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I like how people come up with their own definitions of a Mary Sue to fit it to Batman.

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@jogga: When was the last time Superman was actually written to be smart in a team up?

The reason writers probably don't tackle his super-intelligence is because it opens up a whole can of worms they'd rather not have to deal with, especially in a team up.

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@muyjingo: You haven't given me examples of situations, just abilities he doesn't have. And I never said he could solve them all, just most, so much so that most of League becomes redundant.

It doesn't have anything to do with being a fanboy. It's just plain fact that a smart Superman doesn't leave room for anyone else.

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@muyjingo: It's silly to think there is just one solution to a problem. Like I said, the scene from Unchained is an example. Superman doesn't need to have their abilities when he has others.

That doesn't even make sense.

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The writing is the definition of trying too hard. And the art is painful to look at.

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@muyjingo said:

@toplel: Depending on the situation, sure. There are some situations I would think GL and Flash could solve, but not Superman.

You are basically saying Superman could add Constantine's skills and abilities to his own, which still wouldn't put him at the level of Diana. It doesn't matter how much he learned, he isn't divine in nature and so he can never match up to her or replace her in that regard.

It'd have to be incredibly contrived for it to have a unique solution that just one person is capable of finding. That's not how these things usually work.

Not just learning but creating counters as well. Besides, she doesn't practice magic. If he did, he'd surpass her. He already does in pretty much everything else.

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@muyjingo: There are always alternate solutions, which he could easily work out. Like the scene from the first or second issue of Unchained where he saves Burj Dubai from falling over. Lantern could've probably just used his ring, but Supes found a way.

No, she really isn't. If we're talking about a Superman who is going all out, there is no reason for him not to learn counters to attacks magical in nature.

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Still looks and reads like crap.

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Better question would be why are you a fan of SM/WW.

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@heavenlydarkdragon: Having a few recordings of his mother wouldn't have made him a warrior. Normally, Clark lacks the discipline to be one, but that doesn't matter because with enough control over his powers, both mental and physical, he doesn't need to be one.

We're arguing about a situation where Superman doesn't hold back and masters anything within his reach and in this situation, you wouldn't have much of a story cause he'd fix pretty much everything with minimal effort.

@muyjingo: Flash and GL would rarely be needed, though. Diana's "magical prowess" isn't much, honestly, and nothing's stopping Superman from learning magic or coming up with counters to it.