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In Superior Spider-Man #17, we see the re-introduction of Liz Allen, one of Peter's friends and Harry Osborn's ex-wife. Liz had a son with Harry, called Norman Junior (Normie for short). But Lily Hollister also had son Norman Osborn, called Norman Junior (whose also called Normie for short). So I'm here wondering what the heck is marvel going to do with two normies.

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@trevel8182: His head gets crushed in the final issue. Don't read, thought, you're going to hate Wolverine-Jean more than ever.

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Here's the subject in a nutshell: After knowing the truth about his entire life, why Daken didn't change? I mean, I likes his badass attitude and we really don't need a happy sappy Wolverines father-son relationship, I just want to know why Daken was still doing evil and trying to kill his father.


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@fodigg: wow wow wow, wait a sex-i mean-secon! Sentry, changing everything that happened on the Marvel films to glorify himself?! EFFING NO! You just said it plain simple! Robert Reynolds wanted fame, glory and recognition from world and he did so by brutally inserting his "hero" in the lives of other heroes! (real heroes) And there's the chance that he's not even dead! I don't see any potential on Sentry at all.

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It's not just because he was a Superman rip-off. How do you kill/wound a character that is so overpowered? Superman: With all his power, he can be hurt by other characters that demonstrate a power level close or even superior to his, like Doomsday, Darkseid, Bizzarro, Grundy, Orion, heck, with enough planning even Reverse Flash could kill him by vibrating through him. Superman is killable, and he's no only weak to kryptonite, he's weak to magic and there are plenty of magical villains that could take on Superman, the strongest being Black Adam.

Sentry on the other hand, DOESN'T.HAVE.EXTERIOR.WEAKNESSES. His mind is his only weakness, which made him a total tool during Dark Reign. If it wasn't for his mind, Sentry would be so powerful there wasn't any point for the other Marvel heroes to be heroes, Sentry could single handedly take care of all evil and no one would stop him; If Marvel ever went bankrupt they could use that as an excuse while all the heroes continue with their normal lives. I even wondered how Iron Man depowered him with a nuclear level explosion or how Thor killed him with a lightning strike!

Sentry is better of dead. If Marvel plans to bring him back they better reboot him and change his story, Sentry doesn't make any sense.

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@havenless: He's freaking overpowered, more than Thor or any other powerhouse. How would they beat him? Psychological therapy? Friendly talk?