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@erik: I enjoy a intense discussion every now and then the but the fun is drained when it gets personal. Unless we are talking about real current events, politics, or religion I don't see a reason to get so "passionate" in the discussion. Then again we are calling each other out based on scientific knowledge so I can get why you science majors would get heated, honestly it's not too different from what goes on in my classes interestingly enough.

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How does every discussion with Erik end in some sort of elitist argument involving very passive aggressive insults and calling each other out over the most minute things?

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I just read through this debate for the past hour and honestly, this is a really close call, I honestly think they are equal (Batman and Steve) but the debater that did the best to sway my opinion would have to be comicstooge, he consistently debated in a fashion that showed Batman's style and counters for people that are physically superior to him. His conclusion also summed up why Batman should win in a close fight, he is just more versitile, he has an answer for most things Rogers will throw at him (Literally), and has always been able to fight while analising a opponents weakness, not that Cap can't as well, but he isn't outsmarting Bruce.

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The internet is a harsh place indeed; sarcasm, jokes,and insults are in one the same here, To answer your question, OP, the reason why it is generally looked down upon in modern society to consume cats and dogs as you would cow or chicken is because cats and dogs have almost always been companion animals, domesticated and household pets, they were never really looked at as food to put on the table, but I digress, this is a subjective matter, it's not really "wrong" but just looked down upon, it's a cultural custom, just like the arguments of is it manly to have piercings or having sex before you are 18 ect. There is no logical answer to your question, it's just that the society you live in and your culture has dictated which animals are okay to eat and which are not. Look at India; the idea of eating cows is madness because they are sacred and yet there are still people starving in the streets, that's how much they hold to that belief. I would suggest just following your own belief because nobody here can give you a valid answer, it's all subjective.

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I was never a huge fan of the Ultimate universe but I may have to check this out.

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1. Both are in-character

2. Both have standard equipment

3. No Super soldier serum or nanites for Natasha

4. Fighters are 5 feet apart

5. Battle takes place in a hotel bedroom


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You can put me down for:

Gundam Seed


Jojo's Bizarre adventure

One Piece



and Spiderman

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Just got done reading ichi the killer... never have I heard of killing someone with a hard on.

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Ah, I say healing factor, at least in both example given one isn't vastly superior to the other so I can't just choose Wolrd War Hulk durability and take on the world government or something since it's only the calm version (Still insanely powerful since he did take that explosion from his ship blowing up). I have to go with healing, I'm already a pretty sturdy guy and although it will still hurt depending on my injuries I wont have much to fear in the way of death (Assuming this healing factor covers more than just physical injuries and lets me recover from diseases and such, kinda like a smaller scale Deadpool. Plus, no matter what kind of fight I am in I can just outlast the opponent. Besides that even if my injuries hurt like hell I reckon I'll just get used to it after a while, hell I might even do some death defying stuff to myself for that sole purpose if that was the case.

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@xwraith said:

Everybody who doesn't want to risk getting infected with ransomware should stay away from Tumblr.

Whats that? i was planning to update my tumblr again, what's happening?