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Real Name: Jack Brooks.

Nick Name: Tramp.

Race: Necro-Mechian.

Sex: Male.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Status: Single. ( Has 7 GF's but no wife, no kids. )

Age: 355. 30's for his species.

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 430 lbs.

Skin: White.

Eyes: Red.

Hair: Black. ( Long-Stright )

Grid Points: A: 4, D:4, E: 5, F:5, I:3/7, MP:3, SP:3, STA:4, STR:5.

Did you know: N/A.

Bad Habits: Smoker,Drinker,Short-fuse.

Scars: Many scars all over his body, ranging in size and type.

Piercings: Ear (lobe x2) Nasal (septum) Oral (tongue)

Cyborg: Tramp is a class A Cyborg. (More work to be done.)

Tattoos: Large tribal tattoo.


(Being Revised)

Jack Brooks born to Loren Brooks (Miller) was born in the hillbilly hell of a town called Renton MI. He grew up on the streets of a rats nest called Flatrock MI. Now that he is all grown he spends most of his time in Detroit MI. Or traveling to various other places in order grab life by the cojones. He owns his own place, which he shares with seven beautiful ladies. The name of his home, lair, haven, whatever you want to call it is Se7en Heaven, and it is many places in one. It is a Dojo, fix it shop, and a work station on top of being a large apartment.


1) Cavalier Scout - semiautomatic hold-out pistol

2) Walther Palm Pistol - double barreled hold-out

3) Derringer - double barreled hold-out

4) Reacor Sting - "lemon-squeezer" type hold-out

5/6) Glock 38C/Contura Series - "fashionable" light pistols

7) Ares Light Fire 70 - super-light semi-auto

8) Beretta 101-T - light semi-auto

9) Colt Manhunter - heavy semi-auto pistol w/ laser sight

10) Savalette Guardian - heavy select-fire pistol

11) Ares Predator - heavy semi-auto pistol

12) Ares Predator II - heavy semi-auto pistol w/ smartlink

13) Ruger Super Warhawk - heavy single action revolver

14) Ceska Black Scorpion - machine pistol

15) Ares Crusader - machine pistol

16) Ingram Smartgun - smartlinked SMG

17) HK 225 TX - compact SMG w/ laser sight

18) Winchester Widow Maker - sawn-off shotgun

19) Remington Roomsweeper - compact autoloading shotgun pistol

20) Savalette Penetrator - large-caliber armor-piercing weapon for close range combat

21) HK 227-S - silenced SMG w/ laser sight

22) HK 227 - recoil-compensated SMG w/ laser sight


Unnatural Luck: He was born lucky, or else the fates look after him. The truth is James has a mutant power that effects Karma filtering out the bad, and filling him with only the good. It has caused him to be very good at playing bar games, as well as effecting his luck in sticky situations.

Why Tramp?

James Brooks aka Tramp is well loved by all seven, that's right seven of his girl friends. Which also ties into his power of being lucky beyond reason. James just has a knack for finding these types of girls that don't mind sharing him. James knows them all really well, but also has a great sense of humor and has named them all after different days of the week.

Monday: Becky the Kindergarten School teacher.

Tuesday: Helga the Massage Therapist.

Wednesday: Ana the Cook.

Thursday: Tina the Nurse.

Friday: Pam the Boxer.

Saturday: Cindy the Mechanic.

Sunday: Liz the Adult Film Star.

These ladies all live with James at his apartment/work station/repair-shop/Dojo... And help basically take care of Tramp he would be lost without them, and he makes sure that every minute of every day that he is around to spoil them rotten, and treat them all with equal respect and love... Well as much love as you could hope to get from a guy nick named Tramp.

Hell on two Wheels

James is also known for how well he can handle a Motorcycle, he has been riding his whole life, his father was a Biker, his Grand Father was a Biker and his Great Grand Father was... Well his Great Grand paps was a cop actually? He has a huge collection of Bikes he either owns himself, or works on for friends and uses as he pleases. Here is just a few.

1948 Pan-Head Harley Daivedson. Mint. Black & Silver.

The Scorpion is the classic road-hog and the distillation of years of experience at HD into what bikers dream about making this bike one of hte most popular models on the road today. Numerous kits also include one that adds heavy armor and mounting firmpoints for weapons to this heavy chopper. It has a handling rating of 4 out of 5. And its max speed is 120MPH. Fule Size(201G)

The MK II Fenrir Combat Bike is usable in snow, grass, cement, wood, etc. They are usually used in squads or for wilderness search and rescue missions because of its two-seat capability. It is normally equipped with 2: stoner-Ares Mark II machine guns and retractable slots for weapons. Any weapon can fit in these slots. It has a hybrid engine that is already fuel efficient so it can run on one tank of fuel for a long time. Handling 3 of 5. Max speed of 208MPH. Fule Size (351G)

The Vector series is probably one of the grand success stories of the motoring industry. The original VRH design proved to be such a success in the racing circuit that soon demand for a street version began to rise. The basic IC model was the result. In the 6 months since its introduction the VIC model sold more than 500.000 units worldwide. It's beautiful design and excellent performance have led to a nomination in Bikes'R'Us "Classic Hogs" listing only months after its first appearance. Already there are modified versions for police forces and DocWagon(TM) Fast Response Support. The probably most notorious version is the VS Sports edition after the Seattle Screamers' Outrider had his VS hi-jacked in the Urban Brawl Finals Incident.

Handling 5 of 5. Max speed 300MPH. Fule Size (201G)