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If the Outlaws were to run across the Titans, what would be Tim and Jason's reactions to one another. Would it be awkward for them? Would they fight? If they fought, who would "shoot" first?

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Jason is still the Red Hood. After losing the mantle of Batman to Dick he reappered trying to coincide a super hero like persona with his Vigilane tactics. It didn't work out well and he lost the battle for Gotham's soul to Dick. Jason tried to show that killing the murderer's, rapists, and corrupt officials and officers was the only way to bring Gotham out of the gutter. He believes he knew the city's better nature and that he could purge it of it. But he lost once more. Since then he's borken out of prison, got his own former sidekick out of harms way and had her lay low while recovering from having another Dollatron mask put on her, and over all laid low. When his buddy Arsenal, another former sidekick, requested help to deal with a Middle Eastern dictator (i.e. Merc Work) Jason told him no and told him if he went there, he'd be on his own. See how this all turned out in Red Hood and the Outlaws issue #1!

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His initial funding came from Talia and the multiple shell corporation accounts she gave him access to. Follow that with his beggining of his drug trafficking, protection money, etc. that Jason has accrued in the form of his being a Crime Lord in Gotham, Star City, etc. Not only that, but apparently according to the new RH&O; he has also been screwing criminal organizations around the world out of money. Make no mistake, Jason Todd is rich. Not Bruce Wayne rich, but he is RICH.

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What aspects of Jason Todd's past are you keeping?  
From his use of the Red Hood persona it looks like his death took place, but what are your circumstances around it? 
What about his war on crime?   

Past combat with the rest of the Bat-Family?  
Is Scarlet still in his life?   
Is she still creeping things up in the dollatron get up?  
Please don't have the dollatron get-up.  

P.S. After watching the cartoon as a kid, I picked up my first non-batman comic book in the form of Uncanny X-Men. Thanks for helping start a long and very much loved passion of mine.
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Jason's put his parents behind him. He confronted Two-Face, the man who supposedly killed his father and was able to walk away. It should be known that Jason's father was an actual positive influence in his life. Up until he was arrested for petty crimes. His father disappeared after his release from prison, so Jason thought he'd abandoned his family, never truly realizing until later that all his father ever wanted to do was give his son a better life.  
As far as his "mother" goes, Jason took care of his drug-addled mother until she died of an eventual overdose. He loved her dearly and even understood she was just sick and couldn't get the help she needed because of their squalor. As for Sheila, Jason was the kind of kid who, while incredibly angry about MANY things, had a soft spot for women. He didn't know Sheila. He just knew she gave birth to him. She betrayed him and in the end he covered her body with his during the explosion. She died knowing that she had given birth to an amazing son. Jason doesn't blame her, Jason doesn't blame his father of his mother. He doesn't even blame Bruce. 

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I can honestly say I am surpised and impressed. I think Winnick, while a good writer for Todd, is not the best at a team up. He's at his best when he's doing solo's. His run on the Outsiders was good, but it was a difficult thing for him to maintain. He's really only the best at working through a single character's mindset and methodology, rather than a team's at which he is only average. If Jason is leading a team, I feel like Lodbell is probably the best and will create a great group diconomy between its members. 
The question is: is this the Same Jason? Whats the difference that led to this outcome? I can honestly say I'm excited for this as I have been for Winnicks B&R run, since its great to see where the new Jason Todd will fit in to the end of this era of heroes, and on to the next. 
And yes this means DC won me over with the Reboot, which is really just more of a !Super Retcon!. Not taking certain charactersz away and just re-doing everything from the bare minimum would have been a dumb move, and its now clear DC knew this. Needless to say I am now impressed that they're not being total and complete morons with this move. Put me down for pleasently suprised.
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@fodigg: You see, that I wouldn't mind too much. Maybe allow a little retcon to clear up Damien's messy introduction. It could be really good. But I just don't think DC is smart enough to do this. They just want to reboot everything and start over. 
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After the last four or five years really getting me drawn back into DC like I was when I was a kid, I am disappointed to see them doing this. We finally have a new, yet popular generation of new up and comers, a new look into Batman as a whole, and they go and do this. 
They bought Grant Morrison over by offering him Superman, they've decided that rather than instill a new generation with the ideals of the old and continuing a great and grand legacy to just REBOOT to make the old characters hip and modern. I'm only in my early twenties and I feel this way!!! WTF DC!!! 
You have a really good thing going, but you made some bad mistakes in taking some really dumb ideas for classic heroes to give them some sort of reboot. Superman walking around America to find the "true america" despite the fact that Superman already knew that true america was the ideals and values he was taught by his Ma and Pa Kent. They made Wonder Woman even LESS of an iconic strong, independent, and strong representation of classic feminism by having her "need" someone like Superman to show her "how to be a hero". 
Now they want to do a total reboot.....because these guys have shown capability of doing this before, right?! 
*sigh* I guess I'll find something else to do rather than buy and pine over comics for a while. I'm just tired of DC thinking they have to be the bigger share of the market, when what they've stood for over the years thats set them apart from Image, IDW, and Marvel was their understanding that these are comics. They are not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind. They are deep, rich story telling devices that reach and resonate with both the young and the old. But they can't seem to be happy being that. 
So if they want to change, thats fine. But I'm not going to waste my time on something from DC that I get everywhere else. 

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He was only dead for a short while. His death was innitially covered up by the gravekeeper's who thought his grave had been robbed, and so it went unnoticed for years. Jason even used Talia's network to contact his original coffin maker to build an identical replica so it would lead Bruce in circles. Then there was a year in a coma, another several months as a homeless kid, then he was taken in by the Al Ghul's. Overall, the time span of his death to the middle of his training is the time frame in which Batman rode solo before Tim Drake. He's in the middle of his training when Talia give him the news about Tim. Since the age difference between Dick and Jason is roughly four to six years, we can probably put Jason arrival as the Red Hood being him in his VERY early 20's and him currently nearing the mid-20's with Dick being in his late 20's. 
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