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The Midnight Sons were mentioned in passing for the first time in I don't know how long ing Axis: Avengers and X-men. Could that be a hint at a possible return of the team?

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@oscuro: I think it was based on his appearance on the cover of his last series:

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well today was blade's last issue for who knows how long. Good year for him.

Also, first look at Blade for the Marvel Heroes online game

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@oscuro: I dunno man, the last movie came out nearly a decade ago, not to mention Strange transforming Blade's hatred of vampires, to that of everything supernatural was a key moment that I don't think should be skipped in the movies. Also introducing vampires into the larger marvel universe could be really cool. Blade taking on a vampire SHIELD (like he's done 2 or 3 times) division could actually be a really cool.

@jonny_anonymous: @daredevil21134: @trackz: @oscuro: How does everyone feel about vampires being portrayed as a virus rather than a supernatural curse?

This is hard for me. Maybe they could combine the two? Like it's a virus from a demonic dimension? I actually think the movies did a pretty great job of balancing the two.

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@oscuro: If its a reboot, it has to deal with vampires. All of Blade's stories start with him as a vampire hunter before progressing to other monsters.

Unless, Dr. Strange ends with him freeing Blade from prison, like he does in the comics, in order to form the Midnight Sons.

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If future Blade movies use Dracula, I'm hoping they make it more like this version. He seems much more of a threat than the one in Blade Trinity. Would be much cooler to see blade take him on with a team.

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There's a rumor that Wesley Snipes has accepted the role of Blade for another movie

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@oscuro: i dont think witchfire is marvel, although she'd be a nice addition

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For me,


Ghost Rider


Werewolf by Night


Jennifer Kale

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It's such a shame that next issue will probably be Blade's last appearance for a few years. This was suc ha great year for him though. My favorite moments:

- Takes out Deathlok Dracula and Vampire Wolverine in Longshots mini

- Turns into a bat and puts down Rogue and Havok

- Beats Deadpool twice in his series

- Fights alongside Deadpool and the Thunderbolts in the same series

- "Say my name" after he reveals himself as the Ronin

- All of his action sequences in Mighty Avengers have been top notch