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Deleted the old, added the new. Will have a Rouge Gallery up sometime soon, once I figure out wtf happened in South Africa lol

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The Uncanny Trinity
The Trinity Force

The Trinity Legends

With the confusion that spurred from the mission in South Africa, the Trinity teams were divided by Ziccarra Liafador into two elite teams. The Trinity Force came about to handle missions that were considered special and were essentially the international team. Composed of Assualt, Homicide, Fallenprophet and Selina Stone; The Trinity Force represent the Trinity on a global scale. They are the first response team.

The Uncanny Trinity believed to be "The Original Trinity" reside within the country of Finland, and the rest of the European Nations. Composed of; Venezuelan leader Xenon, Sojourn, DarkKnightdetective, Dr.Stahl and Maya Lopez. The Uncanny Trinity team is a second response team to the T.Force providing support for their first responding counter-parts.

Further research of the mutant child Kari, revealed that she was just one of four that contained the possibilities of the "Genesis-Gene" a mutation that allowed her to create or destroy the X-gene. Upon the securing of the child, the Trinity team moved it's operations to the nation of Finland, more specifically Helsinki.

The Nordic nation allowed them to continue their operations out of the mainstream world, a luxury that London no longer provided.

The Trinity Tower

An empty office building became the location of the new HQ, a better alternative to the Catacombs.

The Trinity tower is protected by the same illusion casting technique that powers Ziccarra's mask of Cortez. It's network is secured, with Quantum Cryptology. A technology that will identify a breach in the network code, and complete restructure the system to a harder version. The tower serves as a office building (Below ground level) and a hotel.

At the top of this building rest "The Eye of Horus" a multi-dimensional teleportation device created by Ziccarra's use of the speed force in an attempt to slow her aging process. This device serves as a gate way to AVALON.

Avalon Trinity Academy

The fruits of success in South Africa, every child whom was directly effected by the Genesis Gene, whom willingly enrolled are sent here. Trained by Elder Ziccarra Liafador to serve the Mutant-Human relationship, the Trinity academy is only accessible via the Eye of Horus or Astral travel.


Helsinki is spread across a number of bays and peninsulas and over a number of islands. The inner city area occupies a southern peninsula, which is rarely referred to by its actual name Vironniemi. Population density in certain parts of Helsinki's inner city area is very high, reaching 16,494 inhabitants per square kilometre (42,720 /sq mi) in the district of Kallio, but as a whole Helsinki's population density of 3,050 per square kilometre (7,900 /sq mi) ranks it as quite sparsely populated in comparison to other European capital cities. Much of Helsinki outside the inner city area consists of postwar suburbs separated from each other by patches of forest. A narrow, ten-kilometre-long (6 mi) Helsinki Central Park that stretches from the inner city to the northern border of Helsinki is an important recreational area for residents.

Major islands in Helsinki include Seurasaari, Lauttasaari and Korkeasaari – the lattermost being the site of the country's biggest zoo. Other significant islands are the fortress island of Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) and the military island of Santahamina. Pihlajasaari island is a favourite summer spot for gay men and naturists, very much comparable to Fire Island off New York City.


The biggest historical museum in Helsinki is the National Museum of Finland, which displays a vast historical collection from prehistoric times to the 21st century. The museum building itself, a national romantic style neomedieval castle, is a tourist attraction. Other major historical museum is the Helsinki City Museum, which introduces visitors to Helsinki's 500-year history. The University of Helsinki also has many significant museums, including the University Museum and the Natural History Museum.

The Finnish National Gallery consists of three museums: Ateneum Art Museum for classical Finnish art, Sinebrychoff Art Museum for classical European art, and Kiasma Art Museum for modern art. The old Ateneum, a neo-Renaissance palace from 19th century, is one of the city's major historical buildings. All three museum buildings are state-owned through Senate Properties.

The Design Museum is devoted to the exhibition of both Finnish and foreign design, including industrial design, fashion, and graphic design.


Helsinki has three major theatres: The Finnish National Theatre, the Helsinki City Theatre, and the Finland Swedish Svenska Teatern. The city's main musical venues are the Finnish National Opera, the Finlandia concert hall and the Helsinki Music Centre, which is the home venue of two professional symphony orchestras, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The Music Centre also houses a part of the Sibelius Academy. Bigger concerts and events are usually held at one of the city's two big ice hockey arenas: the Hartwall Areena or the Helsinki Ice Hall. Helsinki has Finland's largest fairgrounds.


Many widely renowned and acclaimed bands have originated in Helsinki, including Hanoi Rocks, HIM, Stratovarius, The 69 Eyes, Norther, Wintersun, Finntroll, Ensiferum, The Rasmus and Apocalyptica.


The Helsinki Festival is an annual arts and culture festival, which takes place every August (including the Night of the Arts). At the Senate Square in September / October 2010, the largest open-air art exhibition ever in Finland took place: About 1.4 million people saw the international exhibition of United Buddy Bears.

Helsinki is the 2012 World Design Capital, in recognition of the use of design as an effective tool for social, cultural and economic development in the city. In choosing Helsinki, the World Design Capital selection jury highlighted Helsinki's use of 'Embedded Design', which has tied design in the city to innovation, "creating global brands, such as Nokia, Kone and Marimekko, popular events, like the annual Helsinki Design Week, outstanding education and research institutions, such as the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and exemplary architects and designers such as Eliel Saarinen and Alvar Aalto".


Helsinki has a long tradition of sports: the city gained much of its initial international recognition during the 1952 Summer Olympics, and the city has arranged sporting events such as the first World Championships in Athletics 1983 and 2005, and the European Championships in Athletics 1971, 1994 and 2012. Helsinki hosts successful local teams in both of the most popular team sports in Finland, football and ice hockey. Helsinki houses Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK), Finland's largest and most successful football club. Helsinki's track and field club Helsingin Kisa-Veikot is also dominant within Finland. Ice hockey is popular among many Helsinki residents, who usually support either of the local clubs IFK Helsingfors (HIFK) or Jokerit. HIFK, with 14 Finnish championships titles, also plays in the highest bandy division, along with Botnia−69. The Olympic stadium hosted the first ever Bandy World Championships in 1957.

Helsinki was elected host-city of the 1940 Summer Olympics, but due to World War II they were canceled. Instead Helsinki was the host of the 1952 Summer Olympics. The Olympics were a landmark event symbolically and economically for Helsinki and Finland as a whole that was recovering from the winter war and the continuation war fought with the Soviet Union. Helsinki was also in 1983 the first ever city to host the World Championships in Athletics. Helsinki also hosted the event in 2005, thus also becoming the first city to ever host the Championships for a second time. The Helsinki City Marathon has been held in the city every year since 1980, usually in August. A Formula 3000 race through the city streets was held on May 25, 1997. In 2009 Helsinki was host of European Figure Skating Championships.


Feel free to stay in the Trinity Tower Hotel, however destroying it is prohibited without asking.

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Now we living better now

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I remember that used to make the Mods sooo mad lol

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Rebounding from learning of her biological father’s secret, the former human right’s advocate; Ziccarra Liafador has become a mutant equality advocate. The growing tensions between Mutant-Human relations have reached a fever pitch, in an effort to regain some stability the former Malagan beauty, Z enlist the help of what will be known as the Trinity.


The Nation of Kalli

The Line between evolution and preservation had been drawn, months after the Venezuelan Conflict; the world's superpowers begin to emerge. With this paradigm shift came a relentless cry for Mutant Rights; and the battlefield both for and against have been spread out across the globe. Recently, an ancient Australian Civilization revealed it'self to the world, preaching mutant and afro dominance. Highly advance in terms of medicine and produce, the Australian nation of Kalli; was recently marked as a hotspot for it's, racial aggression and Mutant supremacist ways.

Trinity Probes around the city, pin-pointed

Charlemagne LeBeau; a radical human rights activist; was spotted in a open confrontation with the New Gods. His operations are currently unknown, however his radical ideals of Human dominance gives reason to concern.

The Republic of Venezuela

From the ruins of the shattered Venezuela, emerged "The people's republic" of Venezuela, lead by a man simply known as Xexon, (A leader who has ties to the Nation of Kalli) Xenon's mutant dominance stance emerge from his time spent as a slave, his views have poured into the public opinion. A whole country full of mutants with a mutant supremacist as it's head of state.

Though he should be considered a threat to a peaceful future, his complete restructure of the Venezuelan system will make him completely untouchable.

The Hills

Located in the Saharan Desert near the border of Libya, is a supposed domed civilization, it's exact operations are currently unknown to Trinity Reps; but the location is being monitored closely.

The Revenge of the Red Cardinals

After the Liafador-Knightfall faction launched an attack on the nation of Venezuela by way of the Red Cardinals, Their bodyguard Isabella Marisol betrayed her childhood friend and took over the Red Cardinals. The Red Cardinals are mutant activist that commit acts of terror and blame them on humans, or vice versa. She and her protege Despot, have made it known they intend to attack mutant holding facilities.

The Machine Empire

Unbeknownst to the general populace, is a new force rising within the world. Ziccarra and Steel first came into contact with the virus in Mexico. The "Man-Eater" virus is a small inorganic micro-organism that eats the inner organic compounds, and replaces the body with a sentient machine. Because of their seemingly human characteristics it may be hard to spot a machine on first glance. It should be noted that the Cyborg's cannot copy intricate piercings to the body. The first known Machine attack was documented, by Venezuelan leader Xenon, the corpse of the Machine is being held for research in Kalli.

Evergreen yonder

The mystique of this forest makes Ziccarra believe, if worst came to worst that it'd be an even battlefield between humans and mutants.

The Cerebrum Initiative

An island that is proceeded by it's reputation for it's technology. The vast amount of information that can be found on this island, makes it a target for humans and mutants alike. It's representative Milo was spotted the same day, Charlemagne attack Kalli. It is believed he hopes to expand his companies influence to the Australian Nation, such a notion could be problematic.

The Trinity

Mutants (and Metas), Humans and Others; the Trinity has been formed by two unlikely allies. Samantha Weston a former member of the Bravehart order, has allied both her money and resources to the Trinity.

The Wenshire Catacombs severed as the burial grounds for the Wenshire family. Sue and Paul Wenshire, buried their mother and father alive in these wretched graves on the pretenses of their family illness. Paul then later buried Sue alive to fulfill the curse that had been placed on his family. The whereabouts of Paul's death remain unknown, however the London police sealed the catacombs for fear of the unholy.

It is believed that the Wenshire Catacombs were reopened by a group of people going by the name of "The Brave Harts" to conceal their movements from the public. Because of it's ghastly mouth, none of the Londoners dare enter the Catacombs for fear of death.It is believed that most of Brave harts were captured by the royal police and, executed. It is more than likely that they migrated to the colonies to preserve the order.

More recently, The Renegade Weston, Samantha; has opened the Catacombs for the Trinity ; using her money to completely fund the operations.


  • This is the official thread of the Trinity
  • It's based in the Wenshire Catacombs in Great Britan
  • No we don't have all the super lasers, and high-tech henchmen; but have a reason for being here if you're in character.
  • No destorying the base of operations unless, approved.
  • For entry pm Ziccarra.
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Ziccarra Liafador vanished in a conflict with the Red Lanterns; putting their faith in the Young Maya Lopez; the Trinity; reformed as the Trinity Foundation. Maya had three separate cities constructed to represent the evolution of the Trinity; Realgam, Solace City and New Jerusalem. Maya's role as Prime Minister came under scrutiny from the U.N and the U.S; they claimed her age was going to be detrimental to the welfare of the middle east. The newly ordained Black Cardinal sent a doppelganger into New Jerusalem to attack Jean "Gambler" Lebeau; the doppelganger got the better of the cajun however leaving him alive.

Gambler was placed under the custody of Maya Lopez; who gave him up to the U.N; as a precaution, the U.N had Gambler admitted to the Vine City: The Ruin Kingdom. The highly televised imprisonment of Gambler; called for assassins all over the country to attempt to break him out, little did they know the prison was a trap set by the Black Cardinal to capture Cassidy Lockhart-Starks and frame Maya Lopez. Despite the international affair, Trinity member Surkit was sent into the Ruin Kingdom to scout what was going on.

Maya proposed registration for a Utopian Super Human Registration Act; to keep tabs on heroes around the empire. The rest of the world took to this event seeing it as an injustice to the people of Utopia; Despite proposing the act; Maya 's hand was forced yet again by the U.N.

A battle between the doppelganger and Feral Nova virtually ended with a mushroom cloud explosion; Cassidy had been captured; and transported to a mansion located within the Utopian borders. This would set the Gears of War in motion. At the start of the event Maya placed a price on the Cajun's head, a sentiment Gambler returned.

The OSC and The Wolf Pack invaded Utopia to rescue Cassidy, under the impression that Maya Lopez and the Trinity Foundation knew her location. Maya had no prior knowledge of Cassidy's whereabouts but saw the OSC and Wolf Pack as a threat, defined in the Utopian Address she had given just two week prior. Kurrent snuck into Utopia in an attempt to speak with Maya; he was ultimately captured and tortured by Maya.

Maya felt that both the U.S and New France falsely attacked Utopia; The Trinity Foundation engaged members of the OSC in Turkey; the destruction of the manor brought forth the wrath of Final Arrow; who attacked not only Surkit and Editman but Gambler and Cass.

Arrow's appearance was a surprise for the TF and ultimately The Black Cardinal; the two super beings forged a pact and agreed to launch an All Out Assault. The Black Cardinal used her status as Ninjan Queen and launched a "Long awaited" Ninjan assault on Earth. Final Arrow used a group of personally engineered soldiers to attack Asia and the Pacific; while the Ninjans waged war in the West. Using a manipulated Kurrent to do her bidding; Ziccarra herself briefly engaged Mr. Mercury and the murderous Azra.

Following the conflict Maya resigned as the Prime Minister of Utopia, and went on the run to avoid War Crimes.


The Age of Empires and government ruled showed Maya; that the events following Know Evil and Adveho Procul Mihi Frater: LoS vs JLI were leading the world into a period of false hope. The heroes had diminished, Greedy politicians and power hungry individuals claimed territories both negligently and without a reason. Tired of this Imperialism, the heroes have returned to restore order to this Age of Empires.

Amazing Spider-Man #660

New Thread

  • Base of location: Much like the old Perfect Stranger team, the Trinity have a string of bases throughout the Middle East and U.S. Known as "The Sons of Liberty" this network of people; are members of the Old Regime and The Omega Justice team. Until succient funds have been gathered the "Sons of Liberty" will house and transport the Trinity when away from the MAIN Base located somewhere in Saudi Arabia.

Same set up as the old team.

As a Trinity Member you will:

  • Participate in Rpg's
  • Host Your own Rpg
  •'ll get back to you on that last one lol

Opening with a team of 7 and I already have 6.


For entry.

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