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I loved the play by play with Drago...thanks
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I thought about Colossus, but I figured that would be to much since he is incredibly strong and has a level head. I tried to pick people who have a noticable advantage over Cap or were more powerful(Exceot Round 1). I think would have a decent shot at beating everyone here, but turning it into a gauntlet makes this one hard to call in my opinion. My best guess would be if Cap doesn't clear it He stops at Ursa or Omega Red. Both have high level strength and are good combatants so they have a clear advantage
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Stops at Spider-Man...otherwise he'd clear it
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Wesker is able to doge what Wilson throws at him and beat him to a KO. Deadpool runs his mouth the entire fight
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Apollo wins with a round 5 KO

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Spiderman stops pretty easily on both fights

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Fight takes place in the Siberian wildnerness. Both have morals on and are going for KO victories. They start 20 feet apart. Since SF has no defined limits we are going to assume Zangief is close to the 10 ton range and has his move assormtent from SF 4.  Im a little surprised this fight has not happneed on the forum considering thier shared Russian abckround and Zangief's noted bear wrestling activities 

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Odin wins
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  1. Cap is fully recovered asfter each round and is told who he is fighting each round though gets no prep time. Morals are on for Cap and details for each fighter are listed below. Cap has his armored costume and shield unless otherwise stated
    Round 1...Ivan Drago...Match takes place in the Moscow boxing Arena. Cap is limited to boxing rules, no shield, and boxing shorts only. Drago is bloodlusted and given a drug that makes him not feel pain. Cap has 3 Rounds to KO Drago
    Round 2...Ursa Major...Match takes place in the Siberian wilderness. Ursa has been ordered to elimiante Cap since he is on Russian soil. Cap knows Ursa is coming, but not from what direction. They begin half a mile from each other 
    Round 3...Zangief...After (presumably) beating Ursa, Zangief watches this and is impressed since he himself wrestles bears for practice. He challenges Cap in order to test his strength. Since Sterrt Fighter characters have no def limit were gonna say Zangief is 5 ton range and has his usual range of moves. The match takes place inside the Russian factory from SF II and they start 15 feet away. Morals are on 
    Round 4...KGBeast...Fight takes place in Gotham City with both hunting one another. They start on opposite sides of the city and KGBeast has his gum arm and a combat knife. Cap is giving his shiled plus his motorcycle. The streets are full of civilians
    Round 5...Omega Red...Cap meets him in a secret underground lab. They start 50 feet away from each oth in a large bunker section that has large steel boxes, but nothing in them. Omega cannot use his pheromones and only has his strength and carbonadium tenticles.  



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Im giving it to the Swat Katz