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@g_man:More then two years into the New 52 Tim John Blake still sucks and just from Tim Drake's original origin, he is much better well realized character then this imposter! The same can be said about a lot of the other characters like him that are only that character in name only. When Superman Unchained is finished I will no longer be pulling any DC titles. What good are these stories if characters have no identity and they can change drastically on an editorial whim? Miles Morales is how you accomplish diversity, not randomly turning Peter Parker into another race.

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Okay, so it's confirmed, here is my rant:

It's not sincere. Do you really think they have genuinely good feelings for this change? No. As a fan of Flash and more specifically, Wally West, I know how this works. The current management hates Wally West. Plain and simple. Since Didio came onto boards they did their best to take Wally away. First Bart Allen as Flash fiasco. Then the return of Wally West with horrifically editorial mandated run. Theeeen the Rebirth and you know the rest of history.
a) Wally would get his own book: Didn't happen.
b) Wally would play a huge part in Barry's new run: Didn't happen
c) Most of Wally's part in Rebirth was either changed or cut
d) Wally would kick a** in Flashpoint and play a huge part: He died in a pathetic way instead.
e) Young Justice S2 Finale.
f) Complete erasure of Wally West in nu52.
g) Barry taking on ALL OF Wally's accomplishments, personality, suit and to a degree his side cast. Barry being the generator of SF retcon.
h) Just...disappearing.

All of these, no matter which excuse you put, can't be done to a character that's favored by uppers. We all know that current management are no fans of Perez/Wolfman and Waid eras of DC.

Now let's look at which excuses were given to us for why Wally was erased:

a) He had a family with kids.
b) Barry Allen needed spotlight and introduction of Wally West would cut away from Barry's life span. Booch & Manapul said it several times that: Fans would start counting down for the demise of Barry, we can't let that happen.

(All of these have sources btw, I can link.)

So what DC had as choice? Wally West has a VAST fanbase (arguably even bigger than Barry's but "arguably") and fans were constantly asking for Wally's return. There is a new show coming up so book has to shine and take in the fans that were taken away by the lack of Wally.

What to do? Make sure Wally never becomes "important" again. Make sure fans wouldn't "count down" for him taking over mantle while keeping them happy. Also taking away excuses "hey but we introduced Wally!".

This is a great way to do this. So clever like, I can't believe it. So great. If fans raise their tone they would be shut down by the cries of "racissssmmm!!". This also gives a great opportunity to test on everything new on him. Since he doesn't even look like himself (aka a random character with his name) they can do whatever they want with him! He is no longer binded by nostalgia!
And when takes over from Didio, they can't reboot Wally to his ginger self again. That'd be racist! And since this version won't be as popular as the old Wally, he can never become Flash! And even if he becomes Flash, he can't run the show for 25 years like he did before! Because someone will come and say "hey he doesn't LOOK ICONIC enough" Great! No more Wally vs. Barry debates! It's done, Wally no longer exists! Barry wins! Forever and ever!

So you tell me that I should appreciate DC's love for diversity? The DC that whitewashed and wrote out Connor Hawke? The DC put Static Shock and Blue Beetle in to limbo? White washing Kyle Rayners father? HMM? They don't give a single frack about this. All of this is for stupid publicity, especially for TV show.

Should I start on "ghetto boy that needs the direction of *owowo* white knight. Hmm there was a TVTropes link about this, heh here: White Man's Burden:
The fastest Man Alive looking Aryan and the second one being black? I can go on how offensive this is but my post is getting too long. The real risk is, you know, making BARRY black. THAT'S some representation HUH. Not the one DC constantly shohoerned and didn't care about.

All in all, this isn't sincere, this is offensive and I don't feel represented. If they wanted to do this, they should have brought in a new character.

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@g_man: Star-Lord and Thanos are both alive and Richard Rider is missing in action and they are Avengers and New Warriors they have easy access to space travel and that doesn't excuse them for not telling him about Robert Rider and the Worldmind

Nova is not Iron Man, Thor, Batman, Green Lantern or Spider-Man he is an awesome D-List character and D-list characters get replaced a lot and they usually don't come back. Dick Grayson, Ben Reilly, Rhodey Etc had a long standing relationships with there predecessors and they didn't act like the person who came before them didn't exist. Hal Jordan was still apart of Green Lantern when Kyle Rayner was Green Lantern.

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@cameron83: What do you like about Sam Alexander? What do find endearing about his character because I can't really think anything? The few likable things about him Rich Rider did better and I'm just talking from his original series. What is Sam Alexander story about? is it sins of the father because from that flashback we saw Jesse Alexander(Which is another great example of why Jeph Loeb should never be allowed to work in continuity. So Richard Rider was the first human Nova and with Star-Lord co-found the Guardians of the Galaxy together but they existed 17 years ago with Gamora and Rocket before Rocket was even alive and Richard was even a Nova?) was a coward, liar and loser but at the end of that story Sam says something"I thought my dad was loser and now I wanna be more like him" What? So is Sam's story about appreciating your parents? Richard Rider story was about a no one from no where who by random chance got to become a star metaphorically and physically, the moral of his story is anyone can be hero.

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@g_man: If your such a New Warriors fan why don't you have problem with Speedball and Justice instead going out in to space looking for Richard Rider knowing that both Thanos and Star-Lord(They are both Avengers)they don't. Instead telling Sam about Robbie Rider who lives in long island with the Worldmind that just needs a spark of the Nova Force to reactivate they don't. Marvel won't let Speedball and Justice do these thing because they want to be "The Last Shooting Star(besides Garthan Saal, Malik Tarceel and there army of evil Nova's)" I believe there exacts words when they meet Sam where "well he's not are Nova but he'll do" remember these are suppose to Rich Rider's best friends.

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@g_man: He didn't have training by Gamora and Rocket Raccoon and ride of the coat tails of another dude and still he accomplished more. Like how he re-built the Nova Corps at the end of his series or fought in Kree Skrull war or went on special mission with Nick Fury and Rom, how in his fifth issue he got his own Marvel Comic. While Sam instead of finding Robbie Rider rebuild the Corps and find Richard Rider he's just pissing around ignoring his family and friend which Rich was able to balance both. What I'm trying to say is Sam doesn't have the Same excuses Rich did. Rich got a pat speech from Rhomann Dey and that was it, Sam has been trained and has been told by his father and many others the history of the corps.

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So Nova went from protector of the galaxy to getting detention and joining the chess club. Doing Rider proud. Just when I thought "there's no way I could hate Sam anymore then I do now", he insults Earth's Mightiest Heroes. NO ONE and I mean No one insults Earth Mightiest Heroes.

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Draw Doom like one of your french girls.