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Hellsing:Volume 3 0

Third volume left off With Iscariot leader Enrico Maxwell discuss the Millennium problem.Alucard,Seras,and Pip Bernadotte are sent to South America to investigate but then it is all a trap set up by Millennium using the Dandy man Tubalcain Alhambra The Major,The doctor and The Captain watch the battle The Captain for those od you who don't know is Major's bodyguard and Millennium's   Trump card he is a Werewolf (Only Actual Werewolf the Millennium group)who fought young Walter and Alucard in Hel...

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hellsing:Volume 2 0

Yet another Hellsing review featuring Alucard,Walter Dornez(as seen in Volume 1),and Seras.Integra discuss the artificial vampires and who is response for this.Walter the butler gives the new guns to Alucard and Seras.Meanwhile Luke and Jan Valentine the Valentine brothers attacks Hellsing with an army of Ghouls.Walter was known as the Angel of Death in his time we will soon see why and he uses killer dental floss and he is quite agile & fast for an old man.Luke fights Alucard and thought he...

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Hellsing Volume 1 0

You see after seeing Hellsing at the 2006 and seeing it again in  2010 it was awesome I watched the amvs and the Anime series then came the manga and ova both were awesome.Reading the first volume was epic but considering that it stared in 1997 it was a bit retro back then but it was still awesome just wished someone were to post all the manga series like Crossfire and Hellsing:The Dawn.Kouta Hirano's prototype manga and Drifters his latest series.Integra Hellsing the leader of the Hellsing depl...

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Anti-Venom:New ways to live 0

You see I readied the first part of this comic and it was okay but at least we get to see Eddie Brock the original venom again he always was one of my favorite villains in the Spider-Man series.He helps a teenage girl from thugs and drug dealers.Also even the Punisher appears he did not realize Eddie Brock was Anti-Venom until Jenna was held hostage by the drug lord.Also there's going to be trouble.But overall good book...

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