i have made this tribute to one of the most famous and powerful superheroes of all times. so here you are some (and some) scans:

STRENGHT (moving)

  • moving the eart with hal jordan while it was pushed back by starbreaker
  • moving the earth with wonder woman and martian manhunter
  • pushing the moon into our planet's atmosphere with green lantern and wonderwoman
  • stopping a spaceship 70 miles long that was coming so fast it could split the whole planet's crust and even it's nucleo
  • lifting a mountain with extreme ease
  • throwing a huge block of ice easily
  • lifting a huge station without problem
  • moving a little star sytem and resisting to its sun's heat
  • lifting some ships
  • throwing a ship to captain marvel
  • carrying a pyramid on mars
  • lifting a monument easily
  • containing a miniature black hole
  • almost moving the moon on his own ( by punching it) even if he was dying from k-nite poisoning
  • overpowering 5 kryptonians
  • lifting a book containing an infinite number of pages with captain marvel
  • a sundipped superman managed to move a planet that was filled up with the imperiex's energies.the planet was provided with thrusters that were operating at their maximum.
  • pushing some huge asteroids/small planets
  • making a diamond while talking
  • stopping a strange creature
  • overpowering 3 kryptonians

STRENGHT (punching/smashing)

  • splitting in half a saturn's moon (he also reaches saturn in 4 minutes)
  • destroying a copy of the moon ( he wants to stay under lightspeed)
  • destroying some planetoid inside the golem's head
  • he punched konvikt hard enough to shatter a small planet while he was on the defensive
  • saying that he can shatter a planet
  • he stops himself from punching black adam with a fist capable of splitting the moon in 2
  • he tries to hit black racer who sends back the punch's energy to him destroying part of the moon
  • destroying a spaceship
  • one shotting earth-man who has got all the superman's powers plus all the legion's ones
  • shattering some windows with doomsday
  • koing captain marvel when he was possesed
  • just the shockwave from his fist cracked the ground
  • stopping a doomsday's punch
  • cracking darkseid's arm
  • punching the ground causing a shockwave
  • one shotting non
  • causing a shockwave with his fist while being underground
  • punching nuclear-man into space
  • destryoing a space station that mongul believed indestructible
  • clashing with darkseid
  • destroying a machine that was made to contain him
  • destroying a huge door with one arm
  • thunderclapping a tornado away
  • thunderclapping arion in his stronger form
  • shattering time and space
  • punching captain marvel from metropolis to the hawaii and then through a mountain
  • he managed to destroy several imperiex drones. each drone is capable of stalemating the whole jla(just ne of them defeated kyle,martinan manhunter and flash)


  • surviving (despite being severely weakned by red sun's radiations) to an explosion 50 times bigger than a supernova
  • soaking up enough anti-solar energy that was capable of destroying half a galaxy
  • taking a supernova
  • survives being smashed between 2 planets
  • takes sb-prime's punches while they are flying trough an asteroids belt made of kryptonite + flying trough a red sun+ crashing on oa
  • taking darkseid's omega beams several times
  • taking different blast of energies from: the aegis of entropy,green lantern and captain atom
  • flying into the sun to recover his powers and flying to the sun while weakned
  • taking a massive explosion
  • being punched with the force of the entire planet
  • survives being punched trough the whole earth
  • taking some powerful blast from bleach,who managed to defeat martian manhunter easily
  • surviving to a planetary explosion
  • he survives to a tremendous impact into the earth despite being weakned. he was trapped into the earth's core for years without sun's light
  • withstanding to a pressure comparable to the sun's core one
  • taking a blast 1 million times bigger than a nuke
  • taking the equivalent of a 5 thousand megaton bomb
  • surviving to a nuke while weakned
  • taking the coldcast's most powerful blast
  • he survives being duoble-punched by a being as powerful as god

SPEED (flying)

SPEED (running/moving/fighting)

SPEED (reflexes)

SPEED (phasing/vibrating)





MIND CONTROL (plus transmutation,possesion,torquasm-vo and torquasm-rao )