i have made this tribute to one of the most famous and powerful superheroes of all times. so here you are some (and some) scans:

STRENGHT (moving)

  • moving the eart with hal jordan while it was pushed back by starbreaker
  • moving the earth with wonder woman and martian manhunter
  • pushing the moon into our planet's atmosphere with green lantern and wonderwoman
  • stopping a spaceship 70 miles long that was coming so fast it could split the whole planet's crust and even it's nucleo
  • lifting a mountain with extreme ease
  • throwing a huge block of ice easily
  • lifting a huge station without problem
  • moving a little star sytem and resisting to its sun's heat
  • lifting some ships
  • throwing a ship to captain marvel
  • carrying a pyramid on mars
  • lifting a monument easily
  • containing a miniature black hole
  • almost moving the moon on his own ( by punching it) even if he was dying from k-nite poisoning
  • overpowering 5 kryptonians
  • lifting a book containing an infinite number of pages with captain marvel
  • a sundipped superman managed to move a planet that was filled up with the imperiex's energies.the planet was provided with thrusters that were operating at their maximum.
  • pushing some huge asteroids/small planets
  • making a diamond while talking
  • stopping a strange creature
  • overpowering 3 kryptonians

STRENGHT (punching/smashing)

  • splitting in half a saturn's moon (he also reaches saturn in 4 minutes)
  • destroying a copy of the moon ( he wants to stay under lightspeed)
  • destroying some planetoid inside the golem's head
  • he punched konvikt hard enough to shatter a small planet while he was on the defensive
  • saying that he can shatter a planet
  • he stops himself from punching black adam with a fist capable of splitting the moon in 2
  • he tries to hit black racer who sends back the punch's energy to him destroying part of the moon
  • destroying a spaceship
  • one shotting earth-man who has got all the superman's powers plus all the legion's ones
  • shattering some windows with doomsday
  • koing captain marvel when he was possesed
  • just the shockwave from his fist cracked the ground
  • stopping a doomsday's punch
  • cracking darkseid's arm
  • punching the ground causing a shockwave
  • one shotting non
  • causing a shockwave with his fist while being underground
  • punching nuclear-man into space
  • destryoing a space station that mongul believed indestructible
  • clashing with darkseid
  • destroying a machine that was made to contain him
  • destroying a huge door with one arm
  • thunderclapping a tornado away
  • thunderclapping arion in his stronger form
  • shattering time and space
  • punching captain marvel from metropolis to the hawaii and then through a mountain
  • he managed to destroy several imperiex drones. each drone is capable of stalemating the whole jla(just ne of them defeated kyle,martinan manhunter and flash)


  • surviving (despite being severely weakned by red sun's radiations) to an explosion 50 times bigger than a supernova
  • soaking up enough anti-solar energy that was capable of destroying half a galaxy
  • taking a supernova
  • survives being smashed between 2 planets
  • takes sb-prime's punches while they are flying trough an asteroids belt made of kryptonite + flying trough a red sun+ crashing on oa
  • taking darkseid's omega beams several times
  • taking different blast of energies from: the aegis of entropy,green lantern and captain atom
  • flying into the sun to recover his powers and flying to the sun while weakned
  • taking a massive explosion
  • being punched with the force of the entire planet
  • survives being punched trough the whole earth
  • taking some powerful blast from bleach,who managed to defeat martian manhunter easily
  • surviving to a planetary explosion
  • he survives to a tremendous impact into the earth despite being weakned. he was trapped into the earth's core for years without sun's light
  • withstanding to a pressure comparable to the sun's core one
  • taking a blast 1 million times bigger than a nuke
  • taking the equivalent of a 5 thousand megaton bomb
  • surviving to a nuke while weakned
  • taking the coldcast's most powerful blast
  • he survives being duoble-punched by a being as powerful as god

SPEED (flying)

SPEED (running/moving/fighting)

SPEED (reflexes)

SPEED (phasing/vibrating)





MIND CONTROL (plus transmutation,possesion,torquasm-vo and torquasm-rao )

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i will put much more scans in these days

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@toptom: Nice.

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@toptom: This is awesome. Good work.

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shouldn't this go in the superman respect thread? or at least the superman forum

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@ChaosBlazer: Done.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: @coolguyr99: @Supes1903: thanks!

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well done dude

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@toptom: Speed control

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That's one of my all time favorite pages from any Super-book.

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@Supes1903: Me tooo!!! I have to say,it was so hard to find

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i have posted just half ( or even less) of the scan i have. give me some time and i will add much more scans regarding hv,reflexes,skill and intellect. hopefully this will be the best superman respect thread on the internet!

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@toptom: I'm just helping

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@matchesmalone21: no problem dude! anybody can post everything of course

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@toptom: Speed control

What book is that from?

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@G_Money_Christmas: If I remember well is from Superman vol 2 217

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@matchesmalone21: I had that book plus 218 and 219 in my hand, ready to buy them, and I found out I didn't have enough money:/

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@G_Money_Christmas: Ohh Man,this is want name of a site orprogram to download it?

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@matchesmalone21: No, I'm gonna go back and get them soon. I just didn't have as much as I thought I did then. I like having the actual books to collect anyway... I'm trying to build up a nice collection. Thanks, though

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@G_Money_Christmas:Okay!!! you're welcome

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has anybody got the scans of superman when he melts his fortress of solitude? that was an old comic!

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Holy, *clap clap* amazing. WW needs a thread like this to D:

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@Wboy: @Z3RO180: thanks guys! and more scans will come!

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@toptom: Lifting a portion of a building and then fix it!!

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@toptom:Dude this is awesome. Major respect to you for this. Finding all these scans must have taken you quite a while.

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@Lvenger: actually i already had got all of these scans,that i have saved during some years. now i have decided to put them online in a respect thread,since i wanted to make some kind of tribute to THIS version of supes. ( tough i love even the new one)

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Can you reorganize the OP?

Make it to where each feat has a description, not just a bunch of bundled up scans.

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@xxxddd: that requires TIME...and if i'll have it,i'll do that.

besides this,if you don't want to look at them and understand what's happening on your own YOU can make a better respect thread than this that appeals to you.

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@toptom: Just reply to me when you finish doing it.

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@xxxddd:i'll do that IF i will have the time and IF i will want to do that...but mostly: what makes you think that you can give orders to me or anyone else? you must be an enraged 15 years boy,that is crossing puberty just right now. well i don't have any intention to waste my time with you.bye for ever.

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Great job

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AWESOME collection

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@toptom: Sorry mate but your scans are all gone :( The new site has ruined this thread.

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And people say majestic is stronger than Supes to that I say Pfft as if

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@toptom: Hey you fixed it! Awesome job man, I'm debating with Superman now and this is a real useful thing now that it's back!

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Great! the post has been restored :-)

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@lvenger: i didn't do nothing! luckily they have reposted all the scans!

@z3ro180: i am with you on this

@squalleon: i am releved too...i don't think that i would have find the time( or the will) to do it again.

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@toptom: Yeah I thought they did that. Either way it's still a good thing!

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For that Superman taking a super nova that's fifty times larger than a Supernova thing...what happened afterwards? It said that a thingy of radiation would have incinerated him if it touched it touch him or what?

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@hewhosees: that bubble of radiation could kill him since he was extremely weakened by red sun radiations but his father managed to save clark by ordering to the kryptonian spaceship to rescue him.

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But was that bubble of radiation the 50 TIMES SUPERNOVA itself?

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.. no,the explosion happened before.

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Wicked find on the speed control scan where it explains how he controls his speed! I've been looking for that particular scan for months!

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With the helping to hold Spectre feat, and the holding the book feat with Captain Marvel, Superman has lifted infinity twice. "He had help", the anti-Supes types will say. What is half of infinity? Infinity. "There's no telling how much it weighed, it said infinite pages." An infinite amount of any matter with a weight value will equal infinite weight.

Hulk can p*** off, Supes is the strongest there is.

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You gonna sum up his speed there toptom? Because...those scans are too small for me to go through them easily and read what's in them.

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Also: what happened after that fifty times thingy that stopped Superman from being incinerated and was that cloud Kryptonite related? I want to full story for a feat like that.

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Awesome images, thank you!

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Also: what happened after that fifty times thingy that stopped Superman from being incinerated and was that cloud Kryptonite related? I want to full story for a feat like that.

superman has put an entropy bomb inside the sun eater. while he was inside of it,he was being weakned by red sun's radiation but he still was able to survive to that huge explosion. after the explosion,there were those strange bubles of radiations flying around,but then pa kent has saved his son.that's all.there is no k-nite at all.

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