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Azula solos

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I'm most excited for this.

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So let me get this straight. You're putting a couple of guys in metal suits up against Magneto?


@leo-343 said:

The hell is this? Magneto solos

In AVX Iron Man was able to counter Magneto's magnetic abilities, because his suit had some type of subatomic plastic particles that made him immune to Magneto's yeah, no solo. These circumstance would come into place in this battle obviously.

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Iron Man & War Machine

Both in Character

Iron Man is using Model 42 Armor

War Machine is wearing the War Machine Armor (JRXL-1000)

1 Hour of Prep


Storm & Magneto

Both in Character

1 Hour of Prep

Has Knowledge about Stark & Rhodes

Battle takes place in downtown vacant New York City

Teams are 50 away from each other

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Red L.

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@gxrevolution96 said:

I am not saying that Korra definitely wins, but I think people are underestimating Korra's bending ability, possibly due to nostalgia. Korra has proven on multiple occasions to be a very competent bender.

Nostalgia is the only reason people overestimate Azula. People actually thought Azula could solo the Red Lotus

Nostalgia? Seriously? That has nothing to do with why Azula could possibly beat Korra. Azula is potential one of the greatest benders on that show. She's a master tactician, and is capable of using a someone's emotions against them, often taunting her opponent, and distracting them. Not to mention she can detect weaknesses and flaws in someones moves, and can easily go hand-to-hand with Korra, Zuko as well. Both of their acrobatic skills are great, but I just don't see Azula loosing. Korra has show a lot of anger issues throughout the show, and her emotions are often out of control, being blinded by her own ambitions, thoughts, or morals, Azula can uses all this against her, she could even distract her long enough of for Zuko to KO her.

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Taking away Zuko & Azula's lightning bending capabilities but allowing Korra to bend all the elements makes the battle a little unfair. Still Zuko and Azula 8/10, Azula is the kind of opponent who can easily find her opponents weakness quickly, although Korra is head strong I feel Azula herself can take on her, independently. And if we're talking physicality, Azula is a master acrobat, fighter, and over Olympic (more than possibly above) level athlete. She's evaded Aang, Toph, and Sakura WITHOUT her bending...Azula can beat her, especially if she's not holding back.