It takes real acting skill to play a villain

I guess we as comic fans associate ourselves much more with the heroes and the actors and actresses who play them, but really playing a villain is so much harder. Look at the bad guys in the Iron Man movies, Jeff Bridges is an Oscar Winner, Mickey Rourke is an Oscar nominee, and Ben Kingsley is an Oscar Winner (though I know that Downey has been nominated himself). The same holds true across most other franchises as we remember the performances of the Joker more than the performances of Batman. It is interesting, because to really hate or to fear a villain in a movie they have to be a great actor, whereas heroes gain our admiration much easier.


A reintroduction to comics

I joined this site a few years ago, but never really got involved with it in any way. Part of the problem with that was because I was in a long term relationship at the time, and my girlfriend was not so keen that I read comics (she thought they were immature and didn't want to date a "comic nerd"), so I gave them up in order to keep her happy. This meant that I did not have as much to contribute to this site as I was not really technically a comic fan at the time so I more or less joined and then forgot about it. Recently after a six year relationship (going back all the way to high school - ugh) we have gone our separate ways over irreconcilable differences. It is strange to be in a couple, which by itself has its own identity and then to become a single person again as that gives a new sense of identity. The good and the bad goes along with this (and there is a fair amount of bad, like having to organize friends to check out a new restaurant or going to a movie instead of just having her with me) but in terms of rediscovering my identity I think it is a pretty amazing thing. It is like having a new chance to discover everything in life which can make me happy. I guess most people can guess because of my presence here now, that one of the things which I have rediscovered is the medium of comic books. So bear with me, I may seem uninformed at times (or misinformed) but I am going to try to get myself back to do the things that I love, and maybe find out who I am again.