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LOL, most of those folks(girls) probably only showed up because they knew TYRESE would be there.

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@ryanwh said:
" . I feel like the obvious thing here is the Superman 2 style "evil peers" thing, so suddenly another pair of supes come out of the closet and reek havoc because they have an axe to grind with Theron's character, who recently revealed herself. That's my guess for the story.  "  
    I think you're probably close, even though I still glad to see they're doing some with this whole premise.  But I think they go a somewhat different route like what if one of their kind killed their "other half".  If being with the intended mate makes them lose their powers what would happen if one killed theirs?  Would it make them stronger?  I hope they do something like that.  If they do I suspect that this new was probably imprisoned somewhere by Hancock, or Theron's character or another of their race. 
  I don't think they're "gods" per-se, but like she said different eras called them different things (she did say Angels too.)