Part 2: don't run Kerry

Kerry doesn't want to waist time so he doesn't knock before entering his/their home. The door slams against the wall and sings like thunder on impact. Ciara was initially frightened by the door, but once she caught a glimpse of Kerry, who was covered in blood and ashes, the focused changes. She just wanted to scream in fear or say something, but the shock had her at a loss for words.

" I'm... I'm so sorry love..."

Kerry was being followed by hired protectors at the moment but he demanded them to stay put at the door. The young millionaire quickly made his way over to Ciara and as he drew closer, he piece by piece, removed the tattered clothes that covered his body.

Ciara backed away from him in a mix of both fear and confusion, but still couldn't speak.

She backed up further and further until she found herself pinned outside against the railing of their beautiful balcony that watched the city of Le Mans from above. Kerry met her there too and spared any semblance of words instantly going in for passionate hug and followed up with a kiss that felt more meaningful to the both of them than any other before.

At first she wanted to stop him from continuing on and find out just what the h*ll was happening, but it all felt so intense and the wind blowing in the air and through her their made it too good to resist. Things would have gone further too if not for the mass of blood she could feel seeping through his clothes onto her's.

The blood staining her designer dress brought her back to reality. So she places her index finger on his lips and pushes him back and off her.

"Kerry..! W-what the hell's with all the blood and and and..! W-where's your sister! What h*ll happened in Paris Kerry!"

" I... Ciara, 'success' has just bent me over and kicked me in the a*s. And Emily..."

He couldn't finish the sentence as tears he no longer thought he had fell from his eyes and his throat was struck with guilt.

Ciara motions to bring him in for comfort but denies it.

" No. I'm going to have to move on, love... And away... From here... And from you."


"At least until I know this problem I've created is solved."

" We could hire protection Kerry. Your talking nonsense!"

" I have hired protection for you" Kerry replies as he points back to the group of guards at the door. "But I'm going to handle this problem I've created myself... With my own hands. For For both you and Em-" He doesn't finish the sentence he just walks back inside the huge house to begin packing clothes.

Ciara is trying every combination of words that come to her mind in hopes of talking sense into the man, but he's determined and she reluctantly sees it in his demeanor.

Before leaving they make love in the bedroom for what could be the last time and he tells her about how to handle any public drama that will show up after his disappearance and the destroyed building.

As they lock eyes for last time he tells her with a heavy heart

"This isn't how I wanted you to remember me."

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The New 24/7 365 pt.1

Every corner of the room was hazy. Everything obscured by the thick smoke of what once was beautiful furniture.

Kerry was physically strong enough to go hand to hand with some of the world’s greatest fighters and mentally on par with your average multi-million dollar entrepreneur, but even he could out do the brute force of fear. The fear he felt as he saw the single person he had sworn to protect burn like waste in front of his eyes. The fear paralyzed him like the venom from a viper and left him with little to no hope.

Today would have the opportune day to just give up on life and let the feeling of shear failure just retire him in. And as the sound of heavy beating on the room door eroded in his swollen ear, it became clear that in that second, either the engulfing flames would kill him or the competition's hit-men would make sure the job was done.

Kerry wanted to just lie there and give up but the banging on the door reminded him, he'd be damned if he died on the account of some MIT graduate with a bit of luck and a lot of money. So now was do or die, adrenaline helped Kerry up to his feet and he was able to identify the knife his father had given to him some years ago for protection through all the smoke.

Luckily the hit-men were huge on using their ammo sparingly so they didn't just spray the whole room when they finally busted though. The delay they had between rushing in and trying to locate Kerry through the thick field of smoke was all the time the young aristocrat needed to get a head start on his counter attack.

What remained of Kerry's business suit was hardly restricting his range of motion so he immediately roundhouse kicked the first enemy he saw with enough force to break a nose even through a gas mask like the one the intruder was wearing. Kerry stayed quick and immediately lunged his only weapon, the knife, into the lower abdomen of the assassin. Just low enough not to take a life but keep the person down. Now he was firmly in the eyes of his enemies and they had guns held by tempted trigger fingers.

Each of the four attackers he could see were shooting bullets into the air of the smoke and each came closer and closer to fatal hit on Kerry. The millionaire new just enough Muay Thai and Krav Maga to keep his targets at bay long enough for the structural integrity of his Paris business location to succumb to the ravaging flames that kicked off the whole battle.

Once the ground fell out from under them, it was no longer a matter of who came out richer, but instead a conflict of who would survive the fall from the top floor 35 stories high. The fall was so quick in real time, but for Kerry and the assassins alike it could have lasted a life time as they scream and frantically reached all over hopping for something to grab on to for dear life.

Kerry landed abruptly in the combined ashes of approximately 75 working stations and more furniture. There was an eminence pain coming from his right hand, but now was not the time to worry about the "smaller" things, for a second he contemplated searching for the remains of his lost love one but a firefighter identified him through the embers and smoke of the wreckage and yanked him out immediately. The woman pleaded for him to just relax and stay back, and police officers even tried to hold the man down but he broke free of their grasp with brute force and ran into the night.

4:56 am Paris,France (15 minutes before the fire)

Emily watched the beautiful city of Paris from an angle she had never seen it from before, which was from the roof of her brother's 35 story high building. Kerry was late as always but she didn't quite mind this time as she enjoyed gazing at the beautiful, light filled, city from a near bird's eye point of view. It was like a marvelous oil painting in motion.

"The Paris location isn't exactly my favorite because... well, it's only 35 stories high, but you do get a damn impressive view from up here don't you?"

Kerry's smooth voice alone wasn't usually enough to frighten someone, but Emily hadn't heard him in such a long time, she did jump a little when he first spoke. She did a quick turn to meet him face to face, where she noticed he was holding two wine glasses. Both had red beverages but one had more bubbles floating in it.

"I brought you cranberry juice." he said "Thanks. So are you drinking cranberry juice too?" she replied. Kerry only laughed and handed her the glass.

"The building is proper closed up for today and I’d love to hear how high school is going for you now that I’m not around to help you cheat so," Kerry began to prepare the elevator to take them back inside the building and continued "How about we tour the building and chat for a while... Also you'd have to be absolutely mental to stick around outside when it's about to get pretty cold out." Emily simply grinned and followed her brother to the elevator.

As the elevator doors opened to the inside building hallway, Kerry just noticed a group of hit-men wearing gas masks heading his way and rushed Emily to a room with zero windows. She was confused by his abrupt action and screamed "Hey what the hell bro?!?!" Kerry kept his eyes glued to the hallway he saw the intruders in and replied to her "Sorry Emily but some lackeys are here for trouble don't worry through. Everything will be-" he's then cut off by a Molotov cocktail being tossed in by the intruders and exploding at Emily's feet and covering her in fire. He screams "Emily!" and locks the room door behind them, locking them in and the intruders out. For now.


Wild Arrogance

The young millionaire was known for his poor since of judgement. Whether it was buying an Aston Martin for a rally race, for looks, or pursing his ex girlfriend's mother.

To be continued...

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