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Aquaman was such a legitimate character, then turned into a joke. I was so glad to see him treated respectfully and at "full power". Now the dude gets dropped like a bad habit. I love shazam, but come on aquaman is just starting to get his respect back.

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Bought lobo as a single. Thought batgirl was an average at best choice. Scorpion was a terrible choice that I wouldn't own load if it was free. Zod is a maybe. Martian manhunter I'd download ASAP

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I hate the choice. I bought a game hat allows me to play some of my favorite comic book characters, not tack on "greatest hits" from a past franchise. If I wanted mk I would buy mk.

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Wow we all know that batman is a huge part of the dc universe but he isn't the entire universe. There are a ton of dynamic characters that would be fun to fight with and would look awesome. Firestorm, Martian manhunter, dr fate, zatanna just to named a few off the top of my head. But we get another bat family acrobatic brawler. It's a superhero fighting game. I want to shoot laser beams and throw cars. Come one injustice guys I want to do that.