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If future Blade movies use Dracula, I'm hoping they make it more like this version. He seems much more of a threat than the one in Blade Trinity. Would be much cooler to see blade take him on with a team.

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There's a rumor that Wesley Snipes has accepted the role of Blade for another movie

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@oscuro: i dont think witchfire is marvel, although she'd be a nice addition

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For me,


Ghost Rider


Werewolf by Night


Jennifer Kale

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It's such a shame that next issue will probably be Blade's last appearance for a few years. This was suc ha great year for him though. My favorite moments:

- Takes out Deathlok Dracula and Vampire Wolverine in Longshots mini

- Turns into a bat and puts down Rogue and Havok

- Beats Deadpool twice in his series

- Fights alongside Deadpool and the Thunderbolts in the same series

- "Say my name" after he reveals himself as the Ronin

- All of his action sequences in Mighty Avengers have been top notch

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@blackwind: While we may not like it, it already has impacted continuity to the point where it won't be ignored. We saw it referenced in MI:13 and his series really set up the arc "Vampire State". If nothing else, we know that the mass vampire resurrection took place, so there are many vampires from blade's past that can be brought back and utilized again.

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@realitywarper: In Midnight Sons, Blade read a page of the darkhold and gained the ability to steal the powers of every magical being he killed.

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@oscuro: Every vampire came back to life at the end of Guggenheim's run on Blade so all of his enemies are back

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@oscuro: Before they do that,I feel like they should address the ones that were added then forgot about. Moksha and Mikado, the hunter twins, and Jamal Afari haven't been seen at all. Plus, Draconis, Hrolf, Deacon Frost, and Blade's father are all out there.

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@oscuro: Seems to be the case, she's in the latest preview for Mighty Avengers. This is supposed to be the big Blade issue, so everyone needs to get it.