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AAAIIIIIEEEE! I can't wait.

@yotaman: Most of Iron Man's villains are tech based.

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Sounds pretty decent thus far. How long before we get the Sinister Six?

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Looks pretty freaking awesome. Been waiting for Age of Ultron for a long time now. Hope it doesn't disappoint. For awhile I wasn't sold on the whole Spidey Ock ordeal, but recently he has been doing some pretty amazing things. It's keeping my interest for the time being. Nice to see Spidey truly show his full potential, with less wise cracks and more cracking heads. Of course, I can't wait for Parker to come back, but until then it's halfway decent. Slot still sucks though...

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I like it a lot. The eyes sold me on it in a heartbeat.

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Sounds good to me. I love political thrillers. One with superheroes is just icing on the cake.

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I can't really see Megan Fox as April. Hopefully they don't go the April lab assistant route. Can you see Megan Fox acting smart? Even Megan Fox as a reporter sounds pretty far fetched. Everything that comes out of her mouth is ignorant. She reminds me too much of Paris Hilton. Style but no substance. I'm not too fond of the alien crap either. Well....we always have the comics if the movie sucks.

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@Cable_Extreme: I tend to agree about Franklin. The only thing that stops him for the most part - He normally has morals. Without those, he would be devastating. Same with Scarlet Witch. We have seen what she can do when she doesn't give a crap. She's not even in the same class as Franklin though.

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@Wardemon32: I never said Quicksilver would use the speedforce, unless you are talking about someone else. I said he did in JLA/Avengers just to mention it.

Yes the heroes and villains would hide if they were getting owned by the speedforce. Pym has ported into his pocket dimensions so many times to avoid from getting beat. Flash could not search a pocket dimension that is so small he can't see it. He just can't do it. Odds are, most of the Avengers would port there to stay safe. It's been done before. Even if they didn't all port to the pocket mansion, Doctor Strange can conceal them to avoid the first blitz. Let's say DC does take out most of Marvel the fist few seconds, unlikely but since that's all you keep pushing I'll go with it, a major attack like this would quickly be noticed, and the speedsters would be the main focus of a counterattack. I can see Flash going up against Sentry and Sentry ripping his ass apart. I see the Reality Warpers altering the environment to where the speedforce cannot be drawn upon. I also see Time travel being used, much like it will be in Age of Ultron. If many died, time travel would be available. This is a part of Beast, Reeds, and Doom's technology. I even think Iron Man had one at one time.

Let's say Marvel uses Time Travel to port to just before the speed blitz, uses a pre-emptive attack to take out the Flash family, then the battle goes from there. Why is that so impossible? Why does Flash know where everyone on Earth is, even those using advanced technological hideouts, underground lairs, pocket dimensions, and magically hidden Sanctums? Last time I checked, Flash isn't a God. He can't magically located hidden locations. He can't kill invulnerable God's. He can be hit during his speed blitz due to a couple thousand people fighting all around him. He can be frozen by frigging Captain Cold for crying out loud. He can't do crap against energy based enemies, which Marvel has a lot of. To say, Flash Family kills 99% of the Marvel Earth, is unimaginative at best. Is it always so simple in comics? No it isn't. There are always way's around it. Which is why this battle has went nowhere thus far.

I've watched both sides throw out plausible attacks and counter attacks, while some cling to the lamest defense imaginable. Speedforce FTW. Maybe DC should forget all about the other heroes and just use Flash against all enemies from now on. :()

You might say, "But why do they hide?". Well, Hank Pym and his team are usually in their headquarters (at least in 2010 when the pocket manor was being used). It would be foolish to say they WOULDN'T use their pocket mansion. Same with Strange. Anytime they face a grave threat where they have no chance of winning, they port to somewhere else. They do it so much I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned it. They often used Cloak to do this during the Civil War. In New Avengers they used Strange to do this. In Mighty Avengers Pym did it so much it's likely he spent more time there than not.

Why would they hide? To prep. Simple as that. Okay, let's say you deny that Strange could port the Avengers out. Doesn't change the fact that Pym's team would still be safe. I would think they start in their headquarters personally. Would the FF be taken out in the initial onslaught? With Reed having easy access to time travel, alternate dimensions, super weapons beyond number.. Would Franklin let his whole family die in a speedblitz? Let's not forget how smart Val is too. She's just as smart as Reed.

So your argument is everyone gets killed by speedblitz even if they hide where Flash cannot possibly ever find them, as in pocket dimensions, magically hidden lairs, underground,etc?

I deny this to the death. Not only would Flash be busy with some of the stronger Marvel characters but he simply couldn't find some of these hideouts. Flash couldn't just run through and kill everyone. Some people would resist and he would have to take time fighting them or run away. If he tried to take out Tiamut for example, he wouldn't just destroy him in several picoseconds. He would encounter Resistance, which would give Marvel time to regroup.

Really, this is beginning to feel like a spite thread. :)

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@Wardemon32: Squirrel Girl is a joke. She shouldn't be able to defeat Galactus, Thanos, Or Doom. It was a way of the writer poking fun at the fanbase. I thought that was obvious.

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@Needlebay: Last I saw him he was in an awful Marvel Zombies comic, Marvel Zombies Destroy, so I'm not too sure.

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