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General Information

Real Name: Jack Brooks.

Nick Name: Tramp.

Sex: Male.

Race: Human (Ghoul)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215 lbs.

Biceps: 18.5"

Chest: 52"

Neck: 18.5"

Calves: 18.5"

Waist: 29"


"I suppose its bad for some of us. I haven't ever had much of a problem with being a Ghoul, personally. I always kind of felt it was cool, if you know what I mean. I mean you get to live forever and all, and your more powerful than everybody, even the cops. I hear some of us go mad before we have even really settled into being what we are, but that's just because they are weak. The strong ones survive. I have done close to a hundred years of this and that is not easy.

My master is a Vampire named Gracis, he swears he knew Caesar once upon a time, and many of the other vampires of the city even refer to him as Caesar as a joke mostly, I think. I have also heard him referred to as "The Roman" by a few others. At any rate Gracis is an older than most vampires, kind of vampire. Heck, I am more powerful than most of the fledglings I have encountered. I don't know why he chose a bum like me. I mean at the time I was nothing but a screwed-up ganger. I had no brains, no plan and no life. But Gracis, he changed that for me. He taught me the streets. I mean the real streets, not what the Crips or any of those other mortal gangs will tell you. They don't know shit... Yep, Gracis taught me everything. My mom never missed me. I was just one more mouth she didn't have to worry about feeding. Yeah, I still have two brothers and a sister left but they'll be getting pretty old.

Tommy is probably some big pimp by now, and Joel is probably some big successful lawyer or something as equally gay. What happened to Emma I couldn't guess at, but she probably married some penniless bum who left her with four kids just like my own dad left mom. Boy, dad would have gotten it good, if I had ever seen him again, lucky for him, he never met me again.

Anyway, its pretty cool being a Vampires Ghoul. I don't worry about where my next meal is coming from and Gracis is pretty cool. He treats me and the rest of the gang well. We're the new blood in town and we aim to finish off the other gangs like Union and the Graves. They think they're pretty bad but we have Gracis and he's as good as any Elder I've ever met, if not better, so we're going to kick some undead butt."