Thouhts on talon

I am of three minds, like a tree in which there are 3 owls. A man and a woman are one. A man and a woman and an owl are one. Lincoln Marsh, a Woman named Rose & Calvin are one. A bat & an owl whirled in the autumn winds. It was a small part of the pantomime. Calvin Rose must learn the philosophical concept of amour fati, the love of fate ie The parable of the Appointment at Samara. If he is to be psychologically free,no

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of course you have free will, you have no choice... part 1

a young man & woman wait for the A train; 
only thoughts  

M: i wish i was there lost in the shadows of your lips,to be in the shadow of her delicate ears whispering all that can not be said. 
she breathes in short sighs and look at her reflection in the glimmer of her iphone reading the txt of some jeckel with all the depth 
of a mirror. if i only had a chance; thank the DNA for gifting me with spine numbing anxiety so i might dream of all the things i could not acheieve 
or touch but glance and cower at beauty and her bitter sulking moods.  
W:  i'm so listless and my toe is crapping , ugh. what items do i need to get from cafe. buzz buzz buzz oh my what fresh hell is this- get stan a double  
Grande Java Chip Frappacino with a shot of espresso, topped with whipped cream, hold the fudge. how long until this day is over ? where is this train? 
whose that; wish you could talk to people while waiting for the train...but to do so would be crossing a rule of life.   
train comes they leave.