Top 11 Evil twins

First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v1 #19 (1964)
Opposite Number: Spider-Man
Weight:278 lbs-895 lbs
Hair:Brown (Shaved head)
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Why He Makes the List: " Mac Gargan, the most villainous host of the Venom symbiote May not be The First Spider-Man twin Venom but he has proved himself to be a a-list Villain, joined the Thunderbolts during Civil War and rose to fame hunting unregistered heroes. If the idea of Venom as a hero makes you queasy, you can relax. The 'hero' perception comes from very clever PR and nanobots threaten to electrocute Venom if he attempts to eat civilians. Gargan doesn't always see eye-to-eye with the symbiote, and the two struggle for control over their shared existence. If they ever settle that question, or if those nanobots fail, well, things should get interesting."  –Secret Cabal member LiterateNitz18
Spotlight Comic: THUNDERBOLTS #116—Thunderbolts Mountain is on lockdown and Venom is getting hungry!

Opposite Number: Iron Fist
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First Appearance: IRON FIST #4 (1976)
Why He Makes the List: "Unlike some of the others you'll find on this list, Davos—aka the Steel Serpent, aka the Steel Phoenix—actually had a shot at being the good member of his twin set, but his selfishness and aggressive streak thwarted him then as it has time and again. Davos has tried to claim the Iron Fist he feels to be his birthright many times from Danny Rand, but he has never proven his rival's equal. At the moment, the former Serpent has apparently reformed and resigned himself to aiding Rand and the city of K'un-L'un, but you never know when jealousy will once again strike." – Secret Cabal member Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: IMMORTAL IRON FIST #4—Davos goes one-on-two with Iron Fists Danny Rand and Orson Randall!

Opposite Number: Hawkeye
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First Appearance: DAREDEVIL #131 (1976)
Weight:200 lbs
Hair:Brown(shaved head)
Why He Makes the List: "If anybody in the Marvel Universe is less qualified to be a hero than Bullseye, we'd like to know who. Even though he's got a sweet gig posing as Hawkeye in Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers, this lunatic is still sneaking off to put arrows through the eye sockets of muggers and innocent victims alike. Bullseye as an Avenger is just fundamentally wrong—and that's what makes it so sinfully delightful. We feel Clint Barton's frustration at his role as Masked Marksman being usurped by this nutjob and can't wait for the comeuppance." – Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: BULLSEYE: GREATEST HITS #1—The origin of Bullseye!

Opposite Number: Beast
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First Appearance: X-MEN ALPHA #1 (1995)
Weight:400 lbs
Why He Makes the List: "Without a doubt, Henry McCoy, aka the Beast, is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel history, what with his playful nature and charming intellect. How could any version of this true blue hero not be a guy you'd want to grab a drink with? The Age of Apocalypse answered that question, providing a McCoy who went down a dark path along with the rest of the world and replaced scientific curiosity with sadism, using his wit to cruelly taunt his victims rather than banter. Since coming to our world, the Dark Beast has replaced our own furry friend, trapping him behind a brick wall, and committed further atrocities in the name of science." – Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: EXCALIBUR #9 (2004)—Dark Beast shakes things up for Professor X and Magneto in Genosha!

Opposite Number: Spider-Man
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First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #344 (1991)
Weight:190 lbs-680 lbs
Why He Makes the List: "If anyone ever lived up to their name it's this guy. Spidey thought he had it bad when jilted photojournalist Eddie Brock and the symbiote met over drinks and became Venom, but nobody was prepared for the spawn of said symbiote to merge with a literal serial killer. Carnage didn't waste time with motivations like revenge or stolen life-envy—he just wanted to have fun. Unfortunately, 'fun' for Carnage was killing. A lot. Mayhem wasn't enough, it was all about the body count." – Secret Cabal member RunawayJ
Spotlight Comic: VENOM VS CARNAGE #1—Carnage takes on his "father" in a symbiote showdown!

Opposite Number: Adam Warlock
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First Appearance: STRANGE TALES #178 (1975)
Why He Makes the List: "If you were an anomalous cosmic accident/alternate reality version of an Adam Warlock transported 5,000 years into the past, set down on the planet Sirus X and endlessly bombarded with philosophies and 'dark secrets' by Lord Chaos and Master Order, you'd be loony-bin material as well. Mr. Crazy-Pants spent the next five centuries ascending to near-godhood, forming his own church and biding his time until he could take down Adam Warlock. The twinsies have battled back and forth over the years and while the Magus is gone now, there's always the chance he and his evil afro will return one day!" – Secret Cabal member Agent_M
Spotlight Comic: INFINITY WAR #1—The Magus emerges and declares war on the entire Marvel Universe!

Opposite Number: Professor X
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First Appearance: NEW X-MEN #121 (2002)
Why She Makes the List: "Living emotional energy given corporeal form, Cassandra Nova's original physical body was actually killed by Professor X. In the womb! That they shared! Ew. Anyway, being a little different from mutants or even anything resembling a human, Cassandra survived, slowly rebuilding its body, only to attack decades later! The creepy, extra-evil, super-powerful baddie's been defeated, but she'll surely return, complete with prune-like features and icky, creepy powers." – Agent_M
Spotlight Comic: NEW X-MEN #126 (2001)—In Professor X's body, Cassandra Nova makes her last stand against the X-Men!

Opposite Number: Hank Pym
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First Appearance: AVENGERS #54 (1968)
Why He Makes the List: "Daddy issues? Check. Patterned after the brainwaves of a hero who was already conflicted and emotionally unstable? Check. Extremely powerful and keeps coming back for more? Check times 20! Ultron is the evil twin that won't go away and, unfortunately, gets more dangerous with each incarnation. And, is not afraid to show a little skin, as seen when he—er, it--became a 'she.' From the moment he was created, he's been one of, if not the, greatest enemies the Avengers have ever faced. And there is no denying that he brings out the best in the Earth's Mightiest. 'Ultron, we would have words with thee.' Indeed!" – RunawayJ
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS #67 (1969)—Ultron's back and he's deadlier than ever!

Opposite Number: Cable
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First Appearance: NEW MUTANTS #86 (1990)
Why He Makes the List: "When a deranged clone of one of the world's most powerful mutants—who happens to be wearing body armor adorned with spikes and blades aplenty—yells, 'Stab your eyes!' you better believe he's gonna do it. Stryfe's an interesting 'evil twin,' as he's often come out on top when stacked up against Cable, the mutant he's cloned from. So Stryfe has Cable's good looks and mutant brain powers, no techno-organic virus crap and a heaping helping of insanity? I'd call that one a winner!" – Agent_M
Spotlight Comic: CABLE #1 (1993)—In the far future, Stryfe forces Cable to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life!

Opposite Number: Jean Grey
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First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #134 (1980)
Why She Makes the List: "Doesn't get much more 'evil twin' than this, does it? I mean, a cosmic entity posing as Jean Grey freaks out, eats a planet, then almost gets the X-Men killed by the Hellfire Club and the Shi'Ar. And what's great about Dark Phoenix is that she has the possibility of returning again! After she has a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a sensible planet-sized dinner." – RunawayJ
Spotlight Comic: UNCANNY X-MEN #135—Dark Phoenix crosses the line!

Opposite Number: Spider-Man
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First Appearance: WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #18 (1986)
Weight:277 lbs-795 lbs
Hair:Reddish Blond
Why He Makes the List: "Eddie Brock may not have been the first 'evil twin' in comics, but he has remained one of the most popular and well-known for two decades now. Whereas Spider-Man learned early on the lesson that with great power comes great responsibility, Eddie never held himself responsible for anything, and once he became Venom, he used his newfound power to take his revenge on all he felt did him wrong. Over the years, Venom—not Anti-Venom—has waffled the line between outright psychotic murderer and a deranged but well-intentioned defender of the innocent, but even on his best days, Brock represents a twisted mirror of all Peter Parker's efforts to redeem his youthful mistakes." – Annihilator882
Spotlight Comic: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #316—Bouncing back from his defeat at Spider-Man's hands in their first encounter, Venom returns!
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People may think evil twins have been done to death, but does the concept ever really get old? it's the Hero, fighting someone who is equal to him in EVERY way EXCEPT when it comes to MORALS!

Posted by Omega-Mekix
@info nation said:
" People may think evil twins have been done to death, but does the concept ever really get old? it's the Hero, fighting someone who is equal to him in EVERY way EXCEPT when it comes to MORALS! "
It's not the concept is old but most of the evil clones haven't been done right.
Posted by info nation
@Omega-Mekix: True, SAD, but true...
Posted by thedevilhunter

so spiderman has 3 twins...

Posted by Toxin45

Mac gargain is the third  Incarnation of Venom

Posted by EdwardWindsor

ryan and jordan blackman " me and my twin bro"
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

im real glad anti-venom is number one.  
i wonder if hulk and bruce banner would count??

Posted by Primmaster64

Too many Venoms.

Posted by LT1085
Evil is a concept, it isn't real. It's all about perspective.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@Primmaster64 said:
" Too many Venoms. "
The first one was best.
Posted by Primmaster64
@InnerVenom123: They are all from Marvel...No one from DC.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@Primmaster64 said:
" @InnerVenom123: They are all from Marvel...No one from DC. "
Hey, you're right! Where's the DC love? (Not that I would know many DC evil twins, but still!)
Posted by LT1085
@Primmaster64 said:
" @InnerVenom123: They are all from Marvel...No one from DC. "
DC is inconsequential. hahajk
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Ummm... Carnage is more of an opposite to the original Venom then Spider-Man, Dark Phoenix is Jean Grey, and Anti-Venom is kinda a hero and again an opposite of Venom not Spider-Man

Posted by Primmaster64
@InnerVenom123: There are evil twins in DC.
Posted by Unknown Soldier
@Primmaster64 said:
" @InnerVenom123: There are evil twins in DC. "
true, but marvel is so much better