B.P.R.D. Forces

Gwen-"Welcome to the B.P.R.D. ladies and gentlemen, you are now apart of the elite...the B.P.R.D. over watch soldiers...one of the most kick #ss elite forces on the planet"

B.P.R.D. Over Watch Soldiers

Over Watch soldiers are the back bone of the B.P.R.D. organization, there are over several thousand soldiers in the entire organization while relatively small in quantity they make up with high quality..a single over watch soldier is capable of taking down multiple experienced vampires single handedly with standard equipment. Over Watch soldiers are recruited by Gwen after extensive research on them only the best of the best get recruited the majority of the time Gwen would have a list of potential recruits and will give them test the success rates of these tests were only 5% showing how serious the quality of troops the B.P.R.D. want.


Fresh Over Watch soldiers will be transported to the base 2., upon getting to base 2

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DATA (Only very good detectives or people with massive resources know of this organization)

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense was founded by Gwen Mark in the early 2010, an array of elite beings have joined since than and Gwen wasn't by herself when she founded the team here are three individuals that have helped keep this organization afloat


Height: 6'5

Age: N/A

Weight: N/A

Origin: Egyptian Deity

Algol is an extremely powerful Egyptian sorcerer from the past, Algol was a hero in his time but due to an event he rather not discuss he became hated while at the same time getting immense powerful and got turned into a deity

Powers & Abilities

  • Immortality (Doesn't age and can only be killed via decapitation)
  • Magic (Twice as powerful as Doctor Fate)


The Zohan

Height: 6'0

Weight: N/A

Age: N/A

Origin: Israel super soldier

The Zohan is one of the ultimate super soldiers of Israel capable of doing super human feats simply with his chi,

Powers & Abilities

  • Chi Manipulation (High tier DBZ character)
  • Master Martial Artist (Karate Kid level martial artist)


Iron Maiden A.K.A.Susan Vance

Height: 5'8 (With out armor) 7'5 (With armor)

Age: mid twenties

Weight N/A (With out armor) 2.5 tons (With armor)

Origin: New York-American

Susan Vance is a wealthy billionaire playboy philanthropist super hero, she is responsible for getting the funding and resources necessary to keep the B.P.R.D. afloat not to mention being the second strongest member.

Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Intellect (Above Tony Stark)
  • Genius inventor/engineer (beats tony start 10/10 at his own field)

out of the four founders in order of most power it's


Susan Vance

The Zohan

Gwen Mark

out of the four in how long they have been in the B.P.R.D. it's

Gwen Mark


Susan Vance

The Zohan

The B.P.R.D. Bases

The B.P.R.D. are funded by a billionaire super hero and super Israelite soldier and have great magical artifacts and locations thanks to Algol

Base 1. (Role = Safehouse/Fortress)

Base 1. is located in a different dimension, it's over 300 miles in the air and has a special magical force field that only allows B.P.R.D. auras threw....once inside the base will have many commodities as it's over 25 square miles large and has over 500 constant over watch soldiers on duty to protect VIP's and other essential personnel.

Base 2. (Role = Training)

Base 2. is also located in another dimension just like many bases of the B.P.R.D., this base however is responsible for the training of the elite over watch soldiers the base is heavily fortified but does not have a magical force field unlike Base 1. however there are currently over 5,000 active B.P.R.D. over watch soldiers that are training over 10,000 recruits, the base is armed with much artillery and dozens of land based and air based vehicles followed by multiple automated sentries, the bases sentries alone can hold off a large battalion of armed forces.

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Trinity 00

Origin Alternate DC Universe (Online)

Alias: Trinity 00

Nationality: American

Skin Color: Caucasian

Real Name: Kelly Silverlance

Age: 26

Height: 6'0

Hair: Red,short

Blood Type: AB

Vision: 20/10

Type: Bisexual

Eyes: Golden cat like eyes


Trinity is an alias a meta human known as KellySilverlance, uses to protect her true identity


Kelly Silverlance was born in Missoula, Montana /February 14/2000 (2026 is the year in her time line before she got transported to the vine verse) as an infant Kelly had a unknown condition which resulted in her being born naturally with golden yellow cat like eyes, Kelly's was a friendly and rather intelligent girl in her early years but her relation ship with her parents was either bad or little to none most of the time, her father was an abusive man who had no job and gained satisfaction from beating her when he was upset mean while her mother would not care since she would be too busy working to even question her husband, her family was middle class and she went to public school.

In the year 2016 Kelly was on her way back home, when she was kidnapped by a rogue science division known as Cadmus in this universe however Cadmus did not work for Lex Luthor and instead were a rogue science division from a secret agency, they were kidnapping Meta Human's to create an army, she was kidnapped a week before Christmas, for six days she was kept in a prison chamber while on the seventh they tranquilized her and prepared to dissect her brain after they found ananomaly, just as they tinkered with her brain poking through various parts their equipment started to fail, they quickly patched her up to save her life but as soon as they finished all of them were frozen dead killed by Kelly's subconsciousness, Kelly escaped the room and fought her way out of the secret base she was in and used her powers to hibernate into a deep sleep for six months, when the sleep was over she went back to her house only to realize the her parents were killed five months ago,she had no family left and had to spend the next six months in hiding killing and stealing to survive, this was until she met Lex Luthor and became a super villain.


  • Really good at baking pastries and making deserts
  • Yellow cat like eyes
  • Addicted to the drug marijuana
  • Sexually attracted to both men and woman
  • Favorite animal is the cat, she's always wanted a pet cat but never had the chance to have one as a girl
  • Even though she's mentally unstable and a villain, she very sweet and nice to people
  • Loves to be loved and cared for, due to have a not so well child hood and abusive father she lacked the love she needed when she was younger
  • Has knowledge on 600 types of weapons ranging from rifles,shotguns,pistols,explosives,melee based weapons.
  • Expert level in Wing Chun, she however prefers to use her meta human powers and resort to hand to hand combat as a last resort due to her poor durability with out super powers
  • Can bench 800 lbs
  • Used to do 100 reps with a 40 lb weight every day.
  • Loves animals
  • She's more of a vegetarian than carnivore
  • Dislikes and almost hates children beneath the age of 14
  • Hates physical pain and emotional pain even more
  • Insults don't faze her
  • Very,very,very flirtatious woman
  • ambidextrous
  • Used to be a masseuse
  • Naive

Super Powers and Strength's


Kelly has an incredible amount of experience with her primary power known as, Cryokinesis she has been using her powers since the age of sixteen, she was has almost mastered her powers thank to the help of Mr.Freeze who helped her control her powers she is able to do the following with her powers

  • Light Icy Armor (Increases her durability significantly to Luke Cage level durability) [A thin layer of frost covers her entire body, this has very little change in her physical appearance other than having frost on her body]
  • Medium Icy Armor (Increases her durability to The Thing) [ She begins to look like the image above]
  • Life Detection (She can detect warm blooded beings by sensing their heat and pinpoint their exact location)
  • Energy Projection (A beam of blue energy fired from her palms which can reach at speeds of 2,000-4000 miles per hours when fired and instantly freezes the target into a icy statue, it has a maximum range of two miles)
  • Ice Constructs (Her Ice Constructs are stronger than can become as delicate as regular Ice or as strong as Tungsten) [She is capable of creating, Ice Golems,
    axes,spears,daggers,bow and arrows,shields,ect,]
  • Corrode (Kelly places her hand on any type of inanimate object wood,metal,ect, and can decrease it's durability by freezing into unbelievably cold temperatures she is capable of causing durable metals such as tungsten to shatter like glass once she's done touching it, it only takes her a moment of physical or close distance to corrode an object)
  • Cool Slip (Kelly places her hand on the ground freezing a radius of maximum one square mile, when she freezes the ground she makes it 100% completely smooth, this causes zero friction which is the main purpose of her power, this power is used to make speedsters lose balance easily and crash or significantly handi cap their maximum speed)
  • Flight (Kelly has the ability to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature, often used to control, generate, or absorb ice, using this ability she can create cold air and manipulate it this allows her to fly, Kelly is capable of reaching speed of 800 miles per hour and a max speed of 7,680-16,250 miles per hour)
  • Super Adrenaline (Kelly is capable of using a super human version of adrenaline which is more focused and contained than regular human adrenaline, Kelly is capable of seeing things moving at incredible speeds slow down to a crawl, this allows her several minutes of tactical planning and strategizing not to mention it also help increase her accuracy.
  • Enhanced Strength (When Kelly goes into Light Icy Armor mode or Medium Icy Armor, her human strength is increased to 5 tons)
  • Oxygen Independence (Some how when she unlocked her Cryokinesis powers she also unlocked Oxygen Independence, however she is not able to control this power directly but indirectly, this power only becomes active when she comes across foreign gasses/chemicals or underwater or in her sleep.)
  • Ultra Armor (The most powerful form Kelly has and ever will unlock)

(Ultra Mode increases Kelly's stats to the following)

Height: 12'0

Weight: 5 tons

Strength: 100+ tons

Durability: Wonder Woman lvl durability

Agility: Spider Man level

Movement Speed: On ground it's around Spider Man level, in the air it's vastly Hyper Sonic ranging from speeds of 7,680-16,250 miles per hour, her reaction time is as fast as her flight speed.

Abilities: Kelly is capable of reaching -10,000 Celsius with in a pico second and decrease temperature twice as fast for every pico second , all her constructs are ten times stronger and last ten times longer.she also has telepathic immunity and resistance to power negation, power negation takes several minutes to take affect on her when she's in this form, she can also create replicas of herself that are equally as strong as her.

Flash Freeze: Kelly's most power attack, she is capable of freezing anything in a radius of a square mile into ice, the ice will make what ever in the area that got frozen so brittle that even metals like Promethium shatter instantly after they're flash freezed, Kelly is capable of controlling down this attack with such accuracy it's down to centimeters this allows her to use the attack with out worry of harming structures or allies.

Skills & Equipment

Kelly has been trained by Death Stroke since the age of seventeen and due to her training has acquired many skills and have used them in combat

  • Expert in Wing Chun(Capable of utterly destroying ten black belts at once with out the use of her powers)
  • Competent Combat strategist (Before getting transported into the Comic Vine verse, Kelly was in charge of leading squad of super villains in attacks against Justice League forces and Braniac forces needless to say seven times out of ten she was successful)
  • Weapons Specialist (When she was finished being trained by Death Stroke after 5 years she had knowledge on 600 types of weapons)
  • Master Baker (Kelly loves to bake, she's made large arrays of deserts and pastries ever since she had a chance to get in a kitchen, on her free time she used to bake pastries for Lex Luthor and his guests and they always complement and loved her deserts, Lex Luthor said himself out of all the pastries he's tasted hers were the best)
  • Peak Human strength (Can bench 800 lbs for a woman her size)
  • Peak Human speed (She can reach Olympic athlete lvl speeds)
  • Peak Human flexibility (Due to Yoga)
  • Enhanced Telepathic resistance (Due to three split personalities and her natural super human will power, she is nine times more resistant to high lvl telepathy attacks than a normal person would be) [she got the ability after The Joker messed with her mind]
  • Super human reaction timing (Kelly has gotten the ability to react to objects moving at Hypersonic speeds moving at 16,250 miles per hour even when not using Super adrenaline, this is the reason she is able to combat speedsters and react to them and fights.)
  • Instant Transformation (As the name implies Kelly is capable of using her powers which happen instantly or even transforming into her ice armor which also happens instantly.)
  • Cat eyes (Kelly's eyes are very similar to a cats, so this allows her to see extremely easily almost in pitch black areas, her eyes are basically night vision goggles)


  • Promethium Power Suit

The Promethium Power Suit is Kelly's battle armor she's seen most using, as the name suggest it's made out of Promethium, the suit weighs over two metric tons when not activated, the suit has nanites and built in cybernetics, the cybernetics give her 10 ton strength and double her reaction timing, the white parts of the suit are made out of 3 inches of pure Promethium mean while the black parts are made out of 2 inches of high tech Kevlar that's very flexible allowing great mobility yetnot as durable as Promethium but it's as durable as a foot of tungsten for every square inch, the helmet of the suit is 4 inches of Promethium and 3 inches of Kevlar. One of the suits most impressive abilities is protection while the Kevlar and Promethium metal can projector her from heat and ballistic weaponry it can also absorb vast amounts of kinetic energy and reduce the damage the suit takes, for example the suit will be able to reduce the kinetic energy of 500,000 Mega joules to 2,500 mega joules, severely reducing the amount of kinetic energy she takes, the suit itself was designed to be durable enough to take punches from Kryptonians which happened to save Kelly's life once, whenever the suit gets damaged the nanites with in the suit start repairing it, this takes usually a few minutes to hours depending on the damage.

The suit's helmet also has

X-Ray vision


Recording Device

Voice Modifier (It's also EMP proof and can't be hacked)

  • Glock 17

It's just a regular gun Kelly carries around, the only exception it that it shoots silver explosive tipped Promethium bullets.

  • Adamantium Knife


Kelly has a vast amount of skill and powers, but she also has quite a bit of weaknesses, here are the list

  • Paranoia

Kelly has the fear of (Clowns,Government agencies,Love ones getting hurt,Lava,Father,)

  • Mental Status

While being highly resistant to telepathic attacks this also gives her the unfortunate side affect of getting persuaded or conned easily.

  • Mental exhaustion and Heat Stroke/Physical Exhaustion.

When Kelly manipulates the cold energy around her it gives her mental fatigue, small objects like the size of chairs or humans don't make her even slightly tired,but the bigger the ice constructs and the longer she has has them up (She can prevent the ice from corroding as long as she wants, the ice if not kept in check by her will melt slowly however when she's controlling it the ice won't melt) the more mentally stressed and tired shebecomes.

While Kelly uses

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