My Top 20 Spider-Man Villains








13.Kraven the hunter

12.Green Goblin 2




he also fought the fantastic four and hulk

friend of Spider-Man and can mutate into a mutant reptile
The Green Goblin's Rival

7.Scorpion/Venom (Mac Gargan)

from B-list Scorpion

to A-list Venom

the super strong foe of Spider-Man and hulk

The one who put Aunt May to comatose
The Psycho Spawn of Venom

3.Doctor Octopus 
the master planner
2.Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)
Dark Avengers #5

 1.Venom (Eddie Brock)
Posted by Omega-Mekix

Not a bad list but I don't think that Anti-Venom should be on the list.

Edited by Toxin45

hey Eddie the 1st Venom is Currently Anti-Venom he beat Gargan and Spider-Man plus Spider-Man's powers are canceled if Anti-venom is too close to each other

Posted by Omega-Mekix
@Toxin45: I know that Anti-Venom is powerful (and accidentally drained some of Spidey's powers) but he is now an ally of Spiderman. I'm not calling him weak I'm claiming that he's no longer an enemy. 
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well i think your right but he might know who Spider-Man is and become Venom again he also keeps his Anti-Venom powers in the other Dark reign along with Mac Gargan Norman Osborn and Hobgoblin will get an upgrade along with the return of Carnage and Toxin after Dark Reign is over plus Brock will be an enemy of Spider-Man again

Posted by Omega-Mekix
@Toxin45: There is no way Eddie is going back to the symbiote. It has caused him too much pain and the Anti-Venom powers kill any trace of the stuff.
Edited by Toxin45

well it is Marvel comics some people want to see Eddie Brock Venom again and Mac Gargan Scorpion but they will keep their new powers of the Symbiotes not at the other event in Dark reign it will return and Spider-Man is not the only one evolving Anti-Venom Venom,Norman Osborn Carnage ,Toxin and Hobgoblin

Posted by KasadyCarnage

Carnage is better then all of the others on that list
Posted by Tyler Starke
@KasadyCarnage said:
" Carnage is better then all of the others on that list "

Edited by Toxin45

yeah but carnage might come back along with Eddie Brock as Venom again this time he has his Anti-Venom powers also during the return of the Other and including Hobgoblin Lizard and Toxin Venom (Mac Gargan with his Scorpion and Venom powers) will get an upgrade including Spider-Man and Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) and Green Goblin (Harry Osborn)

Posted by Toxin45

hello anyone

Posted by MadOmegaMan

Carnage should be #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Moomin123

Mysterio and Carnage should be on there. But other than that...good list. 
Isn't Anti-Venom a hero or an anti-hero?
Posted by CortSether

Good list for the most part. 
'cept Shocker should be #1

Posted by Toxin45

No cause Venom knows everything about Spidey  he made his life a living nightmare

Posted by Coppersmite

Mysterio should definitely be on there. Rather have Electro than Rhino on there as well.
Posted by Icon

This is a really, really good list. I'd like to see Kraven and the Lizard a little higher, and I would switch #1 and #2, but that's just nitpicking. Overall, I think it's an almost perfect list. 

Posted by Bald Eagle

Manwolf?!  really?!
Posted by forthegreatergood

Love it... though doc op is a wimp.
Posted by NicholasJesson
Y'know...the "Beetle" pic ya' got there..that's not Abner Jenkins, that's Leila Davis. 
Posted by Villianess

Hmm, compare Venom (Eddie Brock), Venom (Mac Gargen) who is better?

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt
@Villianess said:
" Hmm, compare Venom (Eddie Brock), Venom (Mac Gargen) who is better? "
Hahaha, you serious? Eddie all the way.
Posted by SpidermanWins

nice but vulture should be a little higher and hobgoblin a little lower

Posted by SpidermanWins
@Villianess: lol good one
Posted by Koz

I love the list, great picks. I would put Chamelon on there in stead of Man Wolfthough. Carnage is my #1. What story did Carnage die? I missed that one, I was away from comics for a while at the time.
Posted by beta carnage
anti venom is a good guy tho.
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OK, my TOP 20:  
20.   Sandman 


19.  Hobgoblin ( Roderick Kingsley / Ned Leeds) 


18.  Shriek 





17.   Kingpin 


16.  Carnage ( Cletus Cassidy)

15.     Rhino 


14.    Electro 


13.   Vermin 


12.   Vulture ( Adrian Toomes) 


11.  Rose ( Richard Fisk) 


10.  Scorpion ( Mac Gargan)

9.   Puma 

8.   Chameleon 
7.  Mysterio (Quentin Beck)



6.  Venom ( Eddie Brock) 




5.  Green Goblin ( Harry Osborn) 


4.  Lizard ( Curt Connors) 



3.  Tombstone 


2.  Green Goblin ( Norman Osborn) 




1. Doctor Octopus ( Otto Octavius) 

Black Cat  



Posted by mewmdude77

I'd say Green Goblin (Norman) as 1, Venom (Brock) as 2, Doc Ock as 3, Kraven as 4, Morlun as 5, Spider-Man's guilt ridden conscience as 6 (you guys know I'm right), Jameson as 7, Sandman as 8, Lizard as 9, Chameleon as 10, Carnage as 11, Scorpion as 12, Mysterio as 13, HobGoblin as 14,  Vulture(Toomes) as 15, Green goblin 2 (Harry) as 16, Vermin as 17, Electro as 18, Rhino as 19, and Joe Quesada as 20.