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Marvel needs to save the X-men films from Bryan Singer, with the numerous amount of retcons going on. Plus they continue to introduce new character who didn't receive a single line in the films. I think Marvel has better usage of characters and plots, Fox should give up X-men for sure.

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It's nothing Batman can do to defeat an enraged Phoenix-powered Jean. Jean fought against Galactus, the same entity who empowered Silver Surfer, with the board. The Phoenix, has defeated Thor. And Jean has bypassed Magnetos helmet. Batman with prep, can be wiped from existence in mere matter of seconds.

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The question has been bothering me, and I am sure there is an accurate and obvious answer that's being avoided. But "Are DC Characters deceptively Stronger than Marvel's?". When I ask that I mean in terms of powers, abilities, feats, etc. is the DC universe overall the greater one. I am trying to avoid a battle, but with characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Deathstroke, Martian Manhunter, Doomsday and more- who have ridiculous feats, are they naturally are more dangerous or fearsome universe. Take an average VILLAIN with moderate power, place him in one of the universes, with the goal to conquer--- which will they mostly likely prosper in (it's not a direct question, but that is how I am viewing the thread). Think about villains, locations, weaponry, gadgets, artifacts, etc and you can decide. Also I am only talking about the main universe respectively (Earth 616 Marvel) (New Earth/Earth Prime), no HOM or Earth 1...Easiest to view it as "Are DC Characters Stronger?" I personally believe they are just too overpowered.

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Wiccan, he's a bit more trained with his powers and he has slightly more experience, not mention he was candidate for the Sorcerer Supreme

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Count Nefaria

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That's incredible that you all have believe Jason is just big and slow, entirely. Not only did show amazing speed feats, accuracy, and strength. He knew the entire layout of Crystal Lake, and set traps to capture victims. Jason's hand-to-hand is defiantly not up to par with Caps, but's his durability is uncanny. He will not go down easy, he near infinite endurance. I Cap can win probably by incapacitation. I can't imagine him "beating" Jason to a pulp because Jason has the durability and pain suppression to withstand it.

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Palaptine telepathy nearly surpasses that of Prof X. Storm, Psylocke, Emma, Magik, Wolverine, and Cable all have show high telepathic resistance, some are even practically immune. I'd give it to the Star Wars thouugh. Magik is very versatile on the battlefield with her stepping disc, also she can easily conjure any army of demons that distract them (might be out of Character for her possibly). Storm is just as dangerous but not as skilled in fighting, same goes to Magik so they will rely heavily on their mutant abilities. Wolverine, can't be BRF'd so he's going to put up a good fight, but it all depends on rather or not a Light Saber can cut via adamantium- and how there attacks will effect his healing factor. Psylocke is kinda weak link, Cable has a standing chance, with his firearms, but I'd give to Star Wars 6/10. X-men lacks the Martial Arts knowledge but can "out power" them potentially.

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Not really impressed, he lacks the sinister and mature feeling I get from Lex. Jesse is too comical for me, I doubt he'll master the role.

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Hitgirl due to lack of feats from GoGo,

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Iron Fist,