Placing all bets (not really) Death of the Family

So next month is the start of the Death of the Family story line with the obvious return of the joker. Many speculations of this that someone is going to die in this event and change how things will work in the bat family maybe even break the family up and never speak to each other for another 5 to 10 issues. We have seen screen shots of the joker.

Basic thing to get out of the way is Jason todd who still hates bruce for not killing the Joker after everything the maniac has done to him, using his mother; beating him to near death then blowing him up. In this Joker would not even bother with Jason as he thinks he already did his work on the boy and no point in trying to break already damaged goods. So Jason would obviously have conflict with batman in how this might go when joker re-emerges from the shadows.

Barbara Gordon is another thing she was temporarly paralyzed by the clown prince of crime just because he wanted to get at her father. She has a personal grudge to maybe just break the joker the same way he broke her. she believes in not killing but at the same time it does not prevent her from trying to hurt the man who hurt her family. If this happens this would cause a rift and mistrust with batman (which is not hard to do in the first place)

Alfred, Now the biggest speculation is that Alfred is the one going to die, he watched as babs was in the hospital and jason was buried, everything that has happened to the family he had to watch on the side lines. If anything he has been the glue that has kept the family... for the most part, together. If he were to die his whole death would be the wedge that the joker needs to divide and break each individual hero down, and maybe turn one of them.

Damian has had little experience with the joker but outside of violence does not understand or care to understand his motivations or his way of thinking. Joker is unpredictable and could easily catch Damian off guard much the same as he caught jason. he could be a candidate to either die or say be in a coma. Many would begin to question Bruce's capabilities to be a father first and a general second in his war against crime.

Now we have the major candidates of this with the exception of Dick and Tim, lets look at the joker and his possible new direction he could be going and what Death of the family could mean for this new and improved clown prince of crime.

Outside of the Obvious return, one thing I did notice in each of the promo's he has a pair of garage overalls on.. is this just a close piece of clothing he could have thrown on? or maybe there is more to it than we know off.

Joes Garage, Now no one has seen the joker outside of arkham and he is presumed dead since they did not find the body. now one thing is maybe he never left Arkham.... *GASP!*

One idea is that he has been living in the bowls of arkham even superman himself said that the lead pipes make the place a maze as he could not see past them. great place for him to hide and be able to steal anything he needs from supplies and other medicines he needs. a Janitor can get anywhere especially if he is wearing their face.

Which brings us to another point. Joker is notorious for reinventing himself and his methods. Since his supposed death, he has had time to follow the batman's movements and make connections to him and his family. He is smart and would eventually try to put two and two together, but why all of a sudden would the joker care about his secret identity? Well first off the best jokes you can do on someone is when they don't see it coming....ever! take for example joker escapes, batman expects him to commit a crime and he is caught immediately. Now say if joker goes all Hannibal Lector now, and start wearing people's faces as a disguise when he is not being the joker. He could move freely through gotham under batmans nose and hit him when ever he wants with his jokes.

In the end this story if following this idea could make Joker much more unpredictable and much much much more dangerous. Which would make Bruce even more paranoid and shut himself down from everyone else. Joker would love just to break down the bat but at the same time. the batman is his favourite toy. I would not hold it past him to exploit his persona and use regular people's faces as a mask inbetween crimes..... oh the joy of it.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Who do you think might die?


Inside a Fan-o-maniac: Trodorne Edition

So im going to light the first candle in the room, in which I hope others would follow with the same title just different edition. So the idea is we all look for what is the same between ourselves in what we like and dislike; And since I have 702 people who seem to think im a pretty decent ass hole :-D. I figure its time to open up of the Gerd (Geek/Nerd) that I am. Before ive done an evolution of a fan basically talking about how I evolved over the decades within comics, video games and tv/movies. Now its time to explore where do I sit in this ocean of fandom. The questions were created by several co workers at my work place who I will not divulge.


Well anyone who has read my blogs or reviews can say without a doubt im a huge He-man fanatic, I have currently reviewed the most recent revamp of the series that DC has made an attempt at doing. Outside of that I do have a regular pull list that spans across publishers, so my taste in comics can be particular but all the same I love it because of the great stories.


What do you like to read in Comics? In terms of what I like to read, I tend to stick more to classic elements of super heroes and hero genre. But I am not finding i also like series that are not afraid to make fun of themselves. More and more right now ive been reading series that have been re telling classic tales or of old shows. Eg: TMNT, Flash Gordon Zeitgeist, The Shadow, Buffy, Transformers, Ghostbusters, and of course He-man.

Where does one stand on the digital comics frontier? Honestly I enjoy comics as a whole and with digital comics its a great way and cheap too if you want to get people hooked on a new series. If I was starting off my own comic I would sell it to Red5 and have them put it out as a digital only download for a $1 and see where we go from there. of course if I did that Id let everyone on comicvine get a heads up first before It hits Diamond Previews. I find Digitals are good for independent writers and artists. its great for people who live out far away from comic stores. But the other hand I still prefer a hand held piece.

Where does Troy (Trodorne) sit on the idea of the big 2? well I used to be marvel when I first started out, with also the flash. But now i would say im reading less and less marvel as most of their stories seem cheap; Not all of them are, I love Dan Slott doing Amazing Spider-man, and X-factor has been very interesting, I was never into it until a fellow viner pointed me to the series. Mutant Investigators and i loved the idea. But now with the DC 52 ive been getting back into DC with 5 titles mainly and moving more into the indy shelves. its easy when you work in a comic store.

How does Comics affect my life? I love comics to death. I get a child like glee from just talking about them in what if battles. sometimes I can ruin it by bringing logic into discussions which is my bad. But I never ever ever get tired of talking about comics. Half of my discussions at my places of operations are mostly comic related. Comics inspire me to be creative on a daily basis. if im not using my mind im absolutely useless. With sites like Comicvine where I can go to just be myself its also great to listen to people who have things to say on the genre itself.


One of my favorite movies!

Do you watch alot of movies? or very little?. I don't watch alot of the modern movies. My interest in them is fairly small; Any movies that I do watch are either old ones and mostly are comedies like Caddy Shack, Mel Brooks films, or slap stick like Naked Gun or Airplane. Classic westerns from the 60's or 70's are great as well. I love the music from them.

What about tv shows? I don't watch too much anymore because I watch all my shows online for free. So with my busy work schedule i catch up on my Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Sons of Anarchy, Futurama, some discovery channel programs. Love me the shark week. I hate reality tv shows, its all about the story and the characters that gets me to watch. Also forgot to mention anything on HBO is awesome. I miss Deadwood though.

Do you have a favored series? No one in particular, there are the classic series I do love. Dr.Who is always great.... im not sure.


Here this varies as well but where to start can depend on many things. mainly im a retro gamer. classic 8-bit graphics are still awesome to this day and difficult as all hell. People talk about how they cleared a game in 20 hours or 40 hours. yeah well try getting to the end of Mario Bros. lets see how long you last until you decide to quit, Yeah that is what I thought; And im like a man who is in a abused relationship, I keep coming back to Ghouls and Ghosts for the NES, thank god its on the wii cause it saves where I last left off in the game. I HATE THAT GAME SO MUCH. its like its mocking me every time i die and showing me how far I still am from the end of the game.

Quick someone get my gun.

What genre do I often play? Rpg is what I would like to say but since 1997 when the Jrpg started making itself more predominant towards anime fans, I began to lose interest cause the anime cartoons were way to bubbly and over the top and it turns me off to the story and all the characters in the story fell into classic cookie cutter arch types. Example: Grandia 2 for the Sega Dreamcast. My buddy Calvin and I sat down after we finally beat the game. And I was saying lines before they were said on what each character was going to say before they said it. its how predictable JRPG's are. But mostly I like classic platforms or farming games like Rune Factory or Harvest moon, I can tolerate them as long as i ignore the useless dialogue.

Do you play often? Not anymore i play once in a while. Ive branched off from video games and now focus on board games and table top role playing games. I find I have more freedom and interaction with both. Ive been tempted recently to get back into World Of Warcraft because of the new Kung Fu Panda expansion. Tempted but think if I can get a group together I would rather Role play a game of it. I don't play FPS's anymore, due to my insane rage that I get when nothing I do works right. Im a newbie at that genre and will never pick up a controller again for that.


What do you do mainly when you are alone? ....... I don't think that is very PG for me to answer. best thing I can say is I love to write or think of stories. Before I started working full time I spent my saturdays working with kids and running campaign stories with them to save the world and what not in a special Pathfinder session. I do some reviews and blogs when I can on Comicvine as well as anywhere else. I love to create and writing is the best way I feel I can do that. I also like to flirt with women, I'm a man and I can't help it.

HOPING, to meet someone dressed as Oracle or Barbara Gordon. I have a weakness for Red Heads.

What does your Loved one think of your hobbies? Im currently single, Have not met many women who were open to my EXTREME Gerdism (Copyright). But hey I think that I might get lucky and meet someone at the local comic con. ;-)

Social Media? You in? or Out? Well im on comic vine so I guess that would count as an In. Facebook I check once a day to see any news from friends or family mainly. Twitter I just have for the sake of it just existing. But Trodorne is not exactly top of the line brand name I try to strive for. But I want to keep up with it and learn what is new. I try it out and if its good or maybe innovative or if it seems like this weeks ice cream flavor then I just drop it. I don't need any of it.

Do you get along with others of similar genres? OF COURSE! what a ridiculous thing to ask. I mean come on, When you feel alone sometimes because it seems like no one understands your passion for fiction like you I embrace anyone who loves comics, classic movies and even Anime and manga. despite the fact I do not like Anime and I don't read manga; I support the fans of them any ways. As long as people are passionate about it. I'll be there with a Thumbs up and a huge ass grin. :-D.

If you could do anything and get away with it, What would it be? Id dress like a Knight in full plate armor and look for my lady and kill a dragon.... okay maybe not a dragon but more like a throng of kobalds. I hate kobalds... kobalds hate kobalds. That or wear my Nightwing outfit at night and kick some gangs asses, why? cause I know martial arts and have weapons training. I don't know the idea of saving someones life while putting my life in harms way seems like a noble cause even if it is stupid, Id do it in a heart beat.


So in closing this is who I am and I would like to evolve or not change at all. As long as I still love doing what I am doing I don't think I want to change. Sure I am not living the lavish lifestyle of 6 figure job, but still I would not give up any of my hobbies just to please others. I respect people of the writing and drawing communities as well as everyone on Comicvine for being supportive of each other. And that is the best we can be. I hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into the man that is me.

I would like to offer to any or all comic viners who read this to do a blog similar to this. You may notice some of the questions that are in bold and underlined. use those questions in your blog to tell us about yourself. If you want add a question or two. I and maybe everyone else want to know more about you and what makes you tick. PM me if you are going to make one cause I'll attach it to this blog in terms of a link.


To be filled in later.

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Twilight of the 52

We are wrapping up the a full year of the new 52 in 12th issues for many, some not as lucky but still play a part of a story within the universe. Not everything was meant to last and we all knew this going in to the new 52 when we signed on. Things come and go in this new continuity....or is it? what if this is not a new continuity but still part of one SUPER large story arch that has been and slowly is still building to its climax. Maybe this is a sign of the end.. the end of super heroes as we know it.

I can hear it now, Troy you simpering sod what are you going on about? to which I reply: Its about Alan Moore people. Yes the man himself who left DC after the watchman and worked on Swamp Thing, Came to DC with a proposal, this proposal was to take place in the future, two decades after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Which would have be roughly around 2007 or 08. The idea was that a time bubble was created from the point of the golden age to 2010 we will say where time travel was not possible except by two people John Constantine and Rip Hunter. The story being a great disaster has hit all the super heroes and a tragic end comes to the future where much of it is destroyed from some unknown source. Governments have fallen and Super Heroes act as houses to govern the laws. which is the House of El or Steel, House of Thunder, House of Titans, House of Secrets..etc Its a monarchy type of society where people take care of the supers to gain order and safety from others. But as any other monarchy society things tend to go from bad to worse when there is only one governing body and its super powered. There comes a time of the Super Hero purge where most of all the villains are killed off by the super heroes to bring peace to the world.

So basically the end of this whole thing sets up for an absolute end of the super heroes of the DC universe. Now they would not do this. but I would imagine the end result that would be most desired for DC as they still want to make money on their comics is to revert the universe back to the way it was. But in the mean time lets look at the evidence.

House of Justice:

The House of Justice, built around the remains of the JLA’s old cavern headquarters, is the residence of the remains of the Justice League. These are the most important of the lesser House, along with the Titans. The lineup of the Justice League at the time of our story includes Captain Atom and the Blue Beetle, an Aqualad that has grown up to be the new Aquaman and a Wonder Girl who has taken on the mantle of Wonder Woman after Wonder Woman herself opted to become Superwoman upon marrying Superman.

The first thing that happens is that a bunch of the time-traveling heroes in DC Comics, such as Rip Hunter and the Legion of Superheroes, notice a Time Trapper plot that cuts off 1990 to 2010 from normal time travel. Some of them, investigating the problem, get stuck inside the time “fluke” created by the Time Trapper, so that they are forced to watch the Ragnarok take place, unable to return to their home times.

In LoSH #9 We see a time flux prevents the legion from going back into our current time, more than likely it was caused by Time Trapper and the Harvest from the Culling Storyline.
Even the Legion Lost series deals with time travelers who are stuck in the past. even though they went back home it was destroyed.
Booster Gold himself disappeared at the end of JLI when he realized he failed to prevent Supes and Wonder Woman from hooking up

With more and more evidence piling up on the connections between what Alan moore purposed to DC, and the actual events that are happening. They call this The New 52. when 52 was a loose translation of Alan Moores idea, so would the New part suggest this is a reinterpretation of that story?

Could it be that this whole thing be just a Super large crossover event that spans a couple of years? If so would things go back to the way it was? or will it stay in the new continuity destined to repeat itself as Alan Moore suggested? Ill leave that for you to decide here is a link to Twilight of the Super heroes.


OTR: Expendables 2 movie review

So as promised here is my movie review of Expendables 2 after having seen it on thursday evening. So I just wanted to remind people out there of the classic 80/90's action movies where we had the gods of action, where the villains were evil and some how able to afford an army of mercs or followers and the hero is practically like a lone wolf fighting off the army himself.

Back when the first movie came out, it could not have come at a better time when sensitive heart warming movies about love, life and the soul were coming out or lame teenie bopper movies about sparkly vampires or some teenage guy who lives forever and wants to learn about love or some crap like that. In the end what made Expendables so successful was not just its star studded cast of action heroes. But it was also a nostalgia film. a nostalgia film that put hair on your chest. So I just wanted to bring that up before we get into the review. (Up yours eat,pray, love.)

The Plot:

Without revealing too much than what was already told in the commercial, the old team is back with a minus to 1 who appears in the beginning but takes off for a while which is yet to be determined. I can say this, Jean Claude makes for an awesome villain. though not as much screen time he does show he is the type of guy who you don't want to **** with. The story itself is good the plot is simple so you can spend time working on the characters and the life that they live. As hired Mercs its hard to imagine what life is like for them, especially guys at their age. And this movie brings up that point of old heroes still going when they just don't want to do it anymore.

Over all the story was simple and they made it last for 1 hour and 35 mins. at time it still feels like it was cut down and they could of had more content, but it holds true to be a modern classic in the action genre. The biggest highpoint for me would have been the big boss battle. Stallone vs Van Damme and all i can say was GOD DAMN!. So i have to give the story a 3.5 out of 5. Beware the awful one liners.

The Actors:

Though I won't go into every single character I will go into the new players into this movie. Ill touch on those who did not really have a part in the last movie. So mainly we got a change to some of the characters origins as well as returning characters who only made cameo's in the previous.

Lundgren: Though he just seemed like a crazy junkie, much has changed from his original character in the first movie. and just to save time on his origins, if anyone knows any history about Dolph Lundgren before he did acting they pretty much used that as his life story. GO M.I.T! And now he has more speaking parts in this movie and it was great to see him more than just a junkie who betrayed the group in the first.

Norris: I am just going to say it now. I hate Chuck Norris. But they could not help but throw in the man himself into this movie. He did not have much of a part in terms of story but ill spoil this for you guys. No roundhouse kick. And of course they had to throw in a chuck norris joke into the movie. Though as much as i don't like the man and his fan base, he did not over stay his welcome. so he had a great part in this movie.

Willis: his part in this movie was part cameo and part actual fighting. He was just an a-hole in the beginning but once he gets fighting he becomes less than that. still good to see him do something more than talking than what he did in his previous movie.

Van Damme: He makes a good crazy man i can say that. but there was something about him that made it seem like he almost did not want to be there. But still it was great to see him on screen again and he is still nimble. still so nimble enough that i would not want to actually fight him. as in he still does jumping spin kicks like a motha ****ing pro. scary. sucks he was killed cause they should have had him in as part of the 3rd movie.

Schwarzenegger: Trench if you remember his code name from the first movie, is back, and this man is not short of his catch phrases. I mean come on. its like Mr.Freeze all over again. "STAY COOL!" "what killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!" so you can imagine those types of lines all across this movie when he is in there. but once again that man knows how to command the screen when he is on it.

Yu Nan: She was a great addition to the series, and hope a person who will come into the group herself in the next movie. She was playing a-typical female character. She was smart, resourceful, and intelligent. Like you would expect her to be good at one thing only and suck at everything else like those classic movies. but she holds her own in combat.

So out of this star studded cast there have been some great add ons that fight amazingly well with this story. I would imagine to have some returns and this was great to focus a story in europe where it was notorious for its hot spots back during the 90's. But overall the characters worked suprisingly well together and there were no clashes for screen time. so I have to give that a big 4.5 out of 5.


So overall the movie was great in terms of action, the story was kind of simple so there was no real need to focus to much on it outside of the basic idea of revenge. revenge for what, i won't tell just go see the movie. anything I technically say cheapens the film or makes it sound worse than what it was. My experience in that movie was personal. I grew up with these stars especially with Lundgren as He-man. so to me its very personal and loved the movie from top to bottom and normally I would give a movie like this a score of 4 out of 5 because of how i rated the story and the actors that worked in the movie. so its a 4.5 out of 5. its a fantastic movie and loved every moment of it. it was sad to me that it was not longer.

So its a must see before the end of the summer and everyone goes back to school. To me this is right up there on par with Avengers. its fun and got a great character story going on. so you all will enjoy it. if you did not enjoy it you can still go out to buy eat pray love on dvd and blue ray. take care of yourselves and have fun at the movies. im out.


Quick Topic: Fan Fiction, Why read?

So This is something I wanted to get on cause much like anything else on this site it needs a little light shed on it every so often. Fan Fiction is a major one. normally we get the same writers who are trying to showcase their ideas for a familiar character we know. Major point being that may off put alot of people from actually reading fan fictions. But here are some reason why you should give a fan fiction a try at reading.


  1. Its free.
  2. if you are already reading comics or novels, its about the length of the writing of a comic if not shorter and put more in a novel format....for some.
  3. its free.
  4. It takes little time to actually get through most of them. (depending on your reading speed)
  5. And lastly, ITS FREE!

I work in a comic store to which whose name i will not mention (comics america) and one thing that always gets me is when customers want to try something new they always bypass the independent comics and just stick with either Marvel or DC or Image. Yeah I understand they don't want to spend the 3.99 on a comic they are not sure on. but then again when it comes to fan fiction YOU ARE NOT LOSING MONEY. There are alot of great writers too on this site ill provide a list at the bottom of the blog.

just something to remember that you can do with fan fictions, the people who write these and post them are doing it for you to read and enjoy. so let them know what you liked or disliked about what you read. if you disliked something try to be constructive and just saying it was a piece of crap. cause 1. its rude, and 2. it does not earn you any friend or respect points with your fellow peers on this site. We are all comic fans here. so lets show our support not just for the industry itself but the fans who take the time to write, or on another subject role play.

And another thing. im not asking people to praise the writers all the time. even if its a simple comment like good job. they all love hearing it. I would just like to see support of each other and our work.

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Need help from the Vine (Costume)

So ive recently decided to go as Namor the submariner for the C4 Comic Con here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The main issue for me is time to be able to research ways for costume making and cause right now i have time mainly for my weight lifting training to try to get more muscles in my upper body. im not worried about my legs, but if anyone wants to suggest idea's for what I could do for the costume namely which one to wear, or materials I could use for the trident or anything like that. it would be greatly appreciated. I will post pictures from the comic con after it happens in october.

Also another problem is and want some opinions. I have chest and stomach hair. would i have to get that removed?

Love to hear your opinions and ideas.

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[200x] Masters of the Universe (S3; Ep 1: Broken Fences)

Episode 1: Broken Fences Part 1.

Sun is starting to rise high on the slowly constructed palace of Eternos. With volunteer help from many of the tribes across Eternia lending a hand to restore the palace and council essembly of eternia. Man at arms leads the King Randor, His son at his side, and his wife followed by the Masters past the construction to the temporary courtyard prison with a large glowing dome.

“As you can see you're highnesses, that this new prison is pretty much snake proof at preventing the snakemen from taking back their leader King Hiss.” Duncan says as he tosses a stone at the electrified dome that surrounds King Hiss's prison.

“Ah yes... its all well in good, but what about the creature himself who we are trying to keep locked up?” exclaims randor, as to try to find any flaws in the system.

“As you know, Since his battle with Zodac. King Hiss has slowly been trying to regenerate his main head. But since Snakemen require darkness and lots of food, we have given him barely little food to keep him alive until his trial. And with this lighted dome he will not be able to regenerate.” Duncan said with pride.

“Sounds like a snake-proof prison to me pops.” said Prince Adam to back up his mentor.

“It is a safe prison Duncan and you did a wonderful job at preventing his escape.” exclaimed Queen Marlena.

“yes its all well in good. Good job Duncan. Now back to the matters of this reconstruction...” Randor patted Duncan on the back as they both walked back to the construction.


on the other side of Eternia in the Dark Hemisphere. The Palace of Eternos has not been the only place that has been under re-construction. The newly built Snake Mountain caverns and lower levels have been underway since the defeat of the serpent god. In the throne room, Skeletor goes over with Tri-klops the new designs he wishes to add to make his fortress stronger. They are then interrupted by a small contingent of Skeleton warriors lead by Trap Jaw.

“Sorry to disturb you lord Skeletor...” Trap Jaw bowed a little then stood up straight and pointed at his prisoner Kobra Khan.

“Kobra Khan..... How unpleasant this is. Would you like your execution fast or slow? That was a trick question, of course it would be slow. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Skeletor waisted no time, his magical red pupils began to glow brighter as he used his havok staff to electrify Kobra Khan.

“I came....ssssssss..... to......sshhhhk........... rejoin......ssssssssss.......... you ssssss............... Sssssssskeletor.” Kobra Khan tried to speak as best as he could.

“CAN'T HEAR YOU! HAVING TO MUCH FUN!” Enlarging the electrical field on Khan.

“I .......could give........ you a gift..... AGGGGGH!.” He exclaimed in pain.

“What could you possibly give me that would allow me to spare your life?” Skeletor stopped for a second. Slightly intruiged on the offer of a gift.

“*pant...*pant*... What if I could offer you the one who destroyed your home...” Kobra Khan suggested.

“You lie!, why would you betray your own king or your kind?” Skeletor raised his havok staff again and allowed for electrical charge to flow through the head of of his staff.

“The others blame me for the loss of our king, My own survival is all that matters to me. And you are the only one who might have the compassion to let me join if I were to offer my former king to you.”

Kobra Khan began to bow on both knees, waiting for a response from Skeletor,

Skeletor looks away, in his mind his pride and his authority would be put into question if he did not retaliate again the one who destroyed his former sanctuary of Snake mountain, though he claimed this new one from the body of serpos himself. It would be a great addition to spend his days torturing king hiss to ensure servitude of his minions and cut any ties to disertion.

“Tri-klops!” he turned and pointed at his trusted leutenant. “Take Beastman, Trap Jaw, and Kobra Khan . Have him show you where king hiss is being held and bring him to me. Now GO!.”

They all bowed and a small group of Skeletal warriors and his men set off with Kobra Khan smiling so slightly as they walked off the the hanger bay. Their main target would be the Eternos Prison. Khan told them as they walked into the hanger.

“With most of the security focused on towns and cities trying to keep order after serpos it should be easy to sneak in an get him.” Trap Jaw said.


Future Fan-fiction: Season 3 of MYP Masters of the Universe.

So with a renewed interest in the franchise of Masters of the Universe, I wanted to take the time and do fan fictions of the season 3 that never was of the 2002 tv series. For those who have not gotten the final DVD that showcased a PDF script and comic art of what they had planned for the final episode of season 2. it ended with King Hiss coming back, and Man-at-arms being transformed into a snakeman. so in terms of that I submit to you my episode guide for season 3 in which I will try to work on when I can.

Season 3:

(1) Broken Fences - The Masters after a few months after serpos, having rebuilt Eternos; everything seems to be going back into order but in the end all this temporary peace comes with a heavy price.

(2) All in the family - Teela and Fisto go on a vendetta hunt after the snakemen while Skeletor takes use of the temporary distraction and attacks grayskull.

(3) Wisdom Rule - information on an item that may help return Man-at-arms is located in the Glacier Mountains. but first they must face something ancient. the lord of the dragons.

(4) Big Trouble - Belzar, Azdar, Chadzar are up to trouble but with a bigger and meaner boss leading them.

(5) Champ of Eternos - After a attempt on King randors life, a new bodyguard is hired to protect the king. Skeletor hires a new mercenary to deal with this bodyguard and take out the king.

(6) Mortal Coils - Sy-clone goes back for a ritual to Anwat Gar. but little does he know that a warlord from old trapped has now returned.

(7) With Hope - after a recent clash with the snakemen. Teela gets strange images in her head of how to save her father. but can the snakemen be behind this?

(8) Lessons of power - He-man has been seen causing trouble. Adam gets enraged when he hears of someone pretending to be he-man and causes trouble. who could the imposter be?

(9) Turn for the worse - the sorceress makes a turn for the worse as king hiss's poison now might take the life of her. He-man goes on a quest to find a cure which may not exist.

(10) Jitsu's War - Jitsu with the help of Ninjor finds the Ancient Army of stone. can he-man and the masters race intime to stop this army from wreaking havoc across eternia?

(11) Snake Hunter - a recent gunslinger comes for the capture or the body of king hiss. but can this cannon packed man take on the entire snake army?

(12) Return of Hordak - reports of a missing person in theneuria brings greater alarm as the sorceress warns he-man that Hordak is going to return. as the horde army steps foot back onto eternia Hordak has increased his ranks.

(13) Return Of Hordak Pt.2 - All out War against the horde has begun. the seemingly unstoppable horde fights against the Masters, Skeletor, and the Snakemen. the end of this war is at hand as 2 unexepected heroes to save the day.

(14) Days Of Recovery - As a new base is being established at the portal to the new land dubbed Etheria. Adam learns more of the history of his family and a shocking secret bigger than him.

(15) Colossor Lives - As Adam is away on a personal quest to track his long lost twin. Skeletor uses a magic crystal to take life from people and bring life to a being who would have the strength to up root castle grayskull.

(16) Histories Past - He-man's quest for his twin comes even closer as a magic jewel which he-man is given allows him to speak to animals. but with this comes warning from a familiar entity that an old evil is returning. Skeletor captures Duncan and tortures him sending teela to go to snake mountain alone to try to rescue her snakeman father.

(17) Queen of Darkness - a temple is uncovered in the sands of time. He-man and clamp champ are called in to investigate with an archeologist but get more then what they bargained for.

(18) Shakoti Empire - Shakoti goes on a rampage starting to cast a spell of darkness over all of eternia. fear is gripping the world and he-man is running out of time to stop this goddess of evil.

(19) A General Mistake - after much information, the masters might have a way to turn back Duncan to his old self. but it would mean to capture a man who is more dangerous then duncan himself.

(20) Secret Of the Swords Pt.1 - He-man is given a tip that the wereabouts of his twin is in the land which they dare not go into. he-man must travel into the portal and cross into Etheria.

(21) Secret of the swords Pt.2 - Arriving on Etheria he-man is caught up in a horde controlled world as many villages and kingdoms are enslaved by the horde. He-man meets the rebellion and new generals to hordaks ranks.

(22) Secret of the Sword Pt.3 - Captured by Hordak and tortured for information about Eternia and the secrets of grayskull the Force General Adora on the advice from he-man to see the horde as it really is. begins a quest for the truth of the horde.

(23) Secret of the Sword Pt.4 - All is revealed to both adam and adora of there past and the story of King Grayskulls Swords. Hordak takes advantage of the newly freed Brightmoon Kingdom Celebration to attack Eternia again, bringing He-man back home.

(24) Battle Forged - Tri-klops employs the help of a master of weapons in the dark hemisphere. Skeletor begins to build up his skeleton army with new and powerful weapons from his new ally.

(25) Towers Return - A brief visit from Adora is cut short when a message from the sorceress tells Adam and adora of the return of ancient towers built by the council of elders when they first assumed power.

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DC Genesis - Nightwing #5

Many months had passed since newly appointed rookie officer Richard Grayson was sent on his beat for the Bludhaven police department. The "Coin Francaise" was a french quarter of the city. Much of the french imigrants who come to the United States often come in through Bludhaven, rumor is that the French mob might be running a small outfit here and bring in many of the illegal western european immigrants.

"Bonjour", Dick said to the old woman who was working on her laundry out in the open spring air. Getting more of a glare being thrown at him than a smile. In fact everyone there was acting very adamant about his presence in the neighborhood.

"Look alive rookie!" a stern female voice came from behind him which was followed by a laugh. Dick was assigned on this beat to work with Sgt.Flores who so far did not mind busting dicks chops for just being new to the force. "Don't expect to get a warm welcome here in the French corner here, rook. They don't like BPD walking around. So don't try to get too friendly, We'll just hand out parking tickets and leave after a few hours." She said with a stern voice.

Dick looked around and made note of how this part of the city was designed similar to some of the old southern french architecture. Mostly He looked down La Rue De Merde, where he could see a busy harbour front with passengers ships and cargo ships. This was his focus on working this beat to scope out the area after a few months ago when he stopped a shipment of drugs coming into Gotham City*. "So why is it that they do not like the BPD here?"

((*- See Nightwing #4))

"No trust in us. though I can't blame them...." she said while shaking her head. She moved on keeping a stone face and deep in thought. "I'll tell you something Grayson, you get those super freaks in major cities across the US, and Alien in Metropolis, and some loonies in Gotham but here. you don't need super heroes. This city....sometimes this city can be a rotten to the core. but it has some good points..."

"You sound like you have been here for quite a while Sarge?", Dick said trying to maybe force some more out of her. Flores sounded like she knew quite a bit about the city and he could learn some things from her. She told him she has lived in the city her entire life but mentioned to make good changes to the city that she loves she felt the need to apply for the Bureau and become a FED agent. maybe then she might have more power to help her city.

Dick wished her luck on that endevour when there was a yell. "Arreter! Arreter!" As a big man with a hannah hat and thick beard was chasing a small boy. Flores whispered to Grayson. "don't get involved with this..." when the boy saw the two police officers ran over to them. "S'il vous plaît, ne les laissez pas me prendre....". The boy quickly said be fore the big man took him by the arm.

"Sir, What seems to be the problem?" Dick said to the big man.

The big man snorted. "Stay out of our business, he is a theif and none of your concern." Still leering at him and then leering at the boy.

"Grayson....." Flores said to him in a harsh undertone.

"As members of the BPD. since a crime was committed it is best we take him down to the station to be processed, and there you can press formal charges against him and he can go to juvinal hall." Leering back at the big guy without blinking. "If not the boy can return what he stole, What did he steal?"

The big guy gave an angry face and calmed down a bit to think. "Apples...."

"Apples... well, since I do not see apples on him im assuming he ate them. ill pay for the damages." Reaching into his back pocket, Dick pulled out his wallet and handed the man a $20. "Im sure this will cover the damages."

"Why does some "pig" care what happens to an orphan?*" The big man said while walking away from the boy and the officers. ((*-Translated from french))

"Because its my job chuckles*" Dick said with a smirk.

"nicely handled rookie, but what did you say to him?" Flores asked but still keeping a stern look on her face.

"oh... just told him to have a nice day." quickly looking down at the kid and winked.

"But even still it was not our business to get involved. You should remember that next time." She said while looking at him coldly. "It's dangerous enough as it is with us walking around."

The boy ran off before Dick had a chance to grab him and bring him in. He wanted to chase the kid and find out what was really going on, Flores reached out and grabbed his arm and shook her head. The two headed off on the rest of their beat for a few more hours and headed back to the station. after filling in some paper work for the day he headed home to his apartment.

Bludhaven in the spring is not a glitzy or bright like gotham which he could see why most of the costumed villains would not make a home here. but there is still use for Heroes in this city especially if he is going to get to the bottom of this drug ring that was being brought to Gotham. He thought about going home getting some food and get changed for his other job.

"Hey Rookie!" came a yell from behind. Flores ran up to Grayson as he was just starting off to home from the station. She looked different out of uniform. not as hard nosed as he did with the badge on. She dressed in light wool coat and scarf and wore her long hair down instead of the standard issue hair bun. "I wanted to say sorry about earliar. This city is not as nice as it seems I know we don't have those "Super" problems like every other city but this place is dangerous. But one thing bothered me. What did that boy say to you that made you want to help him?"

Dick stayed silent for a moment. Going back to that kids face. but it was not just that. Thinking back to what was in his pocket. it looked like one of the insulin needles used in the drug ring. putting his face to memory to also keep an eye out for. "Please. Don't let him take me..."

-To be continued.-


Ask Me: Fortune Cookie edition.

So rather than asking me a question and you get what ever answers that comes to that persons mind. I shall be consulting my bag of fortune cookies and my photoshop program to make the answers from the questions more interesting.

so much like the cookies, lets get cracking.

OH Magic bag of wisdom. Will anyone care?