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Is Issue 25 a good jumping on point for this series?

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I wasn't the biggest fan of them reintroducting Batman, especially after finding out he was Thomas Wayne and not someone more logical like Jean-Paul Valley(?). My initial thought was "Why not Wildcat instead?" The character has more ties with the characters of Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, and he's visually very similar to Batman.

When they introduced Val-Zod as the new Superman, it did feel unfair that the series was being refocused to Superman/Batman instead of its original focus on Green Lantern/Flash/Hawkgirl etc. If they wanted Superman and Batman archetypes, they should've just returned Power Girl and Huntress to Earth 2, something we now know they're doing anyway with "World's End", and it would've given the series more strong female characters.

(Being a huge fan of Wonder Woman, I would still prefer an Amazon archetype to be filled on this book, but Earth 2 is still undeniably the best DC series at the moment in my opinion). I was excited to learn about the inclusion of Fury a while back, but disappointed to learn she was a badguy. (Another plot-line that seems to have disappeared, unfortunately)

However, I must admit Val has really grown on me since his début. I love his personality, I love what he stands for (as a pacifist Kryptonian), and I'm really starting to love his costume and general look. And like all the other characters on Earth 2, so much of his backstory is a mystery I can't wait to explore.

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Fantastic! If this is well received, this concept would be great to translate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Chris Evans has already stated he doesn't want to play Captain America any longer after his six-picture contact is up (three Captain America movies and three Avengers movies). Instead of recasting Steve Rogers, Anthony Mackie can take over the role as Sam Wilson/Captain America.

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Young Avengers

It was such a fantastic comic and its been so many years (not including The Children's Crusade) and all we've gotten is a measly 15 issues of poorly written Young Avengers Volume 2, and now it's over again for the foreseeable future. That just sucks

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I think the Scarlet Witch has untapped potential. Despite what she's already done in the past, I think she's capable of a lot more. I'd point out that by extension her son Wiccan would be in the same category, because his powers are a carbon copy of hers, but that only brings up the question of whether or not he is actually classified as a mutant? Does Wiccan actually have the X-gene?

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I'd love someone to put the League together like Nick Fury did, and Steve Trevor would kind of be good for that, but I don't see it happening since Marvel has already done it. However, having someone powerful in the government actively fighting against superheroes and against the formation of the League would be great, and I think Amanda Waller would be a good fit for that part.

From what I've heard, not only is this gonna be a "verses" movie, but it will also include Lex Luthor and the Joker. A great way to bring these two superheroes together on the same page. Whether Lex and Joker are working together, parallel or against one another. I really hope Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor will have a rivalry moment as they're both extremely successful C.E.O.s of multinational billion dollar corporations, whether they're directly competing against one another business-wise for a large part of the movie, or its a two-second passerby meeting with a tension filled handshake.

One thing this movie does need in my opinion, if these two are the main antagonists, is to create a real threat to Superman and all this power he wields: a weakness that I'm betting almost everyone was expecting to see in the Man of Steel movie. With no mention or appearance of Kryptonite in any form whatsoever in the film, and Lex being the obsessive egotistical genius that he is, I find it very believable that in this world (that Snyder and Goyer are working so hard to make as realistic as possible) that Lex would be the one to create Superman's greatest weakness of all time. Whether its with whatever he finds from the Kryptonian wreckage of the first film or something else, I think that would be very believable and would add to the amount of massive and sometimes unnecessary changes the recent DC movies make from the source material of the DC comic books.

Also, this is technically a sequel to the Man of Steel movie, and most of the cast of the first movie will be returning, so with that in mind, I'm going to be walking into that theatre in 2015 mindful that a lot of the focus will be on Superman's supporting cast as opposed to introducing Batman's supporting cast. In a nutshell, I know there's little to no chance I'll be seeing Commissioner Gordon or any other Gothamites (and probably won't even see Gotham for that matter), and the only Batman supporting cast I'll see would probably be Alfred, but in saying all that, we won't know what this movie might give us until then.

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Wiccan from Marvel

And a tie between Power Girl and Wonder Woman from DC

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Justice League - With a core roster of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash.

Teen Titans/Titans - With a core roster of Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash which might later expand to possibly include Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg(?).

JSA - With a core roster of Green Lantern, the Flash, Wildcat, and Doctor Fate, which might later include Power Girl(?), Stargirl, etc.

Batman Family - A series of movies that has most of or all of the Batman Family, including Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Catwoman and Oracle.

Oh! and a Wonder Woman trilogy - The first movie's main antagonist would be Cheetah, the second movie's antagonist would be Circe and the third movie antagonist would be Ares. I'd also love Doctor Psycho as a background/lesser/mastermind antagonist played by Peter Dinklage, or working with one of the other antagonists ... I'd also like to see Veronica Cale and Giganta somewhere.

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I'm a huge fan of the Young Avengers (I know, big surprise).

As a Marvel fan and fan of the MCU, I've always thought of the third Avengers movie ending in a way inspired by Avengers Disassembled to finish the trilogy. Of course, because Fox has the rights to the X-Men and Mutants, I always assumed we'd never see the Scarlet Witch (or Quicksilver) in an Avengers movie, so I guessed the whole "disassembled" concept would be caused by something else.

If the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are part of the Avengers movie franchise, that means this possibility might just become a lot more likely. Not only that, as a fan of the Young Avengers, this makes it that much more possible that the Marvel Studios could greenlit a Young Avengers movie starring teenage characters based on established Avengers:

Captain America - Patriot

Iron Man - Iron Lad

Thor/Scarlet Witch - Wiccan

Hulk - Hulkling

Hawkeye - Hawkeye II

Quicksilver - Speed

Ant-Man - Stature


Well ... one can dream ... c(-:

(Hulk and She-Hulk works to in my opinion)

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