cooties out on the playground. It just shocks me that the X-men are getting beaten by a child mastermind. while ive seen stranger things it just really emasculates them. 
  Second point to all of this is they are making a big event out of D*** measuring contest which has been going on for a better part of two decades between Cyclops and Wolverine. I mean really marvel. you did not need another event outside of Fear itself to tell the story of two characters spliting up an entire group. This could have easily developed better during fear itself and would have saved you more money by featuring a side story, which by the end of fear itself where wolverine takes his mutant followers and forms his own x-men team. To me it just seems that marvel is going about this by treating people like idiots and forcing them to buy new comics which they did not need to tell a story.
  Third and final part to all of this is the fact that wolverine has gotten to the point of just being annoying. The man has how many titles in the marvel universe some of them are in regular continuity. I am a man who dislikes over saturation of a single character spread across many comics. One ongoing comic series is all I need to read, with his involvement in the avengers, astonishing x-men, uncanny x-men, Wolverine the best there is, Wolverine (ongoing) and the various wolverine one shots. While I understand there a die hard fan base that would be happy to see him in any series. 
 But that is how things look in my opinion. it seems like an event like this seems like a waste of time when this whole thing could have just been an aftermath of Fear itself. it just seems like another petty way of marvel trying to trick people into wasting money. I have not spent a dollar on the issues but have read them anyways based on friends who spent the money on the books. Thought I like the line up of the new uncanny x-men but much of it is a needless waste to create more titles and cash in on those poor fans who feel they need to buy into this title. its just another reason why comic companies are slowly killing themselves off.


DCnU become the new Earth 1?

  One of the biggest things that people seem to notice from the initial justice league #1 is the fact that it seems everything is starting over. much of the fact that even 5 years previous to current time that no one really knows each other. From what was gathered in flashpoint #5 the timeline was splintered into 3 timelines, the previous continuity and the current. but still both are flowing at the same time. Scientists often explain that another reality exists beyond our own universe where other outcomes to other events in life have altered the state of living in that parallel universe. 
  Now this is not the first time in which the DC universe has done this. Back during the silver age of comics, specifically The Flash #123 back in 1961. DC Showed the flash vibrating at a different rate which transported him to an alternate earth where he met the golden age Jay Garrick or the ORIGINAL Flash. It was from here that it was established that the previous continuity specifically characters of the golden age and be able to explain all the changes that were made between the golden age and the silver age, this allowed updates to be done for characters such as superman who had in the golden age always worked by himself. later they would add superman to the roster of Justice League of America in 1963 for the silver age thus rebuilding the character again. and reinventing his life over again

  From what we can learn from this in the DCnU is that we could see a rebuilding of a new silver age of comics and at some point refer to the previous continuity as Earth 2 in terms of its existence, and how it might come up again in the future in the current continuity if the company does decide not to go the route of Marvel Reborn back in the late 90's.


JLA: Nightwing over Batman for membership?

 Now with the current "Reboot" of the continuity of the DC universe, one thing that we know is going on is that Batman is coming back to the Justice League of America, but as we seen in the recent issues of the Justice League before the reboot was the Tactical Leadership of Dick Grayson. Dick is notorious for have better people skills than Bruce Wayne ever had or ever will have in a lifetime. 

 It takes one little thing to set him off. 

  • Billions of dollars
  • Master of stealth and martial arts
  • gadgets galore.
  • master detective
  • Broods
  • Does not work well with others
  • Slight case of paranoia.
  • Emotionally shut out.
  • Tactical Leader
  • master detective
  • master of stealth and martial arts
  •  Uses his emotions
  • tries hard to be his own man.
  • bit of a man-whore.
   Based on this I would go for nightwing, Batman mainly has money but its his lack of playing well with others that turns me off. Yes Batman has billions of dollars and tons of gadgets. but if anything I think it would benefit Batman to stick to street level crime fighting while Nightwing has a chance to make himself what he can be and that is a leader and maybe lead the Justice League. He has better potential and Batman has and always will be a social outcast from any of the groups.
  Yes we have Wonder Woman and Superman, but they were never leaders but more of icons of the group who stand for something and act as like a lady liberty. they are there for show, and clark has never really been that smart anyways. But Nightwing has more to offer to the benefits to the team and can occasionally go back to doing street level fighting if he ever has free time from the league itself. 
 Sure I am maybe biased towards bruce wayne. but myself he is better of sticking to Gotham on the crazies that are running around.

Converting the wicked (not really)

  So for the past 2 weeks in which I have not been on comic vine much, I spent most of my time converting 3 people who are not into comics or had no interest into picking up a few issues and reading them. I did not give them a full trade paper back I only gave them individual issues to see if they would like the series or get hooked. and it also helped just after we all went to see Captain America in theatre.
  normally I go into my geek rant about the characters, but this time i gave them bits of information about the comic universe based on what they liked in the movie. now a couple weeks later we talk about comics and how they are better than the movies.....sometimes...
  So what I would like to know is there any stories that you can share with me about anyone who was not a comic book reader and convert them into a reader, if not individual issues or maybe trades or hardcovers.


Comics, A niche that should not be used as a cash cow?


Pandering (noun) - to act as a pander; cater basely: to pander to the vile tastes of vulgar persons. 

 You all can see where im going with this. For the past few years I would say more from the 90's and beyond there has been an trend in the way comics an art form has not become a a form of prostitution to the general public. I grew up in the 80's and I remember only getting near comics because of my friends and older family members who have read the series. And the comics did not have to retcon, or reboot or renumber because the general audiance would be put off from joining into a series cause of its big number. Marvel being the biggest pimp of all to pander to the general public.  
 Not everything for comics was a huge success.
    Now before I get the hate mail to this lets look at the reasoning behind all of this. The companies wanted to branch out and try to grab a whole new audiance, much of this was very low brow but some of it was effective like Spider-man back during the 60's. Through the years many things worked and others did not. New readers here and there with some dropping. But there was much success in terms of selling out comics was back in the 90's mainly from 2 shows Batman: The Animated Series, and X-men cartoon. Shows like this brought an unprecedented amount of readers (temporarily) to the comic book universe. This was a quick surge and the publishers wanted to do as much as they could to keep up these readers. 
    Ever since the 90's, their has been a shift in the quality of the stories as to be catered to the masses. But at the same time it is important as the publishers invested so much in the 90's in terms of changing things up to keep the new readers and losing some of their fan base that they must keep changing or else perish. So you can not help but agree with their tactics. Now in 2011 it has been officially been dubbed the age of the super heroes. With super hero and super-typed movies coming out based on comics (Eg: Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, and soon to be Conan).
 At least he does not have Bat-nipples on his suit.
   Prime example of a company trying to sell more to the masses just by quantity and not by quality. Marvel comics, Its good they have Disney backing; for the past 2 months prior to the anticipated arrival of the Captain America movie, we have had about 6 or 7 titles alone with his name on it. Wolverine is saturating the market right now with so many titles and part of the Avengers and the x-men with the events of schism he will be busy with the X-force and the x-men. Now we have DC doing something similar with having multiple titles coming out in the same month as a machine gun effect and hoping some of these titles will stick with people. But there is many examples that it seems this is more of a quality control in a way to fix what was not working for the past decade or two. 
   So while I read my comics, at times it does not feel like my comic when you can feel the marketing team digging their hands into the issue trying to sell this off to a group of people who do not show as much appreciation for the series as yourself. The problem now with people speaking out against the idea of selling out to the general public is that they are classified as an "Elitist", when 90% of the people out there would not pick up an issue of the series even if it were free. So in the end DO we continue the trend of trying to bring in a new market of readers by cutting down the quality to HOPEFULLY keep them hooked on it, or DO NOT give in and keep good quality in our titles and play it like field of dreams line. 
                          "IF YOU BUILD IT. THEY WILL COME."
 Good Journey
   Troy Martin, Is a slacker who has studied Pre-Health Science with no real degree in Journalism in anyway shape or form. He currently writes on his own free time, and is a HUGE nerd.
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