Mega Man and Pac-Man in Street Fighter x Tekken

Mega Man and Pac-Man will join the cast and other guest character Cole Macgrath and the two Sony mascot cats as special guest stars in the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game. People may not be happy with Mega Man looking like Captain Falcon with a gun and a two week eating binge though. I find it funny and figure he is probably going to be my punching bag in game. I am happy about Pac-Man's design though, making him ride Mokujin from Tekken as a wooden Mech gives him and advantage and I find the idea more innovative than pudgy Mega Man. What are your thoughts? let me know.


Pick a theme song...

I wonder how well this can get rolling....I propose that you guys think hard about this one. Pick a cimic book person and pick a song to act as their theme song. Please don't say things like for Wolverine use the X-Men 90's animated theme song as that is too easy. I'll get things started by saying Eddie Brock as Venom and the song being Animal I have Become from Three Dyas Grace. I think it fits. Do you disagree or do you have another Idea. I want to hear thoughts and suggestions.


Resident Evil 6

The trailer looked awesome and its good to see the series go back to its roots with T-Virus zombies. Leon and Chris as protagonists is cool. The return of Ashley Graham may actually make her somewhat cool (she sucked in RE4). It looks like he G-Virus, Nemesis project, and Tyrants will be making a return. ith locations ranging from New South Wales, China, and what looks like Spencer's Mansion in Spain this game looks awesome. I want to hear some other thoughts from people. What do you think?

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